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Issue - meetings

Dog Control Orders

Meeting: 24/07/2012 - Cabinet (Item 83)

83 Dog Control Orders

Report by Maggie Rae, Corporate Director of Public Health and Public Protection.

Supporting documents:


Councillor Keith Humphries, Cabinet member for Public Health and Public Protection presented a report which sought Cabinet approval for the making of four Dog Control orders which would provide consistency across Wiltshire.


It was also proposed to revoke existing Orders made by the predecessor authorities and to set the fixed penalty amount at £75. Cabinet noted that  ongoing discussions were taking place with parish and town Councils about possible additional Control Orders.


Councillors whilst content with the proposals, expressed concern over the continuing problem of dog fouling and the enforceability of such Orders when it came to dog fouling. Councillors referred to a range of measures and initiatives adopted by some parishes and community areas to tackle the problem. It was agreed that in raising awareness over Cabinet’s decision on the adoption of these new Orders, the opportunity should be taken to highlight the positives and the range of good practices which had been successfully adopted by some parishes and community areas.




That Cabinet:


(a)   approves the making of the following Dog Control Orders:


(i)            The Fouling of Lands by Dogs (Wiltshire Council) Order 2012


(ii)          The Dogs Exclusion (Wiltshire Council) Order 2012


(iii)         The Dogs on Lead by Direction (Wiltshire Council) Order 2012


(iv)         The Dogs on Lead (Wiltshire Council) (Box Recreation Ground) Order 2012


(b)  revokes existing Orders made by predecessor Authorities and


(c)  notes the ongoing discussions taking place with Parish and Town Councils regarding additional Control Orders specifically relating to dogs on leads and


Reasons for Decision

Existing Dog Control Orders across the County are inconsistent or non-existent.  The proposal seeks to harmonise Orders in order to provide equity to all inhabitants of Wiltshire.







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