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Agenda and minutes

Venue: East Knoyle Village Hall, Church Road, East Knoyle, SP3 6AE

Contact: Lisa Moore  (Democratic Services Officer)

Note No. Item



Welcome and Introductions

Supporting documents:


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting of the South West Wiltshire Area Board and thanked the East Knoyle Village Hall committee for providing the refreshments.


Councillor Dick Tonge, Cabinet member for Highways and Transport was introduced.




Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from:


  • Councillor Richard Beattie – Board member
  • Nigel LefroyBurcombe Parish Council
  • Jill Randall – West Knoyle Parish Council




Declarations of Interest

Councillors are requested to declare any personal or prejudicial interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.


Councillor Jeans declared a prejudicial interest in item 13 – Community Area Grants – application from Mere Snooker Club, as his son was the electrical contractor for the project. He left the room when this item was discussed and did not vote.


Councillors Green and Jeans declared an interest regarding item 13 – Community Area Grants – application for the Wilton Eco Park, as both Councillors also sit on the Southern Wiltshire Planning Committee as it was likely that a planning application from the applicant would later be brought to that committee.  As this was not a prejudicial interest, the Councillors decided to take part in the discussion on this application but abstained from voting.



To confirm as a correct record and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on Wednesday 22 June 2011.

Supporting documents:


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed a correct record and signed by the Chairman, with the following amendments:


  1. To delete C Churchill from the list of attendees for East Knoyle, as this was incorrect


  1. Wilton Town Councillor Phil Matthews had contacted the Democratic Services Officer before the meeting to make an amendment to the minutes under Chairman’s Announcements, when he had raised the issue of the Land Command Site at Wilton. This should have read that since the Localism meeting, the Highways Agency had objected to the scheme.


Matters Arising

The Board will discuss any matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting.


The Chairman invited Councillor Tonge to give an update on the following matters arising:


Administration of the Community Speed Watch (CSW) scheme.

A meeting between the Council and CSW officers had been scheduled for the following week to discuss ways of processing the distribution of letters to those caught speeding more efficiently. If this could not be achieved then the recruitment of an additional administrator would be considered.


The Core Strategy Consultation.

The Council must consult legally on all matters of some substance. The content of each consultation does vary depending on the nature of the topic, resulting in some people finding the larger consultation exercises more complex than others. Officers are always at hand to assist people in the completion of a consultation and although online completion is encouraged, paper copies are also available.


Other matters arising were:


Queen Elizabeth II Playing Fields Challenge

The community areas are still under re-assessment by the Leisure & Play Strategy Officer, an update will be brought to a future Area Board meeting when available.


Covered up Speed Cameras

Following the withdrawal of the Police from the Camera Safety Unit, speed cameras had been switched off. The camera in South Newton which had been covered up had now been uncovered, however it was noted that the camera in South Newton was the responsibility of the Highways Authority.


Community Area Grants funding

An internal audit had been carried out on the grants awarded to applicants under the Community Area Grant Scheme, to establish whether the funds had been use as per intended and detailed on the application forms. A report on the findings would be sent to the Chairman of each Area Board shortly.



Chairman's Announcements

To receive any announcements from the Chairman.


Community Area Manager

Richard Munro, Community Area Manager would be moving on to an internal promotion on 10th October 2011. The Chairman thanked Richard for all of his work for the Board over the past two years.


Youth Service

The Youth Service had a display at the back of the hall which included digital photos of recent projects, such as the course attended by young people on how to build a straw bale building.


Waste and Recycling

Tracy Carter, Service Director for Waste and Recycling had a display at the back of the hall detailing the changes to the waste and recycling service for the South West, in particular the implementation of an opt in free garden waste collection service. Anyone interested in registering for the service should do so by 30th September 2011. This could be done online, or by completing and returning a leaflet which was available at the meeting to take away.


There would be a series of road shows later in the year to provide further information on the services available.


Questions and comments were then taken from the floor:


  • Will the leaflets be distributed to parish and town councils. Answer: Leaflets called ‘Coming Soon’ were sent out to every home, however more leaflets can be made available if requested.
  • The question on the leaflet  which asks if you already have a wheeled bin, is not clear whether it is asking if you already have a green waste wheeled bin or other wheeled bins. Answer: The question is to establish if you are a household who can accommodate a wheeled bin or not. Some households do not have space for any wheeled bins, so they are offered alternative recycle bags, houses that already have wheeled bins for household waste and the blue lid bins would be offered the green lid wheeled bin.
  • What is the recommended time to put your bin out for collection and if a bin is put out at a different time, too far in advance, and does this result in a fine. Answer: We ask that bins are placed out at 7.00am on the day of collection and brought back in as soon as is possible after the collection has been made. However if people put their bins out on the night before a collection there would not usually be a problem with that, and there would be no fine for doing so.
  • Will a compost facility be available in the future. Answer: We do have a food compost scheme available where subsidized compost bins can be purchased by Wiltshire residents, leaflets on this and information on the website are available.
  • Is a reduction in council tax available to the rural households that are capable of composting food and garden waste on their own land, and therefore would not require the green waste service. Answer: At the moment data is not collected on a Community Area basis and the waste and recycling services provided by  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.



Older People's Accommodation Strategy

The Board will receive a presentation outlining the strategy for Older People’s Accommodation.


Officer: Karen Jones, Senior Project Manager Business Change


The Board received a presentation from Karen Jones, Senior Project Manager – Business Change, outlining the strategy for the Help to Live at Home scheme.


The Council has produced a 10 year development strategy, modelled across two timeline options, which will modernise the way that older people’s accommodation is provided, develop and adopt an integrated accommodation system, ensure the best use of increasingly scarce resources and respond to local needs in local communities. 

The number of older people within south west Wiltshire is set to increase by 36% by 2026. The number of people with dementia in this area is also set to increase by 53% by 2025.

The capital cost of the proposed development programme, including extra care, nursing and specialist dementia care provision, is approximately £220m based on current prices.  Under these proposals the Council does not anticipate funding developments directly and will be working to maximise investment from the private and voluntary sectors.  An innovative joint procurement exercise with Devon County Council is also being progressed in an attempt to reduce future Social Housing Grant requirements for extra care developments by accessing potential cross-subsidisation of schemes through the inclusion of Council owned land.


The proposed development strategy and service remodelling would enable the Council to realise a cost avoidance of approximately £600m over the next 25 years when compared to the “do nothing” option.  This will assist the Council to offset the challenges of the forecast demographic change of older people and is achieved through a diversion of people from residential care to community support or specialist nursing or dementia care, which achieves an average saving per person of £44 per week. 


Proposed Developments in South West Wiltshire are:


·       A 45 unit extra care scheme to meet nursing needs in Mere – A site for this development is still to be determined.

  • A Community extra care scheme in Tisbury.
  • Timescale – Tisbury should be operational within the next 2 years and Mere between 2016 and 2018.

The development strategy will be delivered through a variety of partnerships, contractual arrangements and funding opportunities.  These include:


  • A long-term partnering agreement with The Orders of St John Care Trust, who currently operate the Council’s care homes for older people, which recognises the need for developments and / or significant refurbishments due to the ageing nature of the existing facilities.
  • The Department of Health Private Finance Initiative through which the Council has been provisionally allocated £49.687m to deliver specialist dementia care and nursing facilities in the south and north of the county.
  • An innovative Preferred Developer Partner Framework agreement which is being jointly procured with Devon County Council to facilitate the development of extra care housing with little or no requirement for public subsidy i.e. Social Housing Grant, due to the potential cross subsidisation of facilities through the inclusion of Council owned land.
  • A review of the sheltered housing stock to assess the quality of accommodation and its ability to meet current and future needs.  Facilities may be recommended for refurbishment  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.



Help to Live at Home

The Board will receive a presentation outlining the strategy for the Help to Live at Home Scheme.


Officer: John Salen, Project Manager


The Board received a presentation from Nicola Gregson, Head of Commissioning: Care, Support and Accommodation.


The Council has been working with the NHS and residents of Wiltshire on a major review of the services that are available to older and vulnerable people living in the county. This is called ‘Help to live at Home’. The review aims to improve the experiences of vulnerable adults and carers who require support, whilst ensuring that the changes are sustainable in the future. Some of the points covered were:


·         Bringing together a variety of separate services into one so that a single service is able to meet a wider range of needs.  The sort of services included are personal care in the home, housing support and other services that support people in their homes.

·         Ensuring these services focus on helping people learn or re-learn skills they may have lost as a result of illness, or another event that has resulted in them losing confidence and needing some help.

·         Making even better use of the wide range of community services that there are in Wiltshire.

·         Making sure these services are focused on doing what people want and helping people to live independent and fulfilling lives.

·         Supporting sheltered accommodation schemes.


As a result of this review –


·         Services to older and vulnerable people in Wiltshire will be improved with more people able to access help to help themselves through the provision of information, advice and support from within the wider community and less people dependent upon help from the Council.

·         More people will be able to remain in their own homes with an improved quality of life.

·         Less people will require help for long periods of time – more people will be helped to become independent more quickly.

·         People who need support will receive it at whatever time of the day or night.

·         People will receive the right help, at the right time, in the right place.

·         There will be two service providers for the South West Wiltshire, these are Ridgeway and Somerset Care.


Questions and comments were then taken from the room, these included:

·         The community care assessment paperwork is too complex for some older people to complete on their own. Answer: There is a requirement to carry out an assessment before a service can be provided, the role of the care assessor team is to go out and visit people in their homes to assist them with things like completing the paperwork.

·         Is there a cost for the Telecare system. Answer: For people who are eligible to receive care from Wiltshire Council, the Telecare system is part of their care package, but for others who can afford their own care, they are able to buy into the scheme.

·         There are already several schemes in operation which are similar to the Telecare scheme, how does this differ from those. Answer: There are currently 12 organisations providing Telecare to people across Wiltshire, what we aim to market with the Telecare scheme is that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.



Wiltshire Good Neighbour Scheme

The Board will receive a presentation outlining the service and the role of the Good Neighbour Coordinator.


Helen Lines, Health & Well-being Project Manager, Community First and Claire Routh, Good Neighbour Coordinator, Wilton


Helen Lines, Health and Well-being Project Manager, Community First, gave a presentation to the Board on the scheme.


The Good Neighbour Scheme (GNS) had been designed to work alongside the Help to Live at Home Scheme, in providing information and to signpost the elderly to services which they may require.


Good Neighbour Coordinators are employed by Community First to work 10 hours a week within their community, their role is to promote existing services and to identify new users of these services. The Coordinators visit local community groups such as luncheon clubs and the Women’s Institutes.


The Good Neighbour Coordinator for Wilton is Claire Routh who has been in post for 6 months. A further 4/5 new Coordinators are due to start in the South West area of Wiltshire in mid September 2011.


Questions and Comments included:


·         This scheme does not appear to have had enough publicity as until now, many people had not heard about it. Do you plan to visit town and parish councils and link schemes to publicise it further. Answer: Contacting local organisations and town and parish councils is one of the first tasks for a GNS Coordinator, to spread the word and to make new contacts.

·         Why is the scheme called ‘Good Neighbour’ when the coordinator is not a neighbour. This name could be misleading and confusing to some elderly people and in some areas there are already people who are neighbours helping the elderly residents in their street. Answer: 90% of the coordinators recruited are local people from the area, they are usually known to the local community.

·         Logistically, having 22 people working 10 hours each a week does not seem like enough to cover the whole of Wiltshire. Answer: We are not covering Towns at present we are only focusing on covering 65% of Wiltshire.

·         The Board has heard three interesting presentations about providing a strategy level of care from Wiltshire Council. Parish councils are highly active in the South West Wiltshire community areas; it appears that this strategy has a top down approach onto the community without involving the parish councils. Answer: Parish and town councils have been involved every step of the way. There was a launch event in July which every parish and town council would have been invited to. The service was designed with the needs of the community in mind.

·         How were the areas in which the scheme is to be rolled out chosen. Answer: The Council had undertaken an exercise to assess which areas had the greatest need.


The Chairman asked that Helen provide a list of all of the coordinators in the South West and when they are due to start in post.


Action: Helen Lines, Community First.



Community Areas Transport Group (CATG)

The Board will be briefed on the latest meeting and will receive recommendations for further action.


Councillor Tony Deane


Supporting documents:


The Board received an update from the Councillor Tony Deane from the last meeting of the Community Area Transport Group (CATG) meeting which had been held on 19 July 2011. Two points highlighted were:


1.      Fingerposts


Costings had been received from a Council contractor to replace fingerposts. The Area Board had previously decided that it would allocate some funds to each parish to have one fingerpost sign replaced per year. Please contact the Community Area Manager for more information.

2.      Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs)

The Board had received approval of Cabinet member Cllr Dick Tonge that if the Board was to purchase its own SID it could be incorporated in to the deployment programme for the three community areas within the South West.


Councillor Deane added that the CATG had been fortunate with the officers servicing the group as the projects chosen would all be moving forward. If parishes had ideas for small road traffic schemes then they were urged to raise an issue on the online system.


A resident of Sutton Manderville explained that in Sutton Road there was a traffic problem where there was a narrow passing place near the Compasses; there was little or no room for manoeuvre which had resulted in a serious accident on Monday evening. Residents have had great difficulty coming out of their driveways due to the speed of the traffic and it was felt that something needed to be done to alert drivers to horses and children in the vicinity. After trying various avenues for assistance to find a way to improve the situation, an issued had been logged, the situation would be looked into.


The Chairman confirmed that this issue was now on the list which would be looked at by the CATG and Councillor Deane added that Highways officers would be asked to look at the site.


Digger Booth, East Knoyle Parish Councillor commented that there was a problem with HGV vehicles using satellite navigation systems (SatNav) which brough them off the A350 down through Bilton around two extremely sharp bends, then back on to the A350. A traffic survey was underway to provide evidence of this. The parish had spoken to SatNav companies to ask that they make changes to the data, but the problem still exists.


Councillor Tonge informed the Board that there were two main forms of SatNav’s the TomTom type for cars and another for HGV’s. Until Central Government say that HGV’s must have the type specifically designed for them, they will use the car version which includes the smaller routes. He advised Digger to lobby the local MP as this was a national problem.


Councillor Deane added that the Board would be open to receiving applications for grants to fund multi language signs, warning HGV drivers not to use certain roads. He agreed to speak to the area Highway Engineer - David Button, to discuss the options, but also urged Digger to write to the local MP to explain the problem.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10.



Tisbury Campus Update

The Board will receive an update from the Shadow Campus Operational Board (SCOB).


Councillor Tony Deane


Councillor Tony Deane gave an update from the Shadow Campus Operations Board (SCOB) on planning for a Tisbury Campus. The SCOB had sent out a consultation survey to residents, 91.3% of those who replied to the paper, lived in the local area. 76.7% of those who responded were in favour of a Campus. Two proposals which were not included on the paper had been received, these were:


·         There should be a facility for parish councils at the campus

·         The young people would like a space allocated to them at the campus site to build a straw bale youth service building.


It was suggested that parish councils in the Tisbury area should be sent a copy of the notes from the SCOB meeting, directly by email. The Community Area Manager agreed to look into this.


Action: Richard Munro, CAM.


The next SCOB meeting would be held on Tuesday 6 September 2011.



Updates from Partners

The Board will receive verbal updates from partners present, some written updates are attached.

Supporting documents:


The Board received the following verbal updates from Partners:


CAYPIG – Jaki Farrell, Youth Coordinator

During the summer, at short notice the group received funding to run a pilot scheme from the National Citizen Service, where year 11 and 12 pupils took part in a couple of residential courses followed up by social action projects. Other activities and Leisure credits work  have run alongside this. Social Action (by the NCS Team) and Leisure Credits work by the young people in the community since the last meeting has included:


·       Footpath restoration and replacing styles, kissing gates etc along the Wessex Ridgeway between Newtown and Wardour and support to the Bridging Project with a conservation day on Long Hill in Mere (This has been the start of the NCS team Social Action Project)

·       Digging the ground to make a community Garden at Pooh's corner in Bowerchalke,

·       Clearance along footpaths in Tisbury & Long Hill, Mere 

·       Re-chalking the Shiney Seven Badge at Sutton Mandeville 

·       Restoration work to benches in Fovant, East Knoyle and Tisbury.


Funding had been received from 'Sowing Seeds' to recruit a Leisure Credit Coordinator (Mark Holden), he was now in post and would be able to develop the scheme across the three community areas.


As well as a variety of trips and activities being 'bought' with Leisure Credits, some were now also being traded for driving lessons and recent requests for the chance to trade them for a CBT was being looked into.


The Wilton Youth Centre was now open; however the official opening would be in the Autumn.


Mr Phillips said well done to the youth who worked on the Shiney Sevens as some had said that the work was not possible.


Police – Sergeant Dean Garvin

Updates for the Tisbury and Mere areas were attached to the agenda, a hard copy of the Wilton update was circulated at the meeting. In addition Sergeant Garvin added that in Wilton the police team would be focusing on the problems around the market square. A problem facing the rural sectors was burglaries to outside dwellings, such as sheds.


Councillor George Jeans thanked the police in Mere for their work to tackle the low level ASBO problem which had arisen. This problem had now been dealt with.


NHS – Phil Matthews

In addition to the update attached to the agenda, Mr Matthews added that there would be an Emergency meeting held on 12th September 2011 where PCT’s would discuss plans from central government to hold another consultation.



Community Area Grants

The Board members will consider six applications for funding from the Community Area Grants Scheme:


·       West Knoyle Village Hall

·       Mere Snooker Club

·       Kingfisher Montessori School

·       Wilton Eco Park

·       Semley Stores

·       Donhead St Andrew Cemetery


Officer: Richard Munro, Community Area Manager

Supporting documents:


The Board considered six applications for funding from the Community Area

Grant Scheme. The Chairman invited applicants present to speak in support of their application and to answer any questions from the room. After discussion the Board members voted on each application in turn.



West Knoyle Parish Council was awarded £5,000 towards their project to make repairs to the Village Hall.


The application met the Community Area Grant Criteria for 2011/12 and

Would provide improvements allowing ongoing use to a much used facility in the community.



Mere Snooker Club was awarded £336 towards their project to install emergency lighting to comply with mandatory standards.


The application met the Community Area Grant Criteria for 2011/12 and

Would provide improvements allowing ongoing use to a much used facility in the community.



The application from Kingfisher Montessori School was refused.


The Board required further information on the application, as no one was present to speak on behalf of the application the members concluded that the school could modify their fees to pay for the required safety features.



Following a discussion, the application from Wilton Eco Park was withdrawn so that it could be resubmitted at a later date with further information, not available at the time.


Further information was required on the details of the consultation.



The application from Semley Stores was deferred.


The Board required further information on the application, as no one was present to speak on behalf of the application the members concluded that the application be deferred until the next meeting when the applicant could attend.



Donhead St Andrew Parish Council was awarded £370 towards their project to produce a survey of the cemetery to establish available grave space, with the condition that the award be returned in full next year from the village precept.


The application met the Community Area Grant Criteria for 2011/12 , however the Board felt that this project should be paid for by the parish precept, so agreed to award the money until the precept could be raised next year to cover the cost.


Action: Richard Munro, CAM



Update from Community Area Partnership

The Board will receive an update from Wilton Community Area Partnership (WilCAP).



WilCAP (Wilton Community Area Partnership)

Peter Edge explained that WilCAP was still going strong, the next AGM would be on 26th September 2011 at Wilton Town Council at 7.30pm.


Richard Munro agreed to include the details of this meeting on the website.


Action: Richard Munro CAM


TAPCAP (Tisbury Community Area Partnership)

Nigel Knowles explained that TAPCAP was working alongside the SCOB to assist with the Campus project.



B3089 HGV Survey

Findings from the survey of HGV activity on the B3089 between Barford St Martin and Hindon undertaken in June will be presented.


Charles Smith, TAPCAP/WilCAP


Dinton Parish Councillor Charles Smith would provide a report detailing the findings of the survey at the next Area Board meeting in October.



Update on Issues

To receive an update on the progress of issues to date.


Officer: Richard Munro, Community Area Manager


Richard Munro, Community Area Manager gave an update. There were five issues currently in progress, he urged people to look at the web site for full details and to register any new issues.





Future Meeting Dates, Evaluation and Close:

A copy of the Forward Plan is attached for information.

Supporting documents:


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


The next meeting of the South west Wiltshire Area Board will be held on Wednesday 5 October 2011 at Nadder Hall, Tisbury.




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