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Issue - meetings

Wiltshire Military Civilian Integration Programme

Meeting: 24/05/2011 - Cabinet (Item 67)

67 Wiltshire Military Civilian Integration Programme

Report of the Chief Executive is attached.

Supporting documents:


Councillor Fleur de Rhé-Philipe, Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Strategic Planning presented a report which outlined the work that has become known as the Military Civilian Integration (MCI) Programme to support improvements in military civilian integration in Wiltshire. Cabinet was asked to continue to support the Programme.


A couple of minor amendments were made to the report as follows:


Paragraph 9 – to include Sandie Lewis in list of names and


Paragraph 32 – 2nd sentence amended to: The feasibility of this or any other commercial proposal……


A discussion ensued on the future of Lyneham in view of the announcement to withdraw the RAF from there by 2012.  The Leader explained that she had written several letters to the Secretary of State for Defence expressing the strong preference for either a fully operational military use for Lyneham or for the site to be released allowing the private sector to utilise the site for economic activity. A Task Group had been established chaired by Cllr Sturgis to specifically consider this.




That Cabinet:


(a)  continues to support the Military Civilian Integration Programme and in particular the development of the Salisbury Plain Super Garrison and


(b)  recognises the higher profile, and likely media interest, in the:


·               Personnel Recovery and Assessment Centre at Tedworth House, Tidworth; and


·               Drawdown of RAF Lyneham, including the announcement that the town of Wootton Bassett will become Royal Wootton Bassett later this year.


Reason for Decision:


The significance of the work being carried out by the MCI Programme merits active support by the Cabinet.




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