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Performance Management and Risk Outturn Report: Q4 2017/18

Meeting: 03/07/2018 - Cabinet (Item 260)

260 Performance Management and Risk Outturn Report: Q4 2017/18

Report by Dr Carlton Brand, Corporate Director


Supporting documents:


Councillor Philip Whitehead presented the report which provided an update on the progress against the stated aims in the council’s Business Plan. It includes measures from the performance framework as well as the latest version of the council’s strategic risk register. The report covered the period January to March 2018. In presenting the report, Councillor Whitehead highlighted the changes made to the presentation of graphs to make their interpretation easier.


Councillor Thorn, as Chair of the Financial Planning Task Group, stated that was happy with the improvements made in the presentation of the data. In response, Councillor Whitehead thanked the task group for their work.




To note updates and outturns:


  1. Against the measures and activities ascribed against the council’s priorities.


  1. To the strategic risk register.


Reason for Decision:


The current corporate performance framework compiles measures used to monitor progress in service areas against planned objectives that relate to the goals laid out in Wiltshire Council’s current Business Plan 2017-27.


The strategic risk register captures and monitors significant risks facing the council: in relation to significant in-service risks facing individual areas and in managing its business across the authority generally.





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