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Short-Term Bed Restructure & Procurement

Meeting: 08/09/2020 - Cabinet (Item 104)

104 Short-Term Bed Restructure & Procurement

      Report from the Chief Executive.

Supporting documents:


Cllr Simon Jacobs, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Public Health and Public Protection presented the report which described a model for restructuring short-term discharge beds that re-purposes existing intermediate care beds and secures additional capacity to sustain the hospital discharge to assess the model introduced in response to COVID-19. This is in line with the anticipated discharge guidance and will provide capacity for winter.


Cllr Jacobs explained that the model makes best use of existing capacity and procurement options to deliver a full service. The Wiltshire system pre-COVID had 64 intermediate care beds funded through the Better Care Fund. Health and care modelling have confirmed this capacity has to increase to 100 beds for intensive rehab and general discharge to assess plus five discrete beds for patients with delirium.  


Cllr Chuck Berry, Chairman of the Health Scrutiny Committee reported that he and the Vice-Chair of the Health Select Committee had received a briefing on the subject matter on 3 September 2020 and they both welcomed the proposals.


Cllr Ian Thorn, Leader of the Liberal Democrats confirmed his support for the proposals.


In response to questions Cllr Jacobs and officers explained that the proposed measures were an interim arrangement and that demand for beds would be met through the re-purposing of beds in specific areas of short fall.




  1. To approve the procurement of 15 intensive rehab beds in the south or west of the County and 5 discrete beds for patients with delirium to deliver sufficient capacity for modelled demand, as further described in the body of this report.


  1. To delegate the authority for the entering into and execution of all necessary documents to the Director Joint Commissioning in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, including the award of the contract for services to the preferred provider/s when identified by the procurement process.


Reason for Proposal:

Modelling as part of the COVID recovery process shows that 100 short-term beds are required to meet demand due to reduced capacity in community hospitals and in acute hospitals due to social distancing and anticipated demand during winter. Most of this capacity can be met through re-purposing existing intermediate care (IC) beds and by varying block contract arrangements for residential home beds with the Orders of St John (OSJ). Nevertheless, there is still a shortfall of 15 intensive rehab beds in nursing homes that will need to be procured to meet the modelled demand.