Agenda and minutes

Salisbury Area Board - Thursday 10 March 2022 6.00 pm

Venue: Online meeting

Contact: Lisa Alexander  Senior Democratic Services Officer


Note No. Item



Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman, Councillor Brian Dalton, welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Salisbury Area Board and invited the members of the Board to introduce themselves.


Cllr Richard Clewer, Leader of the Council, who was in attendance, was welcomed to the meeting.




Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence had been received from:


  • Matthew Maggs – Fire & Rescue





To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 10 November 2021.

Supporting documents:



The minutes of the meeting held on 10 November 2021 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



In relation to item 15, Area Board funding – Application from Salisbury Pride, Cllr Caroline Corbin noted that she was the Event Director and declared a non-pecuniary interest. Cllr Corbin spoke as the applicant but did not take part in the discussion or the vote on that application in her capacity as Area Board member.



Chairman's Updates

The Chairman will give an update on outcomes and actions arising from previous meetings of the Area Board.



Leader Delegated Authority

Area Boards held online were not able to make decisions under current legislation. Therefore, any recommendations made would need to be taken through the Leader Delegated Decision Process.



Information items

The Board is asked to note the following Information items:


a.    Clinical Commissioning Group

b.    Healthwatch Wiltshire

c.    Wiltshire Council Consultation Portal

d.    Wiltshire Council Information Items:

·         Ask Angela – re-launch

·         Queens platinum Jubilee

·         Changes to Highway Code

·         Changes to residual waste collections

·         Great British Spring Clean

Supporting documents:


The Board noted the information items detailed in the agenda pack, which were:


a. Clinical Commissioning Group

b. Healthwatch Wiltshire

c. Wiltshire Council Consultation Portal

d. Wiltshire Council Information Items:

• Ask Angela – re-launch

• Queens platinum Jubilee

• Changes to Highway Code

• Changes to residual waste collections

• Great British Spring Clean




Fire Service - Spectra Initiative

In introduction to the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Service, Spectra Initiative by Yasmine Ellis.




The Board received a presentation on the Dorset & Wiltshire’s Fire Initiative Spectra, from Yasmine Ellis.


Spectra is a targeted education programme, the letters stand for Support, Purpose, Enthusiasm, Challenge, Trust, Resilience and Achievement. All the things that go into making up each course.


The main Spectra model is a 5-day practical training course consisting of a wide range of sessions based on basic firefighting skills such as hoses and hydrants, NARC (abseiling), ladder climbing, search and rescue, casualty care, water rescue and RTC (road traffic collision).


The course is aimed at equipping the young people to develop skills which they can transfer into their own lives and can be tailored to the group, making it relevant to them.


Across the service, the Youth Intervention Coordinators work in partnership with Schools, Pupil Referral Units, Local Authority Children and Care teams, Early Help and Social Work departments, Job Centre Plus, Supported Housing facilities, and Young Carers groups to generate referrals for SPECTRA courses and with charities like the Downes Syndrome Group.  


Some of the Spectra Courses have been funded by Area Boards. The SPECTRA team is always available to discuss potential courses which could be available with funding from an Area Boards and has scope to offer courses in the Salisbury Community Area.





Partner and Community Updates

To note the written updates attached to the agenda and to receive any verbal updates from representatives present.


a)    Salisbury City Council (SCC)

b)    Police – Inspector Tina Osborn - written update in pack

c)    Fire - written update in pack

d)    Community Engagement Manager, Karlene Jammeh

e)    Safer & Supportive Salisbury, Hidden Figures Project - Anne Trevett

f)     Silver Salisbury, Review of the 2021 event - Irene Kohler

g)    Woman’s Safety Conference, Salisbury Soroptimists - Liz Batten

h)    Dementia Friendly Salisbury – Jane Ebel /Helen Dowse

i)     Carer’s Champion Update – written update in pack

j)     Prevention & Wellbeing Officer Introduction – Pip Roach

k)    Air Quality Management Group – Minutes in pack

l)     Salisbury BID - website



Note: Speakers are reminded that they each have a 3 minutes slot, unless they have previously discussed alternative arrangements with the Chairman.

Supporting documents:


Salisbury City Council (SCC)

Cllr Ian Tomes gave an update, including the following:


·         The Ukraine flag was now flying on Guild Hall

·         The Climate and Ecological emergency bill and a Paternity leave motion had been passed by SCC.

·         Purchase of Salisbury Depot site - huge potentials in future for green issues

·         Ideverde contact had been approved.

·         Assisted with looking for sites for the new Salisbury Police Station

·         Met with surrounding PCs to discuss shared issues

·         Regular meetings with Salisbury BID

·         Met with the Young Gallery –  see how that progresses.

·         Held an award ceremony to celebrate local Volunteers.

·         Tree planting was underway to celebrate the upcoming jubilee and  wider plan for Salisbury.


Inspector Tina Osborn gave an update in addition to the written update in the agenda pack. Points included:


·         Current focus on tackling vehicular and taxi break ins across the city and Antisocial Behaviour in the Friary.

·         Reassurance and high visibility controls had been carried in addition to conducting local premises checks and working closely with Pubwatch and Street Pastors, following the recent tragedy in the city centre.

·         Proactive patrols to target bulk thefts around the city, arrests made.


Fire & Rescue

Wayne Presley gave an update in addition to the written update in the agenda pack, main points included:


·         Matty Maggs due to retire – thanks for boards support

·         thanks for letter of thanks – train tunnel incident

·         maintaining business as usual

·         Currently have her Majesty’s inspectorate

·         No major incidents or incidents of note in the Salisbury area



Karlene Jammeh gave an update on areas of work since the last meeting:


Youth engagement, employment and positive activity opportunities

  • Youth Survey - Completed with 491 responses from young people in Salisbury and explore priority issues and activities outlined in the survey report
  • Salisbury Youth Forum - Established to collaborate, network and information share for the benefits of young people in Salisbury
  • Salisbury Future High Streets - Wider consultation with young people through the SPUD Youth programme
  • Local Youth Network - Link with the Wiltshire Creative young ambassadors and the newly elected Youth Councillors to expand the network to review the Area Board youth grants

Addressing climate change:

  • Air Quality Management Group - Review of Air Quality Management action plan
  • Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing Centre community garden - Plan to deliver family sessions and children’s workshops at the centre
  • Green Accreditation - Local businesses to work towards a green standard
  • Salisbury River Park project - Propose and deliver new engagement initiatives to compliment the River park project

Supporting positive mental health and wellbeing:

  • Activity and support directory - Comprehensive list of groups, activities, events and support available for older people and isolated people in Salisbury.
  • Safer in Salisbury - Action plan to ensure women and girls in Salisbury feel safer and to make it easier to access support when feeling unsafe.
  • Camerado’s- A new friendship group in Salisbury
  • Dementia Support – Create a dementia friendly city in Salisbury
  • Older People’s Champion and Carer’s Champion

Supporting low income  ...  view the full minutes text for item 63.



Salisbury Future High Streets - Update

An update from Carli VanNiekerk, Major Highway Projects Engineer


Supporting documents:


The Board received an update from Carli VanNiekerk, Major Highway Projects Engineer.


Cllr Clewer, Leader of the Council, outlined the background to the bid to the Future High Street Fund. The bid was awarded after the Novichok incident, which had impacted greatly on Salisbury. Without that incident, Salisbury would have been unlikely to have been successful in receiving an award. Most councils that applied for the funding, were not successful in being awarded the full amount requested.


Salisbury would be able to carry out a significant number of the projects proposed in the bid with the amount that had been awarded. The projects would need to be consistent with the outline submitted to central government.


Salisbury was in essence a Market town and like all market towns, it would need to provide more than just a retail offer. Work on the evolution of Salisbury had already begun, but the council would need to make sure it was ready with further projects as future funding became available.


Carli then outlined the scope of the proposed projects, funding amounts and the consultation launched in March 2022, which was available to complete online and in writing.


The presentation slides are attached to the minutes.


Questions and comments included:


·         A recent gender-based study showed that women were being kept from feeling safe to walk the street at night. What was included in the plan to make women feel safer?

Answer: We have assessed the design against women’s safety, we are aware that transport design can be biased to women’s safety and have incorporated elements to the scheme.

·         Could the detail of the assessment be accessible to the public?

Answer: Yes, and we would welcome further feedback from women in particular on women’s safety issues.

·         The Heat Project would bring a massive change in Harnham around traffic issues. It will be difficult for disabled people around the city centre when the bus services are cut back, especially because we do not have a bus station.

Answer: Cllr Clewer noted that the bus station closure was not a council decision and that it was for the bus company to plan how services would work.



The River Park project - Update

An update from, Andy Wallis, Salisbury River Park Project Lead, Environment Agency – Wessex Area      


The Board received an update from Andy Wallis, Salisbury River Park Project Lead, Environment Agency. The presentation slides are attached to these minutes. Some of the points included:


·         Joint project with WC & SCC – part of wider master plan.

·         First phase - New planting, with meadow and games areas

·         Ashley Road – creating full embankment, flood protection to fire station.

·         Green space and open spaces with wildflower & planting schemes

·         Re-locating child’s play area.

·         Central car park area – linear green park throughout – widening the channel and improvements to water course.

·         New footpaths and footbridge


Timetable for the Masterplan and Phase 1 of the River Park

      Enabling works started – January 2022

      Main works commence – May 2022

      Phase 1 construction complete – December 2023

Funding position

      Current estimate of total costs £23.4M

      Funding sources:

      DEFRA - £14.2M

      LEP/Local Growth Fund - £5.2M

      National Highways - £2.5M

      Regional Flood and Coastal Committee - £1M

      DfE - £0.5M


Tree planting - over 600 trees, including native and mature specimens.
Water voles - Trapping and translocating to commence in March


Questions included:


·         Could you consider an aromatic garden for disabled and poor sighted people?

Answer: Disabled access has been fully considered, the aromatic garden is a nice idea we have not yet considered.


·         Is good lighting planned for footways, to help women to feel comfortable walking along the river?

Answer: Lots of work has taken place, we have a strict requirement to keep some areas dark for species, legally we have to design it in a way to ensure no light spill. I can provide the lighting plan separately.




The Maltings Re-development

An update from, Richard Walters, Head of Service - Major Projects.


The Board received an update from Richard Walters, Head of Service - Major Projects, some of the main points included:


      Maltings shopping centre sold to APAM Catella - December 2021

      Hotel site sold separately

      Council still had freehold ownership of the shopping centre

      Council in discussions with APAM Catella

      Purchaser of hotel site expected to engage once plans developed.


Questions and comments included:


·         The progress was welcomed, could a new plan of the maltings and library be made available, specifically detailing the parts owned by the council.

Answer: Yes there was a mixture of ownership, the council owned the Maltings shopping centre, there was a freehold round to the parade of shops. We also own the library side of market walk, Central carpark and the Coach Park. I will send a plan to the Chairman.


·         Where does Sainsburys stand in this? 

Answer: They had a lease of that site which they had just renewed for 10 years so that indicated they did aim to remain. Their preference would be to have a store at ground floor level and better parking arrangements – but that is a discussion for them to have with APAM.


·         Where does it leave Shopmobility & the boathouse?

Answer: There was no immediate plan affecting Shop Mobility, however if plans did come forward that affected it they would need to be considered. The Council also owned the freehold of the Boathouse and were in discussions with the new owners. It is affected by River Parks works which are due to be ongoing for some time.




City Hall update

An update from, David Redfern, Assistant Director for Leisure, Culture & Communities


The Board received an update from David Redfern, Assistant Director for Leisure, Culture & Communities, some of the main points included:


·         The council was engaged in positive dialogue with NHS to extend vaccination centre arrangement to March 2023

·         Exploring options to remobilise City Hall, post NHS requirement

·         A Soft Market Test Exercise (SMT) would be conducted April/May 2022



      Approach the market to understand level of interest amongst third party organisations, to manage and operate as a multi-purpose entertainment/ cultural venue.

      Explore third party organisation’s vision for operating City Hall in the future alongside potential management arrangements.

      Begin to understand third party organisation’s experience of and ability to manage venues similar to City Hall.


The Leader of the Council, Cllr Richard Clewer confirmed that the council would bring city hall back as a live entertainment venue and that discussions had been underway prior to the pandemic, on how to improve City Hall long and short term.


Some areas for consideration had included the acoustics in the venue, as music acts had previously advised that the acoustics in the building were poor. The Library building had significant difficulties with its flat roof, but there were aspirations to move the Library building in to City Hall and possibly introduce a form of glass roofed building at the front, where the roundabout area was.


Cllr Clewer noted that Libraries had moved forward, and the offer now was greater than just borrowing books, with internet access a critical provision for the community and in Salisbury, the Young Gallery on the site would also need a long-term home.


The vaccination programme was changing on a weekly basis, as the NHS worked in a fast-moving environment, so it was difficult to predict what their needs would be moving forward, but the council would support the continuation of the programme.


Questions included:


·         Because City Hall had not been an entertainment venue for so long, had a budget been ringfenced for any works that may be required to get it operational again?

Answer: We would listen to the market to see what their ideas were for it however, we don’t believe there would be any great costs in mobilisation.


Cllr Clewer added that historically City Hall had failed to break even, but David had been looking at ways to open with a new model which would enable it to break even.


·         The City Hall was also a war memorial, if Salisbury had a village hall it was City Hall.


·         Please keep the Area Board in the loop, and make sure the outcome is right for the city and something that people want.

Answer: Our intention is to make the AB our first point of call for all announcements




Underpass Working Group Update

An update from Lead Member Cllr Paul Sample.


The Board received an update from Cllr Paul Sample, Lead Member for the working group.


Liz Batten supported by Karlene Jammeh (CEM) and some PCSOs were due to carry out a piece of work to look at areas of concern with the underpasses.

 In addition, Kez Adey, a disability rights campaigner would also be doing some work on disability access issues. The findings on both pieces of work would be fed back at the next Area Board.



Community Area Transport Group (CATG)

The Board will consider funding recommendations of the CATG arising from its last meeting held on 8 February 2022, as detailed in the report attached to the agenda and listed below:


·         4d - £228.06


Supporting documents:


The Board considered the funding recommendations from the CATG meeting on 8 Feb which were detailed in the report attached to the agenda.



That the CATG funding recommendation be approved:


  • 4d – To allocate £228.06 to Street Name plate Painting/repair.




Area Board Funding

To consider applications for Area Board Funding as detailed in the attached report.


2021/22 budgets available at the start of this meeting:



Community Area Grant



Health & Wellbeing












Community Area Grants:




Ct Michaels Community Centre – Bemerton Heath.


Replacement Roof Project

£35,000 total project cost




Bemerton Heath IAG


Community Garden improvements.

£15,000 total project cost




Families Out Loud


Fundraising & Communications Project

£5,815 total project cost




The Honeybee Project


Purchase of Electronic Honey Extractor

£950 total project cost




Salisbury City Boxing Club


Club Equipment

£2,000 total project cost




Salisbury Rotary Club


Book Benches Project

£22,040 total project cost




Salisbury Pride UK


Events and Support

£21,960 total project cost









Health & Wellbeing Grants:

A report detailing the Health & Wellbeing Group recommendations for funding is attached.



Safer & Supportive Salisbury


Mental Health Showcase 5th April

£1,300 total project cost





Silver Salisbury Group


Carer & Older Person events

£659 total project cost





Wiltshire & Swindon Sport


Park Yoga

£1,400 total project cost




Morning Star Salisbury


Hope Centre Life Recovery Course

£1,947 total project cost




TEDx Salisbury


Event May 2022

£3,260 total project cost





Youth Grants:

A report detailing the Youth Panel’s recommendations for funding is attached.




Salisbury Live


Live in the Square Event

£6,000 total project cost





The Bridge Youth Project


Youth Voice Forum

£15,000 total project cost






Salisbury Museum


Changing places common ground – Intergenerational History project

£10,477.70 total project cost




Area Board Initiative:





Street Nameplate repair and

replacement program


Lead Member Cllr Hocking





Supporting documents:


The Board considered the funding requests which had been set out within the grants report in the agenda. Applicants in attendance were invited to briefly speak in support of their projects, followed by an opportunity for questions.


Note: As mentioned under chairman’s Updates, due to the meeting being held online, the Area Board was not able to make any decisions during online meetings, due to current Legislation. The recommendations for funding would need to be taken through the Leader Delegated Decision process before being approved and confirmed.


Community Area Grant applications:


St Michaels Community Centre, replacement roof project – requested £5,000

The applicant, Howard Tranter spoke in support of the application.


Board members supported the project noting it was a well-used community facility and that a huge amount of funding had also been raised by the applicant towards the project.


Clarification on where the balance of funding would come from was given.


The Board voted on the motion of support in full.



St Michaels Community Centre was awarded £5,000 towards the replacement roof project.

Reason – The application met the Community Area Grants Criteria 2021/22



Bemerton Heath IAG, Community Garden Improvement – requested £5,000

Cllr Ricky Rogers spoke on behalf of the applicant, noting that he had been asked by them to withdraw the application from this round of funding as the project had already been awarded funding earlier in the financial year.



To Defer the application from Bemerton Heath IAG for the Community Garden Improvement project, until the next meeting.

Reason – The applicant wished to reapply in the new financial year.


Families Out Loud, Fundraising and Communications project – requested £2,905.

The applicant, Debra Hawley spoke in support of the project.


Board members supported the project noting it was very worthwhile and much needed by the community.


The Board voted on the motion of support in full.



Families Out Loud was awarded £2905 towards the Communications project.

Reason – The application met the Community Area Grants Criteria 2021/22 


The Honeybee Project, purchase of an electronic honey extractor – requested £950.

The applicant, Mark Sines spoke in support of the project.


Board members supported the project noting it’s support for projects which benefitted those with mental health issues. Clarification around the level of need for the piece of equipment was given, in that it would enable all participants to partake in the honey extraction process regardless of their physical ability.  


The Board voted on the motion of support in full.



The Honeybee Project was awarded £950 towards the purchase of an electronic honey extractor.

Reason – The application met the Community Area Grants Criteria 2021/22 


Salisbury City Boxing Club, purchase of equipment – requested £996.47.

Cllr Sample spoke in support of the project.


The Board voted on the motion of support in full.



Salisbury City Boxing Club was awarded £996.47 towards the purchase of new club equipment.

Reason – The application met the Community Area Grants Criteria 2021/22 


Salisbury Rotary Club, Book Benches  ...  view the full minutes text for item 70.


A36 Dual Carriage way request

Councillor Paul Sample requests the Board consider supporting his motion that National Highways carry out works to dual the carriage way of the A36 from Petersfinger to College Street roundabout in order to reduce traffic congestion.


Cllr Paul Sample


Cllr Paul Sample brought a motion to the Board for consideration, this was:


That the Board supports the request for National Highways to carry out works to dual the carriage way of the A36 from Petersfinger to College Street roundabout in order to reduce traffic congestion.


The motion was seconded by Cllr Ricky Rogers.


Cllr Sample gave some background to his motion, noting that the issue of congestion related to development and was included in the Salisbury Vision in 2008. An objective of that project was to carry out a study on congestion, however 14 years on, nothing had changed.


Cllr Sample suggested that the congestion issues associated with the A36 could be sorted by duelling the A36 where it was currently single carriageway, adding that if that was too much, then another option was to consider a peak time contraflow, but initially the first step would be to carry out a feasibility study to address all congestion identified in 2008.


Cllr Mark McClelland, in his capacity as Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste, Street Scene and Flooding noted that the Council was working closely with National Highways, who had provided the following statement:


National Highways (NH) is committed to improving congestion on the A36 through Salisbury and we are developing several schemes to achieve this. Our priority is Southampton Road and College Roundabout and we are currently working on the initial stages of developing an Option Assessment Report (OAR) for this corridor, complimenting and building upon the other work already being undertaken along the A36 through Salisbury.


To date, we have identified a number of improvement options, which will be tested using traffic modelling to identify potential improvement options within the corridor and determine their effectiveness to improve congestion, delays and journey time reliability.


We are also updating the existing traffic model and will shortly be undertaking traffic surveys, in collaboration with Wiltshire Council (WC), to provide up to date traffic flows to use within the model.


Following completion of initial modelling work and subsequent preparation of the OAR, we will report our findings and recommendations to Wiltshire Council. Further feasibility and preliminary design work will then be undertaken together with a value for money exercise to inform option selection, with close collaboration with WC to ensure any future schemes are feasible and fit for purpose.


Cllr McClelland noted that Officers had been working on this issue since September 2021 and advised the Board to leave the issue to the experts who were already considering appropriate highways schemes.


Cllr McGrath as ward member for Southampton Road, agreed that more should be done to lobby NH to get more done and suggested that the motion needed to include parts of Churchill Way as well. He noted that there were some practical concerns with duelling the road, due to the businesses along the road and the central safety barrier which had been installed some years ago for safety.


As well as the Area Board lobbying NH, he suggested that there could be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 71.






The date of the next meeting is 16 June 2022, 6pm



The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and noted that the next meeting of the Salisbury Area Board would be held on 16 June 2022 at 6.00pm.



Supporting documents: