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Adoption West Update

Meeting: 19/07/2016 - Cabinet (Item 95)

95 Adoption West Update

Report by Carolyn Godfrey, Corporate Director.


Supporting documents:


Councillor Laura Mayes presented the report which asked Cabinet to endorse outline proposals for the development of the Adoption West Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) and approve public engagement on these outline proposals.


Councillor Jon Hubbard, Chairman of the Children’s Select Committee, thanked the Cabinet Member for inviting him to engage in the process so far, and that he looked forward to further engagement.


Councillor Mayes, in response, stated that she agreed that Member scrutiny was particularly important in this matter.




To endorse the outline proposals for the development of a Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) and agree public engagement.


Reason for Decision


The initial development phase for Adoption West is complete. To proceed with plans to establish an RAA a period of consultation with the public, service users and staff is required. Cabinet approval is therefore needed before progression to this next stage.