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Climate Change

Meeting: 22/06/2010 - Cabinet (Item 103)

103 Council Responsibilities Relating to Climate Change

Report by Service Director, Economy & Enterprise


Supporting documents:


Cllr Toby Sturgis, Cabinet Member for Waste, Property and Environment presented a report which set out the Council’s responsibilities relating to climate change and highlighted the implications and risks associated with discharging these responsibilities.


Cllr Sturgis referred to questions he had received from Cllr Carter as circulated to which he replied.


Cllr Clewer explained that he was pleased to see that progress was being made in this area. He urged the Council to promote energy targets being delivered through the planning process and renewable energy initiatives promoted in new housing.




That Cabinet:


a)     Recognises:


 i.  the responsibilities the Council has with regard to climate change, as set out in Appendix 1 of the report presented;


            ii.      the implications for policy development and service delivery, in particular the significant implications for housing, planning and transport policy in delivering Wiltshire’s low carbon and adaptive future;


          iii.            the risks relating to the discharge of these responsibilities; and


          iv.            the Council’s current performance in this area.

b)           agrees that the Climate Change Board should oversee the delivery of these responsibilities and monitor future performance;

c)           delegates authority to the Service Director for Economy & Enterprise to work with Finance to identify options for establishing a long term carbon reduction fund which would enable the authority to meet its carbon reduction targets, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Waste, Property and Environment;

d)           agrees that in order for the environmental implications of all Council decisions to be fully considered, all committee reports address key questions relating to environmental impact, and that the Climate Change team be consulted as set out in Appendix 2; of the report presented and

e)           notes the work the Council is undertaking through the Military Civilian Integration Programme to reduce the environmental impact of Salisbury Plain Super-Garrison.


Reason for Decision


To ensure that the Council is aware of their range of responsibilities relating to climate change as well as the implications and risks.  Full details of the reasons given are outlined in the report presented.