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Planning Enforcement Strategy

Meeting: 23/03/2010 - Cabinet (Item 57)

57 Planning Enforcement Strategy

Report by Service Director, Development Services

Supporting documents:


Cllr Brady presented a report which sought approval of a Planning Enforcement Strategy, details of which were presented. The Strategy would  replace those of the former Wiltshire district Councils and set out service standards and priorities. It also explained the purpose of planning enforcement and would ensure that resources were used efficiently and effectively to deal with what were regarded as the most serious breaches of planning control in a robust and proportionate manner.


Adoption of the Strategy was previously deferred by Cabinet at its meeting on 22 September 2009 in order to allow for consultation with members of this Council and town and parish councils. Accordingly, a consultation exercise took place with Councillors, town and parish councillors and a random sample of users of the enforcement service and took the form of extremely well attended seminars, questionnaires and e-consultation.


The results of the consultation exercise had been analysed and where appropriate, incorporated into the Strategy.


A comment was made that a change in Government following the General Election might have implications on the Strategy and it was considered prudent to bear this in mind in the context of circulating the leaflet proposed to explain and promote the Strategy.




That Cabinet adopt the Planning Enforcement Strategy as presented.


Reason for Decision


To ensure a high quality, cost effective planning enforcement function with consistent, measurable performance, is delivered across the authority.