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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Melksham Town Hall, Market Place, Melksham, SN12 6ES

Contact: Kevin Fielding  (Democratic Services Officer)

No. Item


Arrival and coffee

Introduction and housekeeping.


Cllr Jonathon Seed welcomed everybody to Melksham Town Hall for the Melksham Area Board Older Persons Workshop.


Area Board business

Local Youth Network (LYN)


·       Proposal from the LYN, to part fund the appointment of an apprentice youth worker for the Melksham area.




Any items of urgent business.


i.Cllr Jon Hubbard outlined a proposalfrom the Local YouthNetwork (LYN), to partfundtheappointment of an apprenticeyouthworkerfor theMelkshamarea.




·       That the Melksham Area Board agrees topartfundtheappointment of an apprenticeyouthworkerfor theMelkshamarea, and allocates the sum of £21,856.43 for this purpose.



ii.A petition was presented to the Area Board Petition for Give Way Markings, Sweetbriar Road, Melksham.




Melksham Seniors

Presentation from Brian Warwick - Chair of Melksham Seniors Forum.


BrianWarwick- Chair ofMelksham Seniors Forum gave a presentation that outlined and highlighted the work of the Melksham Seniors Forum.


The Chairman thanked Brian Warwick for his presentation.




Scene setting

Purpose of workshop and setting task by Nicola Gregson - Head of Commissioning for Older People Care, Support and Accommodation, Wiltshire Council.


Nicola Gregson– Head of Commissioningfor Older PeopleCare,Support and Accommodation,WiltshireCouncil outlined the purposeofworkshop.


Table discussions

Facilitators to lead and record discussions on four key questions:


  • What do you like doing?
  • What would you like to do and what’s stopping you from doing it?
  • Who do you think would be a good older peoples champion?

·       Who do you think would be a good carers champion?


The room was split in to four groups with facilitators asked toleadandrecord discussionsonfour keyquestions:


·       Whatdoyoulike doing?


·       What wouldyoulike todoandwhat’s stoppingyoufrom doingit?


·       Whodoyou thinkwould bea good older peoples champion?


·       Whodoyou thinkwould bea goodcarers champion?




Coffee break

During break the key themes will be coordinated and priorities will be voted on. 


Table discussions

Discussion in groups; how can we make this happen in Melksham?


The groups were then asked to discuss;howcanwemake thishappenin Melksham.




·       That the Melksham Area Board would appoint champions for both older people and carers able to represent the views of older people and carers and to work with the Council to develop and improve the quality of lives of older people and carers.


·       That Nicola Gregson would bring a report on the findings of the workshop back to a future Melksham Area Board meeting.


The Chairman thanked Nicola Gregson.


Doorstep safety

Presentation from Sue Wilkin - Public Protection Officer, Wiltshire Council.


Sue Wilkin – Senior Public Protection Officer, Wiltshire Council outlined “No Cold Calling Zone”, an initiative that sought to target doorstep traders who call unexpectedly, and uninvited at the home of vulnerable persons with the purpose of selling goods, or offering a service.




·       That the Melksham Area Board agrees to allocate £500 for “Cold Calling Zone” signage, to be used in the Melksham community area.


The Chairman thanked Sue Wilkin for her presentation.


Summary and next steps

Next steps and reminder to nominate older peoples and carers champion.


The Chairman thanked Brian Warwick and Nicola Gregson & team for their input, and thanked all those who attended for making the workshop the success that it was.







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