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Issue - meetings

Freehold of assets to be sold

Meeting: 24/04/2018 - Cabinet (Item 225)

225 Freehold of assets to be sold

 Report by Alistair Cunningham, Corporate Director

Supporting documents:


 Councillor Toby Sturgis presented the report which recommended that the Cabinet declare that freehold interest of the 3 assets can be sold by the Council.


The meeting’s attention was drawn to two written statements, circulated in the supplement to the agenda, made by interested parties in relation to the Marlborough site. Representations in person we made by Councillor Mervyn Hall and Councillor Guy Loosmore on behalf of Marlborough Town Council; Councillor Jane Davies on behalf of local division member Councillor Stewart Dobson; and from Councillor Jon Hubbard on behalf of Melksham Town Council.


In the course of the presentation and discussion, the following issues were raised: the possible future uses for the site; the views of different groups as to the best use of the sites; the requirement for the Council to achieve Best Value, as defined by statute; that the Cabinet was only making a decision, at this stage, about whether the sites could be declared surplus for possible sale.




1.           That the freehold interest of the three assets identified in the report can be sold by the Council.


2.           That members note the continuing approach set out in paragraph 8 Authorise the Director for Housing and Commercial Development to dispose of freehold interest of the assets, or in absence Corporate Director for Growth, Investment and Place.


Reasons for Decision:


To confirm the freehold interests of the assets can be sold in order to generate capital receipts in support of the Council’s capital programme.




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