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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Corsham Town Hall, High Street, Corsham SN13 0EZ

Contact: Kevin Fielding  Tel: 01225 706612, Email:  kevin.fielding@wiltshire.gov.uk

No. Item


Election of Chairman

To elect a Chairman for the forthcoming year 2019/20


Cllr Phil Whalley was elected as Chairman for the forthcoming year 2019/20.


Election of Vice-Chairman

To elect a Vice-Chairman for the forthcoming year 2019/20



Cllr Brian Mathew was elected as Vice-Chairman for the forthcoming year 2019/20.



Appointment to outside bodies


  • Community Area Transport Group


  • Local Youth Network


  • Health and Wellbeing Group


  • Pound Arts




The following appointments to Outside Bodies were agreed:


·         Community Area Transport Group – All members


·         Local Youth Network – Cllr Ben Anderson


·         Health and Wellbeing Group – Cllr Brian Mathew


·         Pound Arts – Cllr Phil Whalley




Wiltshire Police update


Inspector Mark Luffman presented the written Wiltshire Police update.


Corsham JSA - health and wellbeing

Presentation from Kate Blackburn - Public Health Consultant, Wiltshire Council


Supporting documents:


Kate Blackburn - Public Health Consultant, Wiltshire Council gave a short presentation that outlined the health and wellbeing of the Corsham community area.


Points made included:


·         That in recent years there had been dramatic improvements in life expectancy with people across the UK enjoying longer lives. 


·         Between 2014 and 2023 it was expected that the number of people in Wiltshire aged over 65 would increase by around a quarter and the number over 85 would increase by a third.


·         That a more elderly population typically had more complex health and care needs, e.g. the number of people with dementia in Wiltshire was predicted to double by 2030. 


·         That more people were choosing or needing to delay retirement and consequently greater numbers of older people were working or caring for an elderly relative or providing childcare support to the next generation.


·         At least 1 in 4 people would experience a mental health problem at some point in their life.


·         1 in 6 adults had a mental health problem at any one time.


·         Almost half of adults would experience at least one episode of depression during their lifetime.


·         Mental ill health represented up to 23% of ill health in the UK and is the largest single cause of disability.


·         People with severe mental illnesses die on average 20 years earlier than the general population.


·         The NHS spends around 11% of its budget on mental health. This was almost double the amount spent on cancer.


The Chairman thanked Kate Blackburn for presentation.

PH slides for Corsham AB

Supporting documents:


Community health and wellbeing projects


a)     Celebrating Age

b)    Rethink Mental illness

c)    Springfield Campus

d)    Mighty Girls

e)    Corsham Connections


Spotlight on Dementia


f)     Side by Side

g)    Local groups and activities

h)    Memory Shed (HWB funding request)

      i)Corsham Dementia Action Alliance


Community Health and Wellbeing projects continued – 5 min presentations 


j) SPARK – Rewired /Pound Arts health and wellbeing festival (Youth  funding request)

k) WSUN Corsham creative project (HWB funding request)

     l) Peacock Arts Trail creative project (HWB funding request)


Supporting documents:


Local Community health and wellbeing groups were given the opportunity to showcase their projects:


Groups included:


·         Celebrating Age

·         Rethink Mental illness

·         Springfield Campus

·         Mighty Girls

·         Corsham Connections

·         Side by Side

·         Memory Shed

·         Corsham Dementia Action Alliance



Funding Requests



·         SPARK (Youth funding request) - awarded £2,725 for Rewired /Pound Arts health and wellbeing festival.



·         The Open Blue Trust (Youth funding request) – awarded £3,400 for Open Blue Bus Rudloe Youth Work.



·         WSUN (Health & Wellbeing funding request) - awarded £1,200 for Corsham creative heritage project.



·         Peacock Arts Trail (Health & Wellbeing funding request) – awarded £1,525 For Peacock Arts Trail creative project.



·         Memory Shed (Health & Wellbeing funding request) – awarded £1,200 for a second weekly Memory Shed session.


The Chairman thanked all the groups for their presentations.


Corsham Town Council - Safe and Healthy community update


Sharon Thomas - Head of Community Services, Corsham Town Council gave a short presentation that highlighted how Corsham Town Council was promoting a safe and healthy community.

Points made included:


·         Was working with and supporting the Health and Wellbeing Group.


·         Grants – the Town Council had provided a huge range of grants to local groups including Corsham 60+, Corsham Bowls Club, MakeBelieve Arts, MS Therapy Centre, Revitalise Respite Holidays and others.


·         Had donated space in the Main Hall at the Town Hall for events, including the Carers Tea organised by The Porch Surgery.


·         That the Town Council was encouraging and supporting walking groups and fitness events such as Corsham for Walking and Corsham 10k.


·         That health information was on display and available at the Town Hall.


·         Was promoting Dementia Friends Training as part of Dementia Friendly Town project.


·         Had incentivise sports and fitness clubs, including identification of mutual support opportunities.


·         Had set up Sports Forum for local sports groups


The Chairman thanked Sharon Thomas for her presentation.



Corsham Health and Wellbeing Group


Kevin Gaskin gave a short presentation giving an over-view of the group’s activities.

Points made included:


·         Set up three years ago to strengthen what was already there through offering coordination and support – Looking through the community lens.


·         Focusing upon older and vulnerable people (Adults) and helping to combat loneliness and isolation.


·         Believing that the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts and has a vision of a vibrant, inclusive and compassionate community.


·         Members range from local voluntary and community groups to active individuals and professionals.


·         That the group was supported by Wiltshire Council and reported to the Corsham Area Board.


The Chairman thanked Kevin Gaskin for his presentation.


Community Grants

Supporting documents:


The Wiltshire Councillors considered three applications to the Community Area Grants Scheme:



D Wright awarded £3,990 for Bybrook Heritage trails




Peacock Arts Trail awarded £1,050 for Signage for Peacock Arts Trail 2019




Corsham Photographic Club awarded £917.15 for Photographic Display Presentation Equipment Upgrade


Partner Updates

To receive any updates from the following partners:


·         Town Council


·         Police & Fire


·         Schools


·         Spotlight on parishes


·         Healthwatch

Supporting documents:


Updates were received from the following partners:


·         Corsham Town Council – written update


·         Wiltshire Police – written update


·         HealthWatch Wiltshire – written update


·         NHS Wiltshire – written update


·         Lacock Parish Council – That Jane Durrant had recently been elected as the new Chairman of the Parish Council.



Chairman's announcements

·         Community Led Housing Project


·         Homelessness Strategy Consultation


·         North Wessex Downs Walking Festival



Supporting documents:


The following Chairman’s Announcements were noted:


·         Community Led Housing Project – written report, contained in the agenda pack.


·         Homelessness Strategy Consultation – written report, contained in the agenda pack.


·         North Wessex Downs Walking Festival – written report, contained in the agenda pack.


·         Corsham Walking Festival – 7-9 June 2019, 18 themed walks including: Corsham Bounds, Hartham Park, Brown’s Folly, Lacock Loop, Castle Combe, Box, St Catherines and Marshfield Long Loop. Walks vary from easy to moderate to challenging from 1.5 miles to 19 miles.


·         Transcoco – Refill Corsham – a project to encourage local businesses to offer free water refills.







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