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Trowbridge Sports Centre Provision

Meeting: 24/03/2020 - Cabinet (Item 46)

46 Trowbridge Sports Centre Provision

*                 Report by Chief Executive Officer – Place – Alistair Cunningham


Supporting documents:


Cllr Allison Bucknell, Cabinet Member for Communications, Communities, Leisure and Libraries introduced the report seeking (i) capital funding to repair Clarendon swimming pool and (ii) resources to explore options for a future Trowbridge Town Centre site to provide gym and swimming facilities.


Cllr Bucknell reported that since September 2019, the council has been investigating structural concerns at Trowbridge Sports Centre relating to corrosion of the steel frame of the main pool building and reception area. The site has been closed since 23 December 2019 following further exploratory work. It was noted that repairs to bring the swimming pool back into use were possible and that the pool would then have a life span of five years.


In response to questions from Cllr Stewart Palmen, Cllr Andrew Bryant and Cllr Steve Oldrieve about potential sites for a Trowbridge Town Centre facility and linking the project to the High Street Fund Bid, the Leader confirmed that a new Town Centre facility would not be linked to the High Street Fund Bid, although the two schemes would enhance and be of benefit to each other in the longer term.



1.    Approve the Capital funding required to undertake the repair works to Clarendon swimming pool bringing the pool back into use and maintaining it over a 5-year period.


2.    Confirm Cabinet’s commitment to invest in, and deliver, a financially viable town-centre leisure facility to include gym and swimming facilities for residents of Trowbridge and the surrounding area. This to be taken forward in conjunction with the Future High Streets Fund with recommendations and options from this work to be brought back to Cabinet.


Reasons for Decisions:


Trowbridge Swimming Pool has been closed since 23rd December 2019 due to structural issues. Repairs are possible and will provide up to five years additional usage of the facility. The proposals contained in this report seek to ensure that there is continued swimming provision in Trowbridge whilst also seeking to enable Trowbridge Town Centre to thrive through sustainable service led growth integrating leisure facilities to provide a catalyst for this.





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