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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Devizes School, The Green, Devizes SN10 3AG

Contact: Libby Johnstone (Senior Democratic Services Officer) 

Note No. Item




To welcome those present to the meeting.


The Chairman welcomed those present to the meeting.


Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence had been received from Cllr Richard Gamble, Cllr Anna Cuthbert and Mark Evans (Canal and River Trust).



To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 22 January 2018. 

Supporting documents:




To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 22 January 2018.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



Cllrs Peter and Sue Evans declared themselves members of the Conservative Social Club, however they would vote on the grant under item 12 of the agenda.


Cllr Sue Evans declared herself as being on the Devizes and District Association for the Disabled Management Committee and therefore would not vote on this grant under item 12 of the agenda. 



Chairman's Announcements

To receive the following announcements through the Chairman:


·         The Big Pledge 2018


The Chairman made the following announcements:

·        The ‘Big Pledge’ was to start again from April and would be a time-based award, details would be promoted nearer the time;

·        Household Recycling Centres were to introduce ID checks to prevent against non-Wiltshire residents using the facilities;

·        Wiltshire Council was in discussion with the Town Council to consider different proposals for car parking on the Market Square;

·        Progress was being made on progress a Devizes Parkway station and a local resident with expert knowledge was working with the group, however the project was not expected to be realised for 5 -10 years.

·        Thank you to those groups planning to litter pick for the Great British Spring Clean on the weekend on 23/24/25 March.


Members of the public expressed concern about the impact of the changes to the car parking in the market place on businesses.



Partner Updates

To receive updates from the following partners:


a.    Wiltshire Police

b.    Fire and Rescue Service

c.    Health Services

d.    Schools updates

e.    Town and Parish Councils

f.     Devizes Community Area Wellbeing Group

g.    Canal and River Trust- Mark Evans

Supporting documents:


Written updates were available in the agenda pack from Wiltshire Police, Fire and Rescue Services and Health Services.


Inspector Chris Martin introduced himself as the new Inspector for the Devizes area and highlighted there had been a number of thefts from cars in recent months, residents were reminded not to leave valuables in vehicles.


Philip Bevan gave an update from Devizes School which included that the school’s Duke of Edinburgh students were working towards this award and the school was to hold another Open House event on 28th April.


Simon Fisher, Devizes Town Council, presented photos of the work that had been done to improve Belvedere Woods. The Town Council was also working to organise something in the town to commemorate the centenary of the end of WW1 and looked to Wiltshire Council for support to allow free parking for its Christmas Light Switch on in November/December. Cllr Whitehead responded Wiltshire Council would work with the town council on a solution and would not expect the new restrictions to apply for the Christmas Light switch on.


Mike Challinor, Devizes Community Area Wellbeing Group, advised the group was organising its health and wellbeing day for Saturday 23 June, its film club was becoming established, and volunteers were being sought to be walking netball coaches.



Local Youth Network

To receive an update from the Local Youth Network and consider the following applications for youth grant funding:

·         Devizes Youthy - £4,948 towards a part-time youth worker;

·         Bromham Youth Club - £4,500 towards running costs;

·         Wiltshire YFC - £2,500 to support pop up youth activities

·         Wiltshire Museum- £2,080 towards an empire soldiers project

·         Camp Xtra- £1,782 to support Camp Xtra activities

·         Wiltshire Wildlife Trust - £2,450 to support a summer forest school.

Supporting documents:


Helen Bradley, Locality Youth Facilitator, introduced applications for youth grant funding.


Devizes Youthy had applied for funding forwards a part-time youth worker which was essential to support the running of the group. Bromham Youth Club sought funding towards running costs for the youth club that was expanding. Cllr Laura Mayes expressed her support for this project and it was advised the local member was also in support. The Board noted the LYN had recommended the project however hoped in future the Parish Council could contribute more towards the running costs.


Witshire Youth For Christ was seeking a grant to support pop up cafes over the summer, these had be successful the previous year with over 100 young people attending per week. David Dawson, Wiltshire Museum, spoke in support of a funding application to facilitate a virtual reality experience at the museum. Helen Bradley explained an application from Camp Xtra. Finally, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust had applied for funding to support a summer forest school working with young people, following the success of the same scheme run the previous year.


Following questions it was confirmed, there was sufficient revenue funding in the youth budget to cover all these grants as little funding had been allocated earlier in the year and the Board had been expecting these projects to come forward.




To grant Devizes Youthy £4,948 towards funding a part-time youth worker;


To grant Bromham Youth Club £4,500 towards running costs;


To grant Wiltshire Youth For Christ £2,500 towards pop up youth activities;


To grant Wiltshire Museum £2,080 towards an empire soldiers project;


To grant Camp Xtra £1,782 to support camp activities;


To grant Wiltshire Wildlife Trust £2,450 to support a summer forest school.





Devizes Men's Shed

To hear the latest news on the Men’s Shed from Albert Wooldridge.  


Albert Wooldridge spoke on the progress of the Men’s Shed which was now open at Needham House and had received very generous donations of equipment from the community. It was explained that important steps had been completed, such as addressing health and safety, before the Shed could open. Members of the Committee considered the shed would be a place of leisure for local residents where they could interact with others and meet new people. Thanks were given to Area Board, Heath and Wellbeing Group, Graeme Morrison, and the 14 committee members for their support in establishing the Shed.


The Chairman thanked Albert and the rest of the Committee for their hard work setting up the Mens Shed.



A303 Stonehenge Amesbury to Berwick Down

Highways England to present on proposals for the A303 Stonehenge Amesbury to Berwick Down during the public consultation period.


Chris Jones, Highways England, presented the proposals for the A303 Stonehenge Amesbury to Berwick Down which was now out to consultation. The use of a boring machine to create a tunnel to take the road under the Stonehenge World Heritage site was explained, alongside other design elements and junction locations. Attention was drawn to the consultation events and written material by which the public could submit their views.


 In response to questions it was confirmed a comparison between a dual carriageway and a tunnel had been made during the earlier stages of the consultation, the tunnel was expected to cost up to £1bn more, however was the preferred option; construction would take up to 5 years. Comments included that the tunnel would be a positive, since at present when the A303 was blocked this had an impact on nearby villages.


The Chairman thanked Chris Jones for the informative presentation.



Priorities for our Community- JSA update

Graeme Morrison, Community Engagement Manager, to update on recent activity in Devizes to support community priorities.


Graeme Morrison, Community Engagement Manager, updated on recent activity in Devizes in response to the community priorities that were identified in 2017. Some examples included: the establishment of a singing group, woodland management group, drug and alcohol abuse sessions, community events run by DOCA and a public meeting on housing need in the area.


The representative from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust advised they now had funding from Public Health and were soon to start working with adults to address mental health issues. Other comments from the floor included that more affordable homes were needed in the town, in response to this the Board requested volunteers to help update the Neighbourhood Plan and advised a Devizes Parkway station would be a big step towards developing the infrastructure to support more housing in the area.


The Chairman thanked Graeme Morrison for his presentation.



Open Floor

Residents are invited to ask questions of their local councillors.


Residents were invited to ask questions of their local councillors.


Wiltshire Council was complimented for responding to feedback at the previous meeting about the need to increase the volume on the recording of council meetings. A question was raised about whether it was possible to increase signage to warn of the roundabout on the A360 Pans lane, similar issues were raised for the roundabout near Station Road, it was confirmed this should be raised on the CATG issue system for it to be taken forward.


Other questions included whether the Mens Shed would consider doing projects with charities, and the group confirmed they would be happy to accommodate this. The Board also heard from a member of the public who wished to put an event together, in partnership with the Richmond Fellowship, to discuss mental health with businesses and employees. The Chairman encouraged contact with the Community Engagement Manager to discuss funding and a link to the Health and Wellbeing Group. 



Area Board Funding

To consider the following applications to the Community Area Grants Scheme:


·         Devizes and District Association for the Disabled- £864 towards audio and video facilities;

·         Devizes and District Conservative Club - £4,845 towards the upgrade of the community area;

·         Potterne Social Club- £5,000 to renew the flat roof area.


To consider an application for Health and Wellbeing Funding:


·         Alzheimer’s Support- £2,589.50 towards a ‘Movement for the Mind’ exercise class.


Supporting documents:


Applications to the Community Area Grants Scheme were considered.


Councillors spoke in support of an application from Devizes and District Association for the Disabled. Cllr Sue Evans left the meeting in her capacity as a councillor for this item and did not participate in the debate or vote.


The Treasurer of Devizes and District Conservative club spoke in favour of a grant to allow the club to upgrade its furniture. Cllr Simon Jacobs highlighted the application was not linked to the Conservative Party or political activity, but was to support the social club. On considering the application, due to insufficient funds for all grant applications at the end of the financial year, the Board agreed to award a lesser amount of funding.


Members also agreed they were unable to allocate the full amount of capital funding applied for to Potterne Social Club, however could add in some revenue funding from the LYN budget. Following consideration of an application from Alzheimer’s support, the Board resolved to allocate a lesser amount due to insufficient funding from the health and wellbeing budget.




To grant Devizes and District Association for the Disabled £864 towards audio and video activities;


To grant Devizes and District Conservative Club £3,000 towards an upgrade of the community area.

Reason: The amount is reduced due to insufficient funds at the end of the financial year.


To grant Potterne Social Club £3,982.08 from the community area grants budget, and £1,000 from the LYN budget.

Reason: The amount is reduced due to insufficient funds at the end of the financial year.


To grant Alzheimer’s Support £1,500 towards a ‘Movement for the Mind’ exercise class.

Reason: The amount is reduced due to insufficient funds at the end of the financial year.





Community Area Transport Group (CATG)

To consider an update from the CATG and any recommendations arising in respect of local highways.

Supporting documents:


Cllr Philip Whitehead updated the CATG had recommended its remaining budget be allocated to a 20mph zone in All Cannings.


The Board was also asked to consider the proposed highways maintenance schemes for 2018/19.




To agree the remainder of the CATG budget be put towards a 20mph zone in All Cannings, subject to the parish council making up the difference in funding.


To note the report from Highways and agree the proposed highways maintenance schemes for 2018/19.



Air Quality

To receive any updates from the Devizes Air Quality and Transport Strategy Group.


Graeme Morrison, updated the Air Quality and Transport Strategy Group had recently met and had completed many priority actions. The meeting heard the pilot of the ‘Home Run’ App for schools was going well and encouraging walking to school.



Urgent items

Any other items of business which the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.

Supporting documents:


There were no urgent items.




The next ordinary meeting of the Area Board will be held on 14 May 2018 at Devizes Hub and Library.


The next meeting of the Area Board was to be held on 14 May at Devizes Hub and Library.




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