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Full Utilisation of Care & Support Framework Agreement

Meeting: 17/04/2012 - Cabinet (Item 60)

60 Full Utilisation of Care & Support Framework Agreement

 Report of the Corporate Director is circulated

Supporting documents:


Cllr John Thomson, Cabinet Member for Adult Care, Communities and Housing, introduced a report which sought Cabinet agreement to a proposal to outsource the Council’s in-house provider “Wiltshire Supported Living Service” (WSLS) for adults with learning disabilities, to other Support Providers who were already delivering the majority of specialist care and support across the county, under a framework agreement initially agreed by Cabinet in 2009.  The decision would mean a transfer of potentially 52 full time equivalent staff to the new provider/s and this would take place under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006.


It was noted that the proposals would result in a saving of £195,000, which was reflected in the Council’s latest financial plan for 2012/13.




That Cabinet agrees:


1.    To enter into a competitive exercise with the 9 Care and Support Providers who have been listed on the Council’s existing Framework Agreement since 2009; to procure the support services which will mean that the Council’s own staff will “TUPE” transfer across to the successful appointed provider/s; and

2.    To delegate authority to the Corporate Director with responsibility for Adult Services to award the contract in consultation with the appropriate service directors.


Reason for Decision


The majority of supported living services are already provided by independent sector care and support providers across the county.  These organisations provide a quality care and support service to individuals living in their own homes. 


This decision represents the last phase of the transfer of the Council’s own services to providers under this framework.  In brief this means that 25 customers already living in their own homes (some with shared tenancies), will continue to receive the same high quality person-centred care and support, but where the staff providing that support will be managed and employed by an independent provider instead of the Council.





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