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Financial Year 2020/2021 - Quarter One Budget Monitoring

Meeting: 18/08/2020 - Cabinet (Item 95)

95 Financial Year 2020/2021 - Quarter One Budget Monitoring

Report by the Chief Executive – Terence Herbert.


Supporting documents:


Cllr Pauline Church presented the Quarter 1 Budget Monitoring Report which included the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Key updates included the council had received approximately £20m funding from government and the government was also allowing local authorities to recover lost council tax and business rates (approximately £22m) over three years instead of one.  The Cabinet member highlighted £160m had been passed out to business and external parties in Wiltshire to support their Covid-19 response. It was confirmed that savings target delivery for the council was a focus on part of the recovery.


Cllr Graham Wright, Chair of Wiltshire Covid-19 Response Task Group, had provided feedback from Scrutiny under the previous agenda item.


In response to questions it was confirmed that the impact of Covid-19 on business rates was likely to be felt harder in future years and the shortfall in income would have to be managed by the council. Cllr Church expressed confidence in the council’s forecasting during these difficult times and highlighted the importance of regular reporting to Cabinet. It was confirmed that references in the report to savings in the libraries service were previous years’ targets. The Cabinet member clarified further support from government would be required to support the ongoing loss of council revenue due to the lock down and long-term economic impacts. It was agreed the issue of town and parish councils having pre-bought parking to allow free parking in their communities would be given further consideration.





To note:


a)    the Section 151 officer’s summary of the impact of COVID-19 on the Council’s 2020/21 budget and Medium-Term Financial Strategy;


b)    the current revenue budget is forecast to overspend by £5.9m by the end of the financial year;


c)    the current savings delivery performance for the year;


d)    the forecast level of reserves;


e)    the current capital budget movements and spend as at 30 June 2020


To approve:


f)      the budget virements in the capital programme, as per Appendix B.


g)    a recommendation to Full Council to approve additions to the capital programme of £0.464m per Appendix D.


Reason for decision:


To inform effective decision making and ensure a sound financial control







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