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Agenda and minutes

Venue: The Assembly Hall, Market Place, Melksham

Contact: Kevin Fielding  (Democratic Services Officer)

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Chairman's Welcome, Introduction and Announcements

Chairman’s Announcements:


·         Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner- Precept Consultation


Supporting documents:


The Chairman welcomed everybody to the Assembly Hall for the meeting of the Melksham Area Board.


Chairman’s Announcements:


·         Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner- Precept Consultation was noted.


·         A minute’s silence was observed for Mellksham Without Parish Councillor and Area Board attendee Mike Mills who had recently died.



Apologies for Absence


There were no apologies for absence.




To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15 November 2017

Supporting documents:



·         The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15 November 2017 was confirmed as the correct record



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



Young Melksham grant funding application: Cllr Jon Hubbard – Chairman of Young Melksham.


Melksham Campus Update

John Thomson - Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Communities, Campuses, Area Boards and Broadband and Laurie Bell - Associate Director Communities & Communications, Wiltshire Council



John Thomson - Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Communities, Campuses, Area Boards and Broadband gave the Campus update.


Points made included:


 Melksham House site


·         That an Architect had now been engaged and the scheme was on programme.


·         That the design process would start shortly and the plans would go to planning during summer 2018.



Melksham House Car Park


·         That the white lining work was currently being carried out, the car park would be enforced as a Wiltshire Council car park when the work was completed.


Tennis Courts


·         That two of the grass tennis courts would be refurbished to ensure the continuation of tennis on the site.


Outdoor Bowls


·         That a lease was being drawn up with Wiltshire Council solicitors.


Indoor Bowls


·         That £150,000 continued to be made available as match funding should the Indoor Bowls club wished to relocate to the campus site.


Christie Miller Sports Centre


·         That Wiltshire Council was reluctant to continue funding maintenance work to keep the centre weather proof. The preference was that Wiltshire Council would rather invest it’s available funding into the campus development programme which offers a long term solution.


Riverside Club


·         That the Melksham lunch service currently provided at the Assembly Hall could move to the Riverside. Discussions were ongoing about this between the relevant parties.


GP Facilities


·         That this would form part of the draft planning application.


Canberra Youth Centre


·         That discussions were ongoing as to the cricket pavilion and the King George V playing field being given to the Young Melksham youth group as a Wiltshire Council asset transfer.


Note: Cllr Hubbard requested that Cllr Seed take the chair as the proposed move of Young Melksham to the cricket pavilion at the George V playing field was being discussed. (Cllr Hubbard – Chairman of Young Melksham).


·         That the cricket pavilion and the King George V playing field were a community assets that the local community should use.


·         That a full report covering the cricket pavilion and the King George V playing field asset transfer would go to Wiltshire Council Cabinet in due course.


·         That is was envisaged that the Campus project would be completed on time.


Note: Cllr Hubbard now back in the chair.


Questions raised included:


Cemetery Extension – that the wall had been taken down and a temporary fence put up. Could the wall be reinstated please.

  1. This would be looked into and the resident was asked to provide contact details for a detailed response..


What funds do Wiltshire Council have in place for the campus project?

  1. 23m in total.


Does residential use for housing still from part of the draft application?

  1. Yes, it will help to generate funding for the project.


The Chairman thanked Cllr Thomson for his update and reminded the meeting that regular campus updates would form part of future Area Board meetings.



King George V Park

Update on the scope of work, timescales, plus table discussions on your local aspirations, led by Peter Baker from NVB Landscapes


Peter Baker from NVB Landscapes gave an update on the scope of work and timescales for the proposed work at King George V Park.


Attendees were given the opportunity to have round table discussions on local aspirations for the park. Feedback taken at the meeting would be fed into the consultation process.


The Chairman apologised to Peter Baker for the somewhat negative atmosphere that Cllr Thomson’s Melksham Campus update had generated, and reiterated that he was surprised with the news announced by Cllr Thomson that Young Melksham would be moving into the former King George V park cricket pavilion.


The Chairman thanked Peter Baker for his presentation and invited him back to a future Area Board meeting to give a further update.


Wiltshire Air Ambulance new base

Update on the new airbase at Outmarsh Farm


Kevin Reed – Head of Operations, Wiltshire Air Ambulance gave a short update on the new airbase at Outmarsh Farm.


Points made included:


·         That the new airbase would be fully operational from June 2018.


·         That Wiltshire Air Ambulance were very close to reaching the funding target of £5m.


·         A huge opportunity to build on the work currently delivered from the Devizes site.


The Chairman thanked Kevin Reed for his presentation.


Melksham Jobs fair 2018 proposal


The Chairman outlined the proposal for a Melksham Jobs fair 2018, building on the success of the previous Melksham Jobs Fair.


It was agreed that Rhys Schell – Melksham Community Engagement Manager would help the facilitation of this event.



Area Board sub groups

Local Youth Network Management Group Cllr Spencer


·         To include any youth grants


Melksham Wellbeing Group Cllrs Aves


  • To include any Wellbeing grants


Community Area Transport Group Cllr While


  • To include recommendations to the Area Board


Supporting documents:


Local Youth Network Management Group – Cllr Spencer


Note: Cllr Seed now in the chair for youth funding applications


Youth Funding


·         AFC Melksham Disabled – to support the equipment and running costs needed for the group: £1,170.00



·         Young Melksham – to support the continued delivery of youth clubs for 13 -18 year olds: £2,531.06

Note: Cllr Hubbard abstained from voting on the Young Melksham application.


Note: Cllr Hubbard now in the chair.


Melksham Wellbeing Group – Cllr Aves

Points made included:


·         That the group had helped to launch the Nail Cutting Clinic at Thornbank sheltered housing with Age UK, contributing £500 to the start up costs. This doubled their capacity for appointments and brought the service to a more accessible location.


·         That a £1,980 contribution to BOA & Melksham Health Partnership has created a new sustainable Falls balance class, which adds to the activities of the successful Melksham Leg Club.


·         The minutes dated 29 January 2018 were noted.


Health & Wellbeing Funding



·         Melksham Baptist Church – meals for elderly and vulnerable: £500



·         Melksham and District Seniors Forum 55+ - Older Persons Health and Wellbeing programme for age friendly Melksham:  £2,000.00 (£1,000.00 already awarded)

           Note:£1,370 from 2017/18 budget and £630 from 2018/19 budget.



·         Carer Support Wiltshire – Community Connections Campaign: £2,980.00

          Note: £2,350 from 2017/18 budget and £630 from 2018/19 budget


Community Area Transport Group – Cllr While


·         The CATG notes dated 18 January 2018 were agreed.


The recommendations from the Melksham CATG were agreed by the Area Board as follows:


·         To close issues: 5149, 5285, 5492, 5581, 5828, 5868 and 5896


·         To approve an additional £166 for scheme 5040 at Melksham Woodrow Road, request to extend 30 mph limit.


The Chairman thanked the Councillors for their updates.


Written Partner Updates

To receive any written updates from the following partners:


·         Community Area Partnership

·         Wiltshire Police

·         Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner

·         Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

·         NHS Wiltshire/Clinical Commissioning Group

·         Healthwatch Wiltshire

·         Melksham Town Council

·         Parish Council Nominated Representatives

·         Melksham Chambers of Commerce

·         Melksham Senior People’s Forum

·         Older Persons Champion

·         Young Melksham

·         Trans Wilts Cic


Supporting documents:


The following written partner updates were noted:


·         Wiltshire Police


  • Dorset and Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service


·         Wiltshire CCG


·         Healthwatch Wiltshire


  • Melksham Town Council


  • TransWiltsCic


·         Melksham Seniors Forum


The Chairman thanked all partners for their updates.



Feedback from Grants recipients

  • Mower for Keevil community area - Keevil Community Shed


·         Purpose built premises - Melksham Shed


The Keevil Community Shed group and the Melksham Shed group were given the opportunity to briefly outline how Area Board grant funding had benefitted their respective organisations. 


The Chairman thanked the groups representatives and made the point of the importance of groups and organisations coming back to Area Board meetings to outline how grant funding had helped them.                                       


Grant Funding

The Area Board members are asked to consider applications to the

Community Area Grants scheme. Full details of all grant applications are contained in the agenda pack


Supporting documents:


The Area Board members are asked to consider eight applications to the Community Area Grants scheme and one Councillor-led initiative:



Wiltshire West District Scout Association awarded £500 for formation of new scout Group to serve Whitley Shaw and Atworth.




Melksham Without Parish Council awarded £573 for Kissing Gate at rear of Shaw Playing Field.




Melksham Without Parish Council awarded £4,000 for New footway at Hornchurch Road POS.


Note: Cllr Seed in the chair for the Young Melksham Application


Young Melksham awarded £740 for Young Melksham - New Pool table and sports equipment.

Note: Cllr Hubbard abstained on the vote for this application.




Poulshot Village Trust awarded £940 for Poulshot Rights of Way Accessibility Project.




Larkrise Community Farm awarded £1,500 for Larkrise Community Farm - Sensory Classroom Project.




Broughton Gifford Cricket Club awarded £2,250 for Broughton Gifford Community Mower.




Melksham Town Council awarded £4,874.79 for Grounds Maintenance equipment.

Councillor-led initiative requesting funding from the Area Board



Cllr Jon Hubbard awarded £4,500 towards the Melksham Schools ELSA project.


Note: That £500 was agreed for a defibrillator as a Delegated Decision between the November 2017 and February 2018 Melksham Area Board meetings.






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