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Issue - meetings

Planning Policy Update

Meeting: 01/12/2015 - Joint Strategic Economic Committee (Item 44)

44 Planning Policy Update

Supporting documents:


An updated was provided by Richard Bell, Head of Planning, Regulatory Services, Heritage and Libraries, Swindon Borough Council on development of a Joint Strategic Options strategy to ensure members of both local authorities and the Local Enterprise Partnership are appropriately involved in cross border planning issues.


It was also stated a proposed methodology to define the boundaries of a Social Market Housing Area (SHMA) and Functional Economic Market Area (FEMA) was being prepared and would be ready to be discussed with neighbouring authorities in 2016. The Committee supported the suggestion of a working group, to include councillors from both authorities, oversee the joint working on this issue report to the JSEC with regular updates.




1)    Note the contentof the paper;


2)    Agree that a SeniorOfficer/Councillor WorkingGroup be establishedcomprising three Councillors(relevant Cabinetportfolio holders)from each authority tosupport the preparationof the ‘StrategicHousing Market Assessment andFunctional EconomicMarket Assessment’ andother joint evidencebase studiesto informthe review ofthe Councils’ LocalPlans; and


3)    Agree that the SeniorOfficer/Councillor WorkingGroup, as

identified in 2) reports tothe Joint Strategic EconomicCommittee.




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