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Business Plan Scorecard Report

Meeting: 19/06/2012 - Cabinet (Item 74)

74 Business Plan Annual Update

Report by the Head of Policy, Performance and Corporate Business Management.

Supporting documents:


The Leader presented the Business Plan Annual update for 2011/12.  In February 2011 the Council had published its four year Business Plan which set out what would be achieved by 2015 and the Council’s approach to savings and investments to make that happen. It was noted that the latest Financial Plan for 2012/13 now formed part of the Business Plan. The report presented documented the progress made during the first year of the Business Plan.


The report provided:

·                an update on progress against the priorities set out in the Plan;

·                performance indicators for Community Results and Council Performance for 2011/12;  

·                the status of the Council’s main programmes and

·                an update on the Council’s workforce.


It was noted that most indicators had hit their target or were very close to their targets. Ten indicators were flagged as ‘red’, details of which were outlined in the report together with reasons why the targets had not been achieved.

The Leader updated Cabinet on one of the Council’s priorities for 85% of premises to be able to access superfast broadband by Dec 2015. BDUK was the body set up by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to establish a national framework contract for super-fast broadband. BDUK had not yet received the necessary approval and was still working with the European Commission to finalise agreement on the remaining aspects of the scheme. The Council had been ready to proceed several weeks ago and awaiting finalisation of the agreement which included the securing of necessary funds to enable the project to proceed. The Leader reported that the Council had written to the Prime Minister and relevant Ministers on this and urged Councillors to lobby their Members of Parliament.


(i)           That Cabinet note the progress made against the Business Plan.


(ii)          That a strongly worded letter be sent to the relevant Minister highlighting this Council’s concerns over the delay in securing State Aid agreement and the National Framework Contract for the provision of super-fast broadband in the County which was now affecting all broadband projects country-wide.


Reason for Decision

To keep Cabinet informed of progress made against the Business Plan.











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