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Wiltshire's Obesity Strategy 2016-2020

Meeting: 19/07/2016 - Cabinet (Item 91)

91 Wiltshire's Obesity Strategy 2016-2020

 Report by Carolyn Godfrey, Corporate Director.


Supporting documents:


Councillor Jerry Wickham presented the report which informed Cabinet of the results of the consultation and to present the final Obesity Strategy (Appendix 1 to the report) for approval and adoption together with the draft implementation plan to deliver the strategy.


Issues highlighted in the course of the presentation and discussion included: that this is a joint strategy with the Wiltshire CCG; that a 2nd summit had been held as part of the development of action  plans; that obesity was the biggest public health challenge facing the country and the county; the chronic diseases that  can follow as a consequence; the costs to NHS and Council arising from obesity; the strategic targets in relation to children and adults; how schools, businesses and other partners can support the aims of the strategy; how physical environmental factors can impact; and the role Councillors can play in promoting work, such as the Health Schools programme, in their community.


Councillor Jon Hubbard, Chair of the Children’s Select Committee stated that the he had, initially, been disappointed not see more of the Task Group’s recommendations explicitly included in the strategy, but had been somewhat assured by Councillor Wickham’s statement that both the Health and Children’s Select Committees recommendations had been considered and were implicitly included in the strategy.


In response to a question from Councillor Jon Hubbard, Councillor Toby Sturgis stated that he would be happy to engage with the Children’s Select Committee to investigate how planning policy can effectively assist the strategy.




1.    To note the information about consultation responses.


2.    To approve the final Obesity Strategy (Appendix 1) and the draft implementation plan (Appendix 2) for adoption.


3.    To delegate authority to the Corporate Director for Public Health, Protection Services, Adult Care and Housing in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Health (including Public Health and Adult Care, to finalise the strategy document for publication and to execute the implementation plan.


Reason for Decision


The draft obesity strategy has already gained approval from the NHS Wiltshire CCG Executive groups, the CCG Clinical Executive, Governing Body and Wiltshire Council’s Health Improvement Panel. Approval to go out to public consultation from the Health and Wellbeing Board was also obtained.  The post-consultation finalised strategy and implementation plan requires Cabinet approval for the work to progress.