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Issue - meetings

Review of Major Incident Plan

Meeting: 13/11/2012 - Council (Item 81)

81 Emergency and Civil Contingency Plans - Council's Major Incident Plan and Recovery Plan

Supporting documents:


Cllr Keith Humphries, Cabinet member for Public Health and Public Protection presented a report on the Council’s Major Incident Plan and Recovery Plan that had recently been reviewed and extensively amended to reflect current Council structures.  Both Plans had been approved by Cabinet on 24 July and 23 October 2012 respectively for onward recommendation for adoption by Council.


Councillors were advised that under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 Wiltshire Council was designated as a Category 1 responder.  As such it was required to develop and maintain emergency plans that were appropriate, up to date and kept in readiness for emergencies.  The Council worked in close cooperation with the other partner organisations of the Wiltshire and Swindon Local Resilience Forum (LRF).  Multi-agency arrangements had been agreed by the LRF and internal plans and procedures were designed to work within these arrangements. 


It was noted that the Major Incident Plan set out arrangements for the Council’s response to emergencies within or affecting Wiltshire, and potentially impacted on the entire range of Council services. The Plan was generic, and provided a mechanism for mobilising staff and resources in response to an emergency and for performing Council functions in relation to a wide range of possible scenarios. The aim of the Recovery Plan was to establish the processes and procedures necessary for any Wiltshire community to overcome and/or adapt to the effects resulting from a significant disruptive challenge, whatever the cause.


A number of comments and questions were raised by Councillors to which Cllr Keith Humphries replied. A number of minor amendments were also requested to bring the document up to date.


In connection with the Major Incident Plan, Cllr Bill Douglas asked a question, details of which were presented (Appendix A) concerning the flooding of commercial premises on Chippenham High Street to which Cllrs Keith Humphries and Toby Sturgis replied. It was suggested that details of Cllr Bill Douglas’ concerns be pursued through Chippenham Area Board.


It was agreed to provide Cllr Soden with a written response to her question on whether towns and parishes were required to prepare emergency plans and if so, would they receive any help/guidance.




1.    That the reports be noted.


2.    That the Major Incident Plan and Recovery Plan be adopted.




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