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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Corsham Town Hall, High Street, Corsham SN13 0EZ

Contact: Kevin Fielding  Tel: 01225 706612, Email:  kevin.fielding@wiltshire.gov.uk

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Chairman's Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman welcomed those present to the meeting and invited councillors to introduce themselves.


Apologies for Absence


There were no apologies for absence.



To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 24 July 2019

Supporting documents:




To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 24 July 2019.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were no declarations of interest.


Chairman's Announcements

To receive the following chairman’s announcements:


·       How Dementia Friendly is Wiltshire?


·       Fly Tipping



Supporting documents:


The Chairman drew attention to announcements in the agenda pack in relation to Dementia Friendly Wiltshire and Fly Tipping. It was highlighted that Wiltshire Council was targeting fly tipping and if a tip off from a member of the public resulted in prosecution they would be eligible for a £200 reward in vouchers.



Fire & Rescue Update

Station Manager Darren Nixon


There was no Fire and Rescue Service representative in attendance.


Police Update

Inspector Mark Luffman

Supporting documents:


Inspector Mark Luffman drew attention to his written update on policing in the area.


Jerry Hubb, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, updated the community the Annual Report from Wiltshire Police was available and detailed how tax payers’ money was being spent in Wiltshire. Mr Hubb was pleased to announce the year’s precept increase had gone directly into additional frontline policing staff.



Our Digital Community


·         Cyber Crime - Inspector Mark Luffman


·         Corsham Our Community Matters - Ros Griffiths – Community Engagement Manager


·         Groop - Community Management Platform - Invitation for local groups and clubs to use Groop membership management software for free- Guy Wendon, Groop Commercial Director


·         My Wilts App - Kate Knowles - Solutions Architect, Wiltshire Council


·         Digital Mansion – Written update


Supporting documents:


The Chairman introduced the themed meeting on digital technology and gave the example of renewing a driving license online as to how digital advancements were improving services. The Chair also spoke about the importance of the digital industry to Corsham and invited speakers on the digital theme to present.


Inspector Mark Luffman gave a presentation on cybercrime and explained a specific policing unit had been set up in Wiltshire to help prevent and fight cybercrime. Examples of cyber-dependent crime and cyber-enabled crime were provided and it was highlighted £10.2m was lost by victims in each year to cybercrime. It was explained Phishing techniques started most cybercrimes.


Examples of ‘warning signs’ of cybercrime were explained an included:

-emails requesting urgent action

-emails providing links for users to follow

-emails from unknown and strange email addresses


It was recommended the public or businesses not use public wifi for sensitive transactions and not insert unknown devices, such as USB sticks, into laptops.


Ros Griffiths, Community Engagement Manager, was invited to present and encouraged local groups and residents to use the Community Matters website. It was explained the website included local news, a project bank and volunteer opportunities, amongst other features. The website could be edited by the public and local organisations, and the news would reach 750 subscribers locally, therefore was a great platform to promote local matters.


Guy Wendon, Groop Commerical Director, invited local groups and clubs to use the Groop membership management software for free. The evolution of the company was explained, and it was noted the company put common club documentation all in one place online to save duplication of effort. A further benefit the company could offer was personalised mail shots to members, rather than generic mail shots.


Frank Coleman, Wiltshire Council, updated on the new My Wilts App which was to go live in early 2020 and a demonstration was provided by Kate Knowles. All current features from the My Wiltshire App were to be available on the new App, and it would also be expanded in time to include additional services. Examples of using the App by way of reporting incidents and providing a location were given, it was also shown how the reporter could see an update on how the matter was being progressed after logging it.


Feedback included that it would be helpful to have a target response time for reported matters to be addressed, and an improved map would be a benefit. A question was raised on data sharing and officers advised they would take that question back.


A written update on Corsham’s Digital Mansion was provided.



Corsham Parking Permits

Cllr Phil Whalley and Cllr Ruth Hopkinson

Supporting documents:


Richard Hovey, a local resident spoke about fees for residents parking permits in the High Street . It was highlighted the cost of parking permits in the town had increased over the last 10-15 years.


Cllr Ruth Hopkinson spoke against the council’s charging policy, and suggested it caused dispersal of car parking onto other areas of the town to avoid paying the charge.


The Chair invited Mr Hovey to send his statement to local councillors to raise with Wiltshire Council. A written statement from Wiltshire Council was provided which explained that new applications for Residents Parking Permits were not being accepted at the current time.


Cllr Allison Bucknell highlighted the car parking charges were reviewed in at the end of 2017 and a consultation was undertaken at that point.



Partner Updates

To receive any updates from the following partners:


·         Town & Parish Councils


·         Healthwatch & CCG


·         Transcoco

Supporting documents:


A representative from Colerne Parish Council updated the council had changed its standing order and was reducing its meetings from 24 to 11 per year.


A written update was provided from Corsham Town Council and a verbal update encouraged residents to vote in the forthcoming Neighbourhood Plan referendum.


Lacock Parish council updated that progress was being made on traffic management issues especially relating to Whitehall Garden Centre, and the area was currently undergoing a Community Governance Review.


Jane Roberton, Transcoco updated on forthcoming events, notably a ‘Give and Take’ day to be held at Springfield Campus.


Community Area Grants

The Wiltshire Councillors will consider the any applications to the Community Area Grants Scheme



Supporting documents:


The Area Board considered grant applications as detailed in the agenda pack.


Anne Nicholas, Colerne Village Hall, spoke to her application and updated the Village Hall had been awarded some funding from the parish council and the lottery fund.


A representative from Wiltshire Scrap Store updated councillors the organisation was able to stay at its current site and the current grant application would support this. Cllrs Anderson and Hopkinson spoke in support of the application.


A representative from Martin Croft Play Area showed a video and explained the work that had been done to improve the play area, and why additional funding was sought. Colerne Parish Council indicated it would support the application with match funding. Following a question on finances it was confirmed the group did not have a surplus income and required the funding to complete the planned project.


The Board agreed to defer the application from Corsham Football Club until the club could respond to queries on the application.


John Connelly gave his thanks from Corsham Bowls club for a previous grant and updated on the new application.


Jean Collier, Box Bowls Club, explained the necessity of a defibrillator for the club and how a grant would support this.




To grant Colerne Village Hall Association £2,250 to facilitate disabled-access toilets.


To grant Wiltshire Scrapstore and Resource centre £3,213 for the purchase of storage unit racking.


To grant Martins Croft Play Area £4,933 for a double tower slide unit and sensory tunnel, subject to match funding from Colerne Parish Council.


To defer consideration of the application from Corsham Football Club for to a future meeting at which the applicant is able to respond to queries on the application.


To grant Corsham Bowls Club £2,895 for fencing to preserve the new Green.


To grant Box Bowls Club £1,000 towards a defibrillator for Box Pavilion.


Working Group updates and requests for funding


·         Youth


·         Health and Wellbeing group


·         Community Area Transport Group (CATG)



Supporting documents:


Kevin Gaskin, Corsham Health and Wellbeing Group, updated that an action tracker was available updating on all the projects the group was supporting, in particular at the moment ‘Corsham Connectors’ and a ‘Recollection’ display of memories and photos.


A written update from the CATG was provided.




To note the written update from the Community Area Transport Group.


Public Question time


There were no public questions.




The next meeting of the Area Board was to be held in Box on 15 January 2020.




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