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Digital Strategy

Meeting: 12/06/2018 - Cabinet (Item 243)

243 Delivery of the Digital Strategy - Outline Business Case

*        Report from Dr Carlton Brand, Corporate Director.

Supporting documents:


Councillor Philip Whitehead presented the report which: informed Cabinet of the Microsoft Cloud Navigator Programme and its Outcome; sought approval to delegate the Council to award a call-off contract from the G-Cloud 9 Framework subject to the positive review of the full business case; and requested that Cabinet delegate the decision to enter into the contractual agreement and approve capital expenditure to the Corporate Director for Communities, Resources and Digital after consultation with the Cabinet Member for Finance, Procurement, ICT. In making his presentation, Councillor Whitehead commended the hard work of the team to bring the proposals together.


Matters highlighted in the course of the presentation and discussion included: the proposals were part of the first stage in the delivery of the wider digital strategy; that the savings that have been identified but more information would be required to allow the delegated decision to be taken; the scope and impact of the proposals; the opportunities to expand on app based services, the development of the website and the opportunities for using automation; that the chair of the Chairman Digital Strategy Task Group was on the digital board; how savings may be realised; the particular support for vulnerable groups including looked after children and those leaving the armed services.


Councillor Jon Hubbard, Chairman Digital Strategy Task Group, asked the Council to be mindful that the aspirations should be realistic. He also stated that he recognised that change was required.


In response to a series of questions raised by Councillor Hubbard, Councillor Whitehead stated: that some of the investment identified would have been required simply to maintain the current system; that the service agreements would be required to ensure that savings would be achieved and accountability was clear; that feedback on progress made would be received as the programme achieves different milestones were reached; that it was recognised that there was a need to get right staff recruited and that he did not want to progress the project at too quick a pace without the appropriate resource; that Microsoft had been picked as reputable partner with a good track record in delivering projects in support of the vulnerable.


In response to further questions at the meeting, Councillor Whitehead confirmed: that Microsoft had been selected following a procurement process; that business cases would be submitted for individual projects; that partners such as the Police would benefit from some of the additional security features but that further benefits from the programme would have to be discussed.


In moving his recommendation, Councillor Whitehead stated that an additional resolution should be added requesting that a presentation be made to Cabinet, at a future meeting, at least within 12 months of the commencement of the project, on the actual savings achieved in each service area and relate these back to the current forecast savings.




i)             To note the progress of the Microsoft Cloud Navigator Programme.


ii)           To agree in-principle to embark on the Cloud Navigator Programme.


iii)          To agree to award a call-off contract from  ...  view the full minutes text for item 243




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