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Q&A Session

Meeting: 26/02/2024 - Devizes Area Board (Item 63)

63 Q&A Session

Those in attendance will have the opportunity to partake in a Q&A session coordinated by the Area Board Chairman.

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A question-and-answer session took place coordinated by the Area Board Chairman. Questions raised included:


Question – Resident: It has been noticed that in Rowde, the use of micro surface on roads is not fit for purpose with potholes returning time and time again. Other examples include Avon Road, Salisbury St and Beauclerc St. Why is the Council still using this?


Response: Micro surface is well recognised across the industry, however, there have been challenges faced with the amount of wetness retained in the surface. Interim repairs have taken place using a range of methods with additional repairs allowing things to be done differently. The specific locations would be checked by the Highways Team.


Question – Resident: Is there a good reason that the road safety standard is worsening?


Response: Overall, the road safety standard across Wiltshire is not getting worse. Currently work is being undertaken on the updated annual service report, which would be taken to the Environment Select Committee next week, which had been produced in accordance with national guidelines. The guideline and manual can be found via the following link: Roads, road care and cycle lanes - Wiltshire Council


Question – Resident: Can you state the frequency of litter picking along main A roads in the county, particularly those coming into Devizes such as Caen Hill? Currently the Clean Up Devizes Squad does a lot in the town centre but not such roads due to their dangerous nature.


Response: For A roads, ideally a litter pick is scheduled twice a year, however by the code of practice the Council must respond to litter complaints placed through the MyWilts app. Caen Hill is specifically litter picked when verge cutting takes place. A roads are scheduled twice a year, with the new cycle beginning now. £2million has been allocated towards picking up litter, which could easily be avoided. The last litter pick in Devizes, was last autumn and officers will provide clarity on when the next one will be. If residents do see litter, don’t wait for the schedule please report it before further litter is deposited in that location.


Question – Resident: It was questioned what funding Wiltshire Council provides to Devizes Town Council as they only have the resource to take care of the town centre and relies on groups to clean residential streets.


Response: Devizes Town Council receives no payment from Wiltshire Council and anything they do is done under service delegation. Any work that they do to meet that statutory duty is up to them. Extra money which has been allocated is for A roads and not for town centres.


Question – Resident: Recently a complaint was placed on the MyWilts app, however this was closed without any action being taken, why is this happening?


Response: Complaints should no longer come back with a closed message and should now receive an explanation. This is all to do with the HYAMs system which operates and links into the MyWilts app. The interface between the two systems has  ...  view the full minutes text for item 63

Meeting: 06/12/2023 - Melksham Area Board (Item 43)

43 Q&A Session

An opportunity to ask questions of those present on any local highways matters.

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The panel then opened up for questions from the floor, including from the Area Board Committee. Details of these questions and their responses along with the panel’s responses to the questions submitted in advance of the meeting can be found in the separate Q&A document.