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Issue - meetings

Governance Review

Meeting: 10/07/2012 - Council (Item 61)

61 Electoral Arrangements - 2013 Elections

Supporting documents:


Councillor John Noeken, Cabinet member for Resources presented a report appraising members of anomalies within the electoral arrangements for 2013, details of which were presented. The report recommended a number of measures to deal with such anomalies.


Cllr Noeken explained that the only practical solution would be for the Council to undertake a tightly defined governance review of the areas affected.  It was noted that any review would be undertaken after the elections in 2013. 


Council was also asked to express a view on whether to alter the electoral names of the unitary divisions and town wards in Royal Wootton Bassett to adopt the ‘Royal’ prefix, in which case a governance review would be started in respect of the naming only.




1.    That Council undertake a governance review of Warminster, Corsham and Calne with no change proposed to electoral areas, but to consider proposals for the number of seats in each town ward, with the Councils preferred solution detailed in Appendices C and D of the report presented.


2.    That no further action be taken for 2013 in respect of parish wards at Calne Without, Melksham Without and Roundway, but the anomalies be noted for a future review.


3.    That authority be given to consulting on an order to add the prefix ‘Royal’ to the unitary divisions and towns wards at Royal Wootton Bassett.




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