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Issue - meetings

Wiltshire Council 2016 staff survey outcomes

Meeting: 14/03/2017 - Cabinet (Item 32)

32 Wiltshire Council 2016 staff survey outcomes

Report by Dr Carlton Brand, Corporate Director


Supporting documents:


Councillor Stuart Wheeler presented a report which provided an overview of the 2016 staff survey results, highlighting key messages and priorities arising. The results had also been reported to the Staffing Policy Committee on 1 March 2017.


Issues highlighted in the course of the presentation and debate included: how the Council had responded to the areas of further development highlighted in the survey; the increased response rate, and the measures taken to reach non-office-based staff and the importance of good management in engaging staff in developing and maintaining a positive work culture.


Dr Carlton Brand, Corporate Director, pointed out that Wiltshire Council was rated by Glassdoor to be the number one council to work for.




To note the content of the corporate staff survey report and priorities



Reason for Decision:


Cabinet have requested to be kept updated regarding staff survey outcomes and trends, particularly regarding staff engagement, recognising that the ability to deliver business plan outcomes relies on having an engaged workforce.




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