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Wiltshire Council Financial Plan Update 2018/9

Report by the Corporate Directors: Dr Carlton Brand, Alistair Cunningham and Terence Herbert; the Monitoring Officer, Ian Gibbons and S151 Officer, Michael Hudson.


This also includes the proposed Fees and Charges.


These documents will be considered by the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee on 5 February and Cabinet on 6 February for recommendation to Council on 20 February.


If you have any trouble in accessing these documents, please the officer listed above.


Report (Pages 3-56)




1)    Cabinet’s Updated Business and Financial Plans 2018-22, which includes budget proposals for 2018/19 and budget book:


Appendix 1A – Financial Plan Update 2018-2022 (Page 57-58)

Appendix 1B – Service Budget Summary (Pages 59-61)

Appendix 1C – Summary of saving proposals (Pages 62-72)

Appendix 1D – Assumptions used to set the budget (Pages 73-75)

Appendix 1E – Capital Programme (Pages 76-77)

Appendix 1F – Housing Revenue Account (Page 78)

Appendix 1G – Fees and Charges (Pages 153-195)


2)    Medium Term Financial Strategy (Page 80-135)


3)    General Fund Reserves Assessment (Pages 136-149)


4)    Engagement Feedback (To follow)


i.              Schools Forum – 18 January 2018

ii.            Financial Planning Task Group – 1 February 2018

iii.           Overview and Scrutiny Management  5 February 2018

iv.           Group Leaders and Trade Unions  8 February 2018


5)    Glossary of terms (Pages 151-152)


Supporting documents:




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