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A303 Amesbury to Berwick Down Road Scheme

Meeting: 24/04/2018 - Cabinet (Item 223)

223 A303 Amesbury to Berwick Down Road Scheme

 Report by Alistair Cunningham, Corporate Director


Supporting documents:


 Councillor Bridget Wayman presented the report which sought: to inform Members of the actions taken by Highways England since the previous report and outline the scheme, which is the subject of this public consultation; to confirm the Council’s response to the statutory public consultation; and seek agreement to the proposed delegated authority provisions to enable the Council to fulfil its statutory duties with regard to the Development Consent Order (DCO) process for this road improvement scheme. In making her presentation, Councillor Wayman drew attention to the proposals relating to Byways 11 and 12 and the option which officers were recommending Highways England pursue (paragraphs 89-101 within Appendix 1 of the report).  She also stated that officers would be asked to consider including a statement proposing an assessment of the effect of the proposals on the Nile Clumps, and if necessary their potential replanting in an alternative position.


Councillor Mathew Dean spoke as Chair of the Environment Select Committee and confirmed that whilst there had not been an opportunity for the committee to discuss the report at their meeting, the views of the members of the committee had been sought. He also confirmed that whilst there was a diversity of the opinion, the majority of the members who had responded were in favour of the proposals.


Councillor Brian Mathew spoke against the proposals for the tunnel emphasising the desire to preserve the view of the site from the highway.


Councillor Fleur de Rhé-Philipe emphasised the community and heritage group support for the principle of the tunnel.




·        To note the contentsofthis report

·        To agreethe proposedresponseto HighwaysEngland forthis statutorypublicconsultation

·        Torestatethe Council’ssupportinprincipleforthe proposalfromHE tobringaboutsubstantialimprovementsto theA303atStonehengeby buildinga dualcarriagewayand tunnel,subject tothe considerations listed inAppendix1

·        To Agreethe proposeddelegatedauthorityprovisionsoutlinedbelowto enablethe Councilto fulfilitsstatutory dutieswithregardto theDevelopmentConsent Order (DCO) processfor this road improvement scheme.


1)      Endorsestheresponseto PublicConsultationdocument,as setout inAppendix1 subjecttoamendmentin (2),for thepurposeofsubmissionto Highways England


2)      Authorisesthe Directorfor Highwaysand Transportin consultationwithappropriateCabinet Member(s) to:

a.       Finalisethe consultationdocumentsandmakeanynecessary minorchangesin theinterestsofclarity andaccuracy before theyare submittedto HighwaysEnglandas theCouncil’sformalconsultation response;

b.      Makearrangementsfor anysubsequentconsultationresponsesthat maybe requestedby Highways England;and

c.       Respondto anyqueriesthat mayariseas aresult ofthesubmission of this consultation response.


3)      Delegatedauthorityto begrantedtoDirectorfor Highwaysand Transportto preparethe LocalImpactReport onbehalfoftheCounciland submitto thePlanningInspectorateinaccordancewiththe timetablefor theexamination process


4)      Delegatedauthorityto begivento Directorfor Highways  ...  view the full minutes text for item 223