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Adult Care Charging Policy

Meeting: 19/07/2016 - Cabinet (Item 92)

92 Adult Care Charging Policy

 Report by Carolyn Godfrey, Corporate Director.

Supporting documents:


Councillor Jerry Wickham presented the report which asked Cabinet to consider implementing and adopting the proposed charging policy for adult care. The report, which followed on from a report made to Cabinet at their 19 January 2016 meeting, provided details of the feedback received during the consultation process and how this feedback has been considered in the proposed policies. It noted that the feedback was supplemented by the report provided by Healthwatch Wiltshire as presented.


In giving his presentation, Councillor Wickham stated that he had considered the views of the Health Select Committee and whilst recognising the lessons that could be learned from the relatively low response to the consultation, was satisfied that the consultation could still be considered relevant.


In response to issues raised by the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Health Select Committee, Councillor Wickham agreed that regular updates could be made available to the Committee with a full report made 6 months after the implementation of the policy.




1.    To adopt the proposed adult care charging policy.

2.    To note the resolution of the Health Select Committee as detailed at Para. 10.


3.    To take into account 100% of an adult’s eligible disposable income when assessing for contributions for care and support at home (Currently 80%)


4.    To take into account the full rate of attendance allowance received (Currently only take into account the lower amount regardless of rate received)


5.    To update the list of Disability Related Expenses (DRE) (Appendix A) items in accordance with The Care Act (2014). The most significant proposed change is to remove allowances for continence products[1] where these are provided by the NHS continence service.


6.    To ask for an interim report to Health Select in 6 months following the implementation of the policy, to assess the impact of the changes.


Reason for Decision


The proposals have been drafted so as to ensure the Council’s charging policy is compliant with the Care Act (2014) and all relevant legislation.


To align the discretionary elements in Wiltshire Council’s policy to those of local authorities across the South West.


So that everyone in receipt of care and support who is required to pay contributes what they can afford to pay in accordance with the Care Act guidance.[2]

[1] This reflects the Guidance at Annex C paragraph 40(13)


[2] Care Act statutory guidance paragraph 8.2