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Service Devolution and Asset Transfer Report - Parish Councils

Meeting: 27/11/2018 - Cabinet (Item 307)

307 Service Devolution and Asset Transfer Report - Parish Councils

    Report by Corporate Director Alistair Cunningham

Supporting documents:


Cllr Clewer presented a report to dispose of the free hold of service based assets to small Town and Parish Councils, complementing the Service Devolution and Asset Transfer Policy. The Cabinet member also advised the Council was recruiting additional staff to speed up the asset transfer process. Examples of the assets to be transferred were small car parks and public conveniences.


Councillors welcomed the decision however requested further details for the timescales for transfers in their areas, the Cabinet member advised he would give timescales when new solicitors were in post. Typographical errors in the report were confirmed, in particular that throughout the process of asset transfer officers would keep elected members informed by advising that discussions were being held with their respective parish council and informing the Cabinet member that transactions had completed




To approve the freehold and long leasehold disposal of the service based assets identified to smaller Town and Parish Councils, subject to the criteria being met in each instance.


To authorise the Head of Strategic Assets and Facilities Management to dispose of freehold or long leasehold interest of the assets.


Reason for decision:


Following the approval of the Service Devolution and Asset Transfer Policy a programme for packages of transfers is being established. The Council is receiving a number of small scale requests from, predominantly, Parish Councils and the approach set out in this report will allow the Council to deal with those small scale requests in conjunction with the programme established under the Service Devolution and Asset Transfer Policy in a timely and effective manner.




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