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Melksham Community Campus and Melksham House Construction Projects and Development Opportunities

Meeting: 08/10/2019 - Cabinet (Item 139)

139 Melksham Community Campus and Melksham House Construction Projects and Development Opportunities

    Report by Executive Director Alistair Cunningham OBE.


Supporting documents:


The Leader invited the public to speak on the proposed plans for Melksham House and Community Campus.


Mr Paul Carter questioned when and why the decision was made that campus delivery was dependent on the use of Melksham House, and when the final decision on Melksham House would be made.


Cllr Allison Bucknell explained the planning on the campus was dependent on Melksham House following recommendations based on feedback from Historic England. The Cabinet member also explained the proposed additional funding to secure the Melksham Community Campus development and was a decision of Full Council. The campus was intrinsically linked to Melksham house and the retention and redevelopment of this property was central to the campus development.


The Leader invited all Wiltshire Councillors to speak, Cllr Hubbard welcomed the proposal and urged the council to progress the campus quickly.




a)To Recommend to Full Council an additional capital budget for the Community Campus Project of £3.000 million taking the total capital budget to £20.110 million


b)Agree in principal, subject to a business case, to progress the scoping of development of Melksham House; to provide 16 units of supported living accommodation, a residential care facility to support children and young people aged 10–18 years and a community resource centre.


c) Note the estimated additional capital budget required for Melksham house of £5.000 million taking the total capital budget to £7.000 million.


d) Agree to receive a further report to Cabinet in January, with a full business case giving detailed capital breakdown and the revenue consequences of the agreed form of development, taking into account potential cost avoidance due to the provision of services from Melksham House.



Reasons for decision:


Design development and cost analysis has determined that Melksham

Community Campus cannot be delivered within the approved budget envelope without compromising the scheme.


In considering the establishment of the Community Campus in the Grounds of Melksham House, the future use of the Grade II listed building is important, both in planning and estate management terms.


The proposal, making use of the building and an area to the rear, totalling

approximately 0.5 acre, to potentially meet established needs for children and young adults, provides opportunities for the proactive use of the Council’s property assets to facilitate increased service provision and capacity, giving improved outcomes for customers and realising savings, which will fund capital investment and ongoing revenue costs.


The proposal will ensure that the Community Campus is delivered.


This report is not seeking capital budget approval at this stage but recognition that a business case, including a new capital budget request of circa £5.000 million, will come back to Cabinet in January with full details of costs (including capital financing costs) and

savings/cost avoidance.