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Issue - meetings

Adult Care Prevention and Choice Policy

Meeting: 19/07/2016 - Cabinet (Item 93)

93 Adult Care Prevention and Choice Policy

 Report by Carolyn Godfrey, Corporate Director.

Supporting documents:


Councillor Jerry Wickham presented the report which asked Cabinet to consider the implementation of two adult care policies: Preventing, Reducing and Delaying Eligible Needs Policy (PRD) and a General Policy Statement. It was noted that the report includes details of the public consultation that has been completed and should be read in conjunction with the supporting documents including the Equalities Impact Assessment. In making his presentation, and with reference to the previous item on the Charging Policy, Councillor Wickham recommended that in addition to the proposed recommendations, the Council should review the efficacy of consultations of this type.




1.    To agree the implementation of the Preventing, Reducing and Delaying Eligible Needs Policy.


2.    To agree the implementation of the ‘General Policy Statement’.


3.    That the Council should undertake a review of how it consults with people, especially those with either Learning Difficulties and/or are vulnerable.


Reason for Decision


1.  These policies have been drafted so as to ensure the Council is compliant with all relevant legislation in particular the Care Act (2014) which came in to effect in April 2015.


2.  The policies will ensure the Council has published clear guidance that will ensure adults with needs have clear expectations about what to expect from Adult Social Care and provide a framework for decision making and operational guidance.


3.  So that social care best practise is reflected in the Council’s policies in terms of choice and control, prevention and personalised care and support


4.  To update policies based on outdated legislation and practices.




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