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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Lavington School, The Spring, Market Lavington, Devizes SN10 4EB

Contact: Libby Johnstone (Senior Democratic Services Officer) 

Note No. Item




To welcome those present to the meeting.


The Chairman welcomed those present to the meeting.


Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Acting Inspector James Williams (Wiltshire Police).




To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 20 November 2017.  

Supporting documents:




To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 20 November 2017.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.


There were no declarations of interest.



Chairman's Announcements

To receive the following announcements through the Chairman:


·        New ‘Work Wiltshire’ website

·        Real Change Wiltshire

Supporting documents:


The Chairman drew attention to written Announcements in the agenda pack in respect of the new Work Wiltshire website and Real Change Wiltshire campaign. The Chairman thanked John Saunders and his team at Devizes Opendoors who were working with the Real Change campaign to support homeless people



Partner Updates

To receive updates from the following partners:


a.    Wiltshire Police and Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Precept Consultation and video

b.    Fire and Rescue Service

c.    Health Services

d.    Devizes Community Area Partnership

e.    Town and Parish Councils

f.      Devizes Community Area Wellbeing Group

g.    Community Engagement Manger

h.    McCarthy & Stone - Update on retirement living at Browfort

Supporting documents:


Written updates were available in the agenda pack from Wiltshire Police and Health Services.


The Chairman invited representatives from McCarthy and Stone to update on retirement living accommodation at Browfort. It was explained this would be a 55 unit development providing assisted living for the over 70s and was planned for completion in February 2019. Cllr Jacobs advised the Area Board had been invited to put forward a name suggestion for the new development and was in favour of a link to Ernest Shackleton, the explorer who had lived in the town at the Browfort site. David Dawson, Wiltshire Museum, gave details of a letter Shackleton had written from Browfort.


The Police and Crime Commissioner provided recent updates from Wiltshire Police and introduced a video requesting public comments in respect of his 2018-19 precept proposals. It was considered the proposed precept increase was necessary since Wiltshire Police was the 4th lowest funded force in the country and, without the increase in income, staff would be reduced. Councillors asked what the PCC would reply to those who considered the rise in precept was more than a modest increase and may struggle to afford it. The Commissioner advised the precept differed depending on the banding of properties and that generally feedback from the consultation had been positive. The question was also asked what else was being done to save money and plan for financial pressures over the coming years. Mr MacPherson advised Wiltshire Police had already reduced the cost of its estate and would continue to work with other forces to save costs, however this would not pay for the bulk of funding needed to fund increased staff pay costs, and ultimately if the precept was not increased it would mean a reduction in staff, and therefore in policing across the county. Following further questions it was confirmed Wiltshire Police would continue to work with other forces and standardise its systems. The Commissioner also advised that following the resignation of the Chief Constable, he would evaluate staffing structures, however considered the structure favoured recruiting to this role.


Andy Green, Station Commander Fire and Recue Service, was invited to present his update which highlighted the ‘Are We Getting Through?’ campaign, and recent use of PCSOs as on-call responders. In response to questions, it was confirmed Devizes Fire Station was fully crewed and attracting retained fire-fighters was not a problem in the town, although it was elsewhere in the county.


Mike Challinor, Devizes Community Area Wellbeing Group, updated on progress organising a community wellbeing day in June and other events the Group was running. It was noted the Men’s Shed was to hold an open day on 25th January. The Group had an application featured later on the agenda to train volunteers as walking netball coaches.


Graeme Morrison, Community Engagement Manager, introduced ‘Clean Up Wilts’ a 2018 campaign that local residents could become involved in by organising litter picks on the weekend of 3 March. Individuals and groups  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.



Lavington School Update

To hear from Lavington School about the development of their cadets programme and recent student activities.


Lavington School were invited to give an update on the recent activity of their students. Shawn Scott and 3 young cadets spoke about how the new army cadet programme in Lavington was going from strength to strength. The Board thanked Mr Scott for his hard work to start up the cadets and also Lavington School for its support. 54 children had already joined the cadets and were taking part in various outdoor activities and learning life skills.


A former student of the school spoke about her experience of the National Citizen Service, a 4 week programme she had attended over the summer, describing how this had helped her to gain life skills such as First Aid and CV writing.


The Chairman thanked Lavington School for their update.



National Citizen Service

Dave Coyle (NCS Programme Manager) and Cleo Evans (Youth Programmes Coordinator) will present on the National Citizen Service and its benefits for young people and the community.


Dave Coyle (NCS Programme Manager) spoke about the benefits of the National Citizen Service, a 4 week programme for 16 year olds which taught them team working skills, life skills, involved them in practical activities and social action. It was explained the cost was only £50 per child with the rest funded by the government, this fee could be waived for disadvantaged young people. Further benefits of NCS were that it guaranteed the young people an interview at some universities and companies in the event they applied for a position. Following questions it was confirmed there was a programme for young people to follow to ensure outcomes of the initiative were reached and the young people were encouraged to continue social action in their community once they had finished the programme.


Cleo Evans (Youth Programmes Coordinator) advised how Youth Action Wiltshire would refer disadvantaged young people to NCS, support the costs, and organise transport and lunch for them. Community First then supported the young people to continue engaging after completing the programme. Other projects Youth Action Wiltshire were currently focussing on included their Ambassadors Programme and Young Listeners project. Cllr Laura Mayes expressed her support for the Young Listeners project which had been a great success and made a difference to policies.


The Area Board thanked Dave Coyle and Cleo Evans for their informative presentations.



Devizes School

To hear about the recent Child Poverty Summit and recent student activity at the school.  


Phil Bevan, Headteacher at Devizes School, updated the school had recently hosted a very successful auction event for Julia’s House Hospice. Helen Bradley, Locality Youth Facilitator, explained the school had also hosted Wiltshire’s Child Poverty Conference which had been very productive and young people had given helpful tips to agencies about how to approach and engage them.


The Board thanked Devizes School for their update.



Local Youth Network

To receive an update from the Local Youth Network and to consider a funding application from Melksham Youth Club ‘No Limits’ for £2,000.

Supporting documents:


Helen Bradley introduced an application from Melksham Youth Club ‘No Limits’ for £2,000, the LYN had recommended £800 be granted as it would like to support and increase the capacity of youth clubs in the Devizes area as a priority, however noted approximately 10 young people in Devizes used the Melksham club. A video from Melksham Youth Club in support of their application was shown.




To grant £800 to Melksham Youth Club ‘No Limits’.



Open Floor

Residents are invited to ask questions of their local councillors.


Residents were invited to ask questions of their local councillors and a question was raised about the audio quality of Wiltshire Council webcasting of Full Council meetings, officers advised they would pass on this feedback and investigate increasing the microphone volumes. Another question from the floor was about the risk of the Great Cheverell Community shop closing and what could be done to support the shop. Cllr Whitehead advised he would pass on contact details of community shops in his area as they would be able to share best practice.



Area Board Funding

Community Area Grant Funding



To consider the following applications to the Community Area Grants Scheme:


·        First Stages £895 for equipment and video production;


·        West Lavington Youth Club £5,000 to towards BMX track resurfacing;


·        West Lavington Youth Club £430 towards paving outside of the youth club;


·        Clean Up Devizes Squad £500 towards equipment etc to support continued operation.


To note £200 granted to Sustainable Devizes between meetings to support an event in the town.



Councillor-led initiatives


To consider any councillor-led initiatives from the Board.


Health and Wellbeing Funding


·        To consider allocating £200 to procure a walking netball volunteer training course.


Supporting documents:


Mark Bouch, Vice-Chairman of Devizes Canoe Club, updated on how the club had spent £5,000 granted from the Area Board to provide security fencing and 24 hour access to their site, as well as taster sessions for young people.  Since the improvements, footfall at the club had increased by 20% and young people involved in the taster sessions had stayed on at the club. In other good news, one of the club’s young adult members had won a Junior Coach of the Year award.


The Board considered new applications for community area grant funding.


A representative from First Stages advised they were to reduce their application by £400, to cover the production of a promotional video to attract sponsors and young people to the group. West Lavington Youth Club had applied for two grants, one to create a permanent surface for the BMX track which was well-used, and the second towards paving outside of the youth club. Clean Up Devizes Squad had requested £500 towards new equipment and updated that their last grant had allowed the purchase of a shed and high-vis vests. Cllr Sue Evans thanks CUDS for their hard work litter-picking and improving areas around the town.


The Board was asked to note £200 granted to Sustainable Devizes between meetings of the Board to support an electric vehicle event in the town.


Cllr Peter Evans introduced his application for £1,000 towards promotional activity and an evening event to encourage a weekend of tourism in Devizes on the 70th Anniversary of the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race. It was noted 300 people participated each year, often bringing family and friends with them, and it was an ideal opportunity to promote tourist offerings in the town.


Cllr Gamble and Cllr Jacobs introduced a £3,000 application for funding towards a feasibility study for a parkway station in Devizes. Comments from the floor were that a station had been a long-standing issue for the town and they hoped it could materialise.


Finally, an application from the Health and Wellbeing Group for £200 to support walking netball coaching was considered.




To grant First Stages £495 towards a promotional video.


To grant West Lavington Youth Club £5000 towards BMX track resurfacing.


To grant West Lavington Youth Club £430 towards paving outside of the youth club.


To grant Clean Up Devizes Squad £500 towards equipment.


To note £200 granted to Sustainable Devizes between meetings to support an event in the town.


To grant £1000 towards promotional activity and evening event for the 70th Anniversary of the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race.


To grant £3000 towards a feasibility study for a railways station in Devizes.


To grant £200 towards a walking netball training course.



Community Area Transport Group (CATG)

Cllr Whitehead to give a brief update from the Community Area Transport Group (CATG).


There were no updates from the CATG.



Air Quality

To receive any updates from the Devizes Air Quality and Transport Strategy Group.


There were no updates from the Air Quality Group.



Urgent items

Any other items of business which the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.


There were no urgent items.




The next ordinary meeting of the Area Board will be held on Monday 19 March 2018 6:30pm at Devizes School.


Closing comments from Devizes Town Council included that work was being done to improve the wooded area behind the cemetery and volunteers were needed to help out.


Graeme Morrison advised the next CATG meeting was to be held at Devizes Hub and a business open evening was to be held on Wednesday 31 January when an update on the Wharf Development would also be provided.


The next Area Board was to be held on Monday 19 March at Devizes School.




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