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Agenda and minutes

Venue: The Guildhall, Market Place, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 1JH. View directions

Contact: Lisa Alexander  (Acting Senior Democratic Services Officer)

Note No. Item



Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman, Cllr Brian Dalton read an opening statement, regarding the requirement to reschedule the meeting. A copy is attached to these minutes.


The Head of Legal Services, Frank Cain clarified the process behind the Officer decision and the reason why the meeting had been moved forward.


Members of the Board discussed the matter, with one Member querying the cost involved in rescheduling the meeting to an in person one as opposed to online.


Members and Officers introduced themselves.


Anne Trevett gave an update on the previously funded, St John’s Place in Bemerton, which had recently been featured on the Sunday Morning Live broadcast on BBC1, as part of a national discussion regarding maintaining and bringing churches back in to use. Anne noted that a total of £750k had been raised to save St John’s Place.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence had been received from:


·       Police – Inspector Tina Osborn

·       Fire – Station Manager Matthew Maggs – represented by Wayne Presley





To confirm the minutes of two previous online meetings held on Monday 12 July and  Thursday 30 September 2021.

Supporting documents:



The minutes of two previous meetings held on 12 July & 30 September 2021 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



In relation to item 10 – Community Funding – Application from the Milford Preservation Group – Cllr Charles McGrath noted that he was a committee member of the Group and stated that he would not take part in the vote on that application.




Chairman's Updates

The Chairman will give an update on outcomes and actions arising from previous meetings of the Area Board.



The Chairman noted that his thoughts were with those involved with the Salisbury Train Crash which had taken place earlier that week.


Information items

a.     Healthwatch Wiltshire update

b.     CCG Update

c.     WC info item:

·       Changes to Wiltshire’s Taxi Tariffs

·       Update on Leisure Centres transferring to Wiltshire Council

·       Youth Council Updates


Supporting documents:


The Board noted the information items which were detailed in the agenda pack, including:


a)    Healthwatch Wiltshire update

b)    Clinical Commissioning Group update

c)     WC Information Items:

·       Changes to Wiltshire’s Taxi Tariffs

·       Leisure Centres transfer to Wiltshire Council

·       Youth Council update




Partner and Community Updates

To note the written updates attached to the agenda or invite verbal updates from representatives present.


a)    An Introduction from newly appointed Community Engagement Manager – Karlene Jammeh

b)    Salisbury City Council (SCC)

c)     Police

d)    Fire



Note: Speakers are reminded that they each have a 3 minutes slot, unless they have previously discussed alternative arrangements with the Chairman.

Supporting documents:


The Board noted the written partner updates which had been uploaded to the website as a supplement and heard from those present:


An introduction from Karlene Jammeh – New Salisbury Community Engagement Manager (CEM)

Karlene was just 3 days into her new post as Salisbury CEM, however had been working in Sports Developments for Wiltshire Council since 2009 and Salisbury District Council prior to that, for a total of 19 years. Through this work Karlene already had many good connections with local community groups. Thanks were given to Jacqui Abbott (CEM for Stonehenge Area) for her support.



Salisbury City Council (SCC) – Cllr Annie Riddle

·       The 3 groups that were forming the Administration were working well together.

·       The Remembrance Parade would take place on Sunday 14 November, at the War Memorial for the 11am silence.

·       Christmas preparation was underway – the lights switch on was scheduled for Friday 19th November.

·       There would also be a Christmas tree trail around the city and a Santa Wonderland in the square. Further details of all could be found on the experience Salisbury website.

·       Communities and groups were already working towards events for next year, including the Jubilee celebrations. 

·       Community grants continued to be available

·       The first meeting with Salisbury Place Board had taken place, which was represented by Victoria Charleston

·       Thanks were given to the emergency services, transport police, and Network Rail – for their work last week and to pass on best wishes to anyone still affected by that.

·       Annual budget plans still underway.

·       The Salisbury Neighbourhood Plan was a huge piece of work underway Cllr Riddle was the Chairperson of the Steering Group, she confirmed that the public would be consulted at all stages of the process.



Inspector Tina Osborn had given her apologies for the meeting. The Chairman noted that the written update was available online and Tina’s verbal update had been provided and is attached to the minutes. 



Wayne Presley, Group Manager for the Wiltshire Group was in attendance. He was responsible for overseeing 19 fire stations. The written update was available online in the supplement. In addition, the following points were covered:


·       On-call and wholetime Officer recruitment was ongoing

·       A presentation on Spectra would be provided at the next AB meeting.

·       The Fire & Rescue services had been working closely with other services on the train tunnel incident.

·       The Safe and Well initiative was back out in the community, offering home visits and advice.


The Board gave thanks to the Fire & Rescue and the Police teams for their response in the incident in Fisherton train tunnel, noting that it had been a wonderful demonstration in the way people could come together to solve a problem.


Action: The Chairman agreed to formally write a letter of thanks on behalf of the Board, to all of the staff involved.




Police and Crime Plan Consultation and Precept questions survey

The board is asked to note and urge people to take part in the Police & Crime Plan consultation which is running from 18 October – 14 November 2021. Further information is available via the PCC press release here.


To take part in the survey, click on the link here.


Video link


The Board showed a short video on the Police & Crime Plan consultation which was running from 18 October – 14 November 2021 and urged people to take part in the online survey which could be accessed via a link on the agenda.




Underpass Working Group - Update

At the last meeting on 30th September, the Area Board agreed to form an Underpass working group, which would be led by Councillor Paul Sample and Councillor Sven Hocking.


The board will receive an update on the progress of setting up the working group.


Cllr Paul Sample

Supporting documents:


At the last meeting on 30th September 2021, the Area Board agreed to form an Underpass Working Group, which would be led by Cllr’s Paul Sample and Sven Hocking.


Cllr Sample noted that a group had not yet been set up and that a meeting would take place in the coming weeks with the newly appointed CEM and the other Lead member Cllr hocking to discuss the way forward.


Cllr Hocking noted that there had been some input from WC Officers and Highways England and drew attention to the map which had been uploaded to the online agenda, detailing some of the underpasses.






Community Area Transport Group (CATG)

To note the minutes and actions of the last CATG meeting held on 9 November 2021 and to consider any funding recommendations as detailed in the report which is to follow, due to the meeting taking place one day prior to the Area Board.


Cllr Sven Hocking


Note: For further info on CATG or to access the form to submit an item, view the Area Board webpage here. And scroll down the page to the CATG section.

Supporting documents:


The Board noted the report from the last CATG meeting held the previous day, which had been uploaded to the website as a supplement.


The board noted a predicted reduction to the future Highways Maintenance budget of £6m, however this was based on estimates from Central Government and was not yet confirmed.


The recommendations for funding were shown on the screen for consideration.



The Board approved the funding recommendations of the CATG meeting held on 9 November 2021, summarised below:


·       4c - £6,000 – improvements to Bishopdown Estate

·       5b - £6,810 – A345 coombe Road, pedestrian crossing

·       6b - £2,500 – 20 mph speed limit, Fugglestone Red



Community Funding

To consider applications for funding, as detailed in the attached report and summarised below:







Milford Preservation Group

Milford Hollow rewilding project



Underground Studios CIC

The Underground

Studios Music



Parochial Church Council of Harnham

St George and All Saints

Green Heating for

Harnham Hub



Harnham Day Centre

Keep fit at Harnham

Day Centre




Wessex Archaeology Ltd

Well City Salisbury

Youth courses



Safer & Supportive Salisbury


The Board is asked to note the following project which received funding under CEM delegated Powers, due to urgency, in consultation with the Chairman and a unanimous vote in support by Board Members.


Community Conference on Women's Safety


Agreed under CEM delegated Powers (14/10/21)


Officer: Jacqui Abbott, Community Engagament Manager

Supporting documents:


The Board considered funding requests as set out in the agenda. Applicants in attendance were invited to briefly present their projects, followed by an opportunity for questions.


Community Area Grants:


Milford Preservation Group – Milford Hollow Rewilding Project - £800

Applicant David Lovibond presented the application.

The Group had been going for over 40 years, the last 3 years had been very active. The 1st phase had already been completed, phase 2 would take place in the spring.


Cllr McGrath refrained from voting due to his earlier declaration but urge the Board to support the project.


The full amount was moved by Cllr Hocking and seconded by Cllr Corbin.



The Milford Preservation Group was awarded £800 towards the Milford Hollow Rewilding Project.


The application met the grants criteria for 2021/22.


Underground Studios CIC – Studios Music project- £4,987.12

Applicant Alexander Mobaraki presented the application for fun, safe and accessible professional musical activities with tutors and instruments.


The marketing of the service and the approach in comparison with that of the  previous tenants was discussed.


The full amount was moved by Cllr Rogers and seconded by Cllr Hocking.



The Underground Studios CIC was awarded £4,987.12 towards the Studios Music project


The application met the grants criteria for 2021/22.


Parochial Church Council of Harnham St George and All Saints – Green Heating for Harnham Hub - £5,000

Applicant Charles Wood presented the application.


This was a multi-phase project, working with Harnham Community Network. Hall owned by the parish.


The first stage of the project was to replace an ineffective heating system with an under-floor heat system with heat pumps and the replacement of a new kitchen in an alternative location of the building.


Questions around the option of knocking the old building down and starting again arose, where it was clarified that although that option had been considered, as the structure of the building was still in good condition, the preferred and cheaper option was to re-cycle and improve.


Whether the proposed heat pumps would be adequate to warm the building was asked, where the Board was assured that as the second phase included re-roofing and re-insulating, the combined works as a whole would be adequate.  


The Board invited the applicant to return and provide an update once the works were complete.


The full amount was moved by Cllr Sample and seconded by Cllr Rogers.



The Parochial Church Council of Harnham St George and All Saints was awarded £5000 towards Green Heating for Harnham Hub


The application met the grants criteria for 2021/22.


Health & Wellbeing Grants:


Harnham Day Centre – Keep Fit Classes £720

Applicant David Paterson presented the application which would provide 25 elderly people in their 80s with chair based keep fit classes for 2 sessions a month for 30 min workout.


The full amount was moved by Cllr Corbin and seconded by Cllr Sample.



Harnham Day Centre was awarded £720 towards Keep Fit Classes Reason

The application met the grants criteria  ...  view the full minutes text for item 54.




The date of the next meeting is Thursday 10 March 2022, at 6.00pm.



The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and noted that the next meeting of the Salisbury Area Board would be held on Thursday 10 March 2022.


Supporting documents:




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