Agenda and minutes

Southern Wiltshire Area Board - Thursday 25 May 2023 7.00 pm

Venue: Winterbourne Glebe Village Hall, Winterbourne Earls, Salisbury, SP4 6HA

Contact: Lisa Alexander  (Senior Democratic Services Officer)

Note No. Item



Election of a Chairman

The Democratic Services Officer will open the meeting and call for nominations for a Chairman for 2023/24.



The Democratic Services opened the meeting and called for nominations for Chairman for 2023/24.


It was;




That Councillor Rich Rogers be elected as Chairman of the Southern Wiltshire Area Board for 2023/24.




Election of a Vice-Chairman

The Chairman will call for nominations of a Vice-Chairman for 2023/24.



Councillor Rich Rogers in the Chair.



The Chairman called for nominations for Vice-Chairman for 2023/24.


It was;




That Councillor Andy Oliver be elected as Vice-Chairman of the Southern Wiltshire Area Board for 2023/24.





Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman welcomed everyone and invited Members to introduce themselves.




Apologies for absence were received from:


·       Chris Wood, Fire & Rescue



To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the previous meeting held on Thursday 23 February 2023.

Supporting documents:




That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 23 February 2023, were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



In relation to Item 16, Area Board Funding, the Chairman noted that one of the grant applications (Pitton Community Store) was for a project which would require planning permission and that as three of the Board members were also on the Southern Area Planning Committee, advice on the options available to dual hatted members had been previously circulated for consideration.


In relation to Item 16, Area Board Funding – Alderbury Pre-School application,

Cllr Richard Britton noted for openness that he had been involved on the fringes of the project, however he felt that this did not constitute a disclosable interest, so remained in the room and took part in the discussion and vote on the item.


In relation to Item 16, Area Board Funding – Phoenix Stars application, Cllrs Zoe and Richard Clewer noted that their daughter had previously been a member of the group. Although this did not constitute a disclosable interest they opted not to take part in the discussion or the vote on the application.


Chairman's Announcements

To receive Chairman’s Announcements.


The Chairman gave the following updates on outcomes and actions since the last meeting:


Thanks were given to Board Members, Officers, Partners and local community volunteers for their part in the work of the Area Board over the last year.


Cost of Living Update

Wiltshire Council was committed to providing support to individuals and communities in the face of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and was actively engaged in helping those in need.


Financial support was available to those in most need via the Household support fund. With further information and warm packs available through Wiltshire libraries.


Further assistance included expanded privileges for concessionary bus pass holders and the delivery of the Holiday Activity and Food (FUEL) program in collaboration with the Department of Education.


The Area Board would continue to support communities through initiatives like warm spaces and grants allocation.


Carbon Neutral Plans

Wiltshire Council had re-affirmed its commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030. Action included funding for home retrofitting, tree planting, and innovative waste management, with a focus on renewable energy, active travel, and electric vehicle infrastructure.


Area Board Summer Social Event

The Area Board annual report, featured later on the agenda, highlighted achievements over the last 12 months and plans moving forward. The Board planned to host a summer social event at Barry's Field, Winterslow on July 15th. All were invited to attend and enjoy various entertainment and presentations showcasing schemes that had received support from the Area Board in recent years.


The event would also be an opportunity to gather the thoughts and ideas of those attending, as to how the Area Board could best support its parishes and community groups.


There would be a complimentary afternoon cream tea. Anyone wishing to attend was urged to book a place by following the link here, or by clicking on the QR code below:


A qr code on a white background Description automatically generated 


Information Items

To note the written reports and updates in the agenda pack or distributed on the night:


·       Wiltshire Council Updates:

1.     Cost of Living

2.     Independent Visitor Scheme

3.     Family Help Hubs

4.     National Numeracy Day


·       Fire & Rescue Service – (update to follow)

·       Healthwatch Wiltshire

·       BSW Together (Integrated Care System)

·       Community First

·       Current consultations:

Supporting documents:


The Area Board noted the information items available in the agenda pack. These included:


·       Wiltshire Council Updates:

1.     Cost of Living

2.     Independent Visitor Scheme

3.     Family Help Hubs

4.     National Numeracy Day


·       Healthwatch Wiltshire

·       BSW Together (Integrated Care System)

·       Community First

·       Current consultations:



Matters of Community Wide Interest

a) Parish Councils and Community groups


b) Community Policing local issues and priorities (written update to follow)


In attendance: Inspector Tina Osborn

Supporting documents:


The Board noted the written updates attached to the agenda and received the following verbal updates:


Neighbourhood Police Team – Inspector Tina Osborn

Main points included:


·       Priority areas of work, involving off road motorbike issues, with increased local visibility patrols to reduce levels of antisocial behaviour

·       A reduction in reported burglaries, with an urge to lock sheds and garages as a form of prevention.

·       Launch of Operation Sceptre to tackle knife crime, working with schools as a visual deterrent.

·       Following a recent dwelling burglary in Hommington, there had been 2 arrests.



We have had Neighbourhood Watch in Coombe Bissett & Homington for many years but have not seen any police patrols through the village in some time. We could have valuable local information to share with the local Police teams.

Answer: We are out there; I will make contact with you out of the meeting.


The catapult and ball bearing issue had now reached Pitton.

Answer: I have been working with Claire Frances we are pitching for a PCSO for the area


Wiltshire council had funded and recruited an officer to look at Public Space Protection Orders, the contact for the Officer is:


What was the current situation with e-scooter and cannabis issues?

Answer: Incidents with e-scooters and e-bikes had dropped off, with little in rural areas. They were considered motor vehicles, so the Police had the power to seize them. We work closely with the Fortitude team, if you are aware of an issue, then feed this back to us – a warrant could be obtained and executed at a property.


The traffic data in the agenda supplement was not complete, as some areas were not included, such as that from the Winterbournes CSW group.

Answer: Inspector Osborn would feed that back to the relevant Officer for future inclusion.





Wiltshire Victoria County History Trust Project

Hear from James Holden of the Wiltshire Victoria County History Trust about their new work researching and writing the detailed local history of south east Wiltshire, including villages from Idmiston and Porton in the north to Alderbury and the Grimsteads in the south.


James Holden of the Wiltshire Victoria County History Trust provided information about their new work researching and writing the detailed local history of south east Wiltshire, including villages from Idmiston and Porton in the north to Alderbury and the Grimsteads in the south, moving into the south of the county as research in local history continues.


The process uses a standard format and sources list to ensure nothing is missed, including:

        Landscape, settlement & buildings

        Land ownership

        Economic history

        Social history

        Religious history

        Local government


The project was run by a charitable trust with 18 volumes published to date, with a further two more close to completion. Research was expensive, each volume published was estimated to cost around £150,000.


Work on the South East Wiltshire area would include:

  • Whiteparish and Landford complete
  • Clarendon research under way
  • Alderbury/Whaddon starting this summer
  • Then Laverstock/Ford and Winterbournes
  • Remaining parishes to follow


The volunteers were working across the area and would be in touch with local history groups and residents with local knowledge to gain information. There were also opportunities for volunteering.


The Group would welcome hearing from any local charities or other bodies which might contribute towards funding.


Questions and Comments included:


What were the target timescales?

Answer: The process was not quick, it would take around 5 years per volume.


The Bourne Valley History Society which covered the area of the Winterbournes up to Cholderton, would be involved with the project and welcomed the opportunity to learn how to carry out proper research.


There was also a great deal if information stored at the History Centre in Chippenham.

Answer: Yes we are aware of the History Centre.


Would you be looking for local people to tell their stories?

Answer: No, our work does not include oral history, its focus its more about peoples knowledge, eg. Things that happened in the second WW.


For further information contact James Holden -




Environment Showcase

Hear from Nadder Community Energy and Wiltshire Council’s new Woodland Officer.



The Board heard from Alan Maryon-Davis, of Nadder Community Energy and Wiltshire Council’s new Woodland Officer, Naomi Styles.


Nadder Community Energy was a community benefit society in Tisbury, founded in 2015. The remit covered Nadder Valley and surrounding areas.


The Non-profit group was run by volunteer directors and was financially supported by private investors. A recent project involved solar panels to heat the local swimming pool. The aims included reducing carbon footprints and increased benefits for the community.


Other Initiatives:

        Green Drinks

        Nadder Green Fair

        Tisbury Electric Car Club

        Domestic Heat Pump pilot project

        Renewable Heating for Schools feasibility project

        Keeping Warm in Winter project

        Great Big Green Week Eco-energy Trail on Sat 1-4pm on 10 June


For further information, visit the website:


Questions and comments:


How was the electric car club managed, was there a base with charging points?

Answer: Yes, there were 2 charge points, which were installed after we received funding from the National Lottery.



Naomi Styles – WC Woodland Officer

Naomi was part of a new team which formed 6 weeks ago after the council was awarded grant funding. Part of the teams role was to assist people who were looking for funding towards planning to meet climate targets across the country.


Wiltshire’s Woodland cover:

        For Wiltshire, the target = 435 ha of woodland/yr for the next 30 years

        1 million trees / an area of woodland the size of Devizes each year.

        Woodland planting 2ha which requires planning permission

        40% of Wiltshire’s landscape is within the AONB, national park or historic sites

        Large-scale tree planting needs to be carefully considered and sensitively introduced


Warden Tree Planting Scheme

The team were recruiting tree wardens across the county to survey existing trees in their area, identify new places to plant trees and local landowners who may be keen to plant. They would also take part in applying for funding for tree, hedgerow and woodland planting in their community.


Questions and comments:


Was there a large connection between the Planning Tree Protection Officers and these Tree Wardens?

Answer: The wardens would be the people in the communities that volunteer to look after their local trees and the Tree Protection Officers were Council staff, employed to carry out a different role.  


If we were looking for land suitable for planting an orchard, would you be the gateway to discussions with the council on using their land?

Answer: Yes, we could assist you with this.


In Alderbury 150 trees were felled to create space for more housing. There was great demand in rural areas for land for development. Did you have plans for initiatives regarding policy development to object to the work on the local plan?

Answer: I am fairly new to post, within the council that work is ongoing. We would also be chasing up the areas where developers had promised to plant trees and hade not carried it out.


It  ...  view the full minutes text for item 126.



Roundbarrow Nature Reserve

A brief update on this new initiative is attached for information.


Supporting documents:


The Board received a brief update on the new initiative which would provide environmental gain and community benefit.


Wiltshire Council was restoring land at Roundbarrow Farm to create a chalk grassland nature reserve and create a new greenway link between Pitton and Firsdown.


A drop-in engagement event was taking place for Wiltshire Council to introduce the project to the local community, this was scheduled for Wednesday 24 May 2023, from 5.45 – 7.15pm at Pitton Village Hall.


Information on the need and aims of the project, and expected timescales will be available, along with plans of the route of the proposed new access link, with an opportunity to provide feedback.


Comments included:


A community event in Pitton had been well attended, would the comments and feedback from that event be shared through the Board in due course?

Answer: Yes, there were still other ideas for uses for the land which were being formed. The Area Board would like to be involved and urged members of the communities around it to feed in any additional comments.


The Councils strategic view considered how best to use the farm, which had been a small dairy. Using it for biodiversity was a better way to use the land which would also help to mitigate a nitrate issue for planning.



Changes to Landline Telephones

A brief update by Catherine Cosgrove, BT Senior Manager.

Supporting documents:


Catherine Cosgrove, BT Senior Manager, gave a presentation on the changes which were due to take place to the UK’s telephone network, involving changes to landline services in line with new technology.


The upgrade would need to be carried out by December 2025, when old technology would stop working. Consultation with local communities was assisting with the project as it enabled concerns to be considered and answered. 


Questions and comments included:


Would the coverage work in rural areas with poor or patchy mobile network coverage?

Answer: We look at each scenario to establish what was needed to make the system work. No one would be cut off or migrate unless a suitable replacement  product was available.


Was there fibre to the cabinet in this area?

Answer: Not everyone has fibre, it depends where you live.


When would fibre be rolled out?

Answer: The majority of communities had it now, there were pockets around the country which were harder to reach.


What level of cost to individuals was involved, as many people cannot afford additional products or packages?

Answer: With the basic phone service to phone service there was no extra charge. Other bundles would be on offer to meet people’s needs, with special call bundles for people who cannot afford it.


Would my old fashioned handset work in a power cut if I plug it in?

Answer: There was an option to plug it into the Broadband router, we will also give out battery back-ups to people that need them. Most vulnerable customers would have the ability to make an emergency call.


How long will battery last?

Answer: One service – had enough time to call family members another service had 8 hours on a mobile device, it would depend on the service package in place.


Would all phone systems work on the switch over, as I had difficulty with one of the two systems I had in my home after switching to fibre?

Answer: A great deal of testing had taken place on lots of different phone systems. There was a small volume of phones that would not work, due to the old technology. If this occurred, we would advise on alternative options.




Area Board End of Year Report

A presentation on the attached End of Year Area Board report, including updates regarding a new Health & Wellbeing sub-group and collaboration with the NHS Integrated Care Board regarding future neighbourhood collaborative arrangements.


Officer: Karen Linaker, Strategic Engagement & Partnership Manager





Supporting documents:


Karen Linaker, Strategic Engagement and Partnerships Manager presented the Area Board end of year report which was available in the agenda pack.


The report set out where funding had been allocated and details of the projects which had been helped across the community area, as well as the Board’s local priorities and work undertaken for each priority area.


The Board noted its priorities over the last year and considered whether work would continue further across those workstreams or whether some of those priority areas needed to be updated to reflect the current needs of the community area.


Silver Salisbury Update – Irene Kohler

The aim of the Silver Salisbury project was to reduce social isolation by promoting activities where older people were warmly welcomed.


The group carried out a recent survey in Downton to gain feedback which identified key areas which acted as barriers in older people taking part in activities, such as availability of transport, venues needing to be local, cost and concerns over whether older people would be welcome. 


In addition to a regular newsletter, the Autumn Program of events and activities brochure was printed and distributed to over 5000 people in total, 500 of those in the Downton area.



Note: Cllr Andy Oliver left the meeting at the end of this item and did not take part in the remaining items on the agenda.



Local Highways and Footpath Improvement Group (LHFIG) Update

To note the minutes and consider any recommendations for funding arising from the last LHFIG meeting held on 10 May 2023, as detailed in the attached report.


Recommendations for LHFIG funding are:


·       4b – A30 Firsdown Speed Limit Assessment – £1,450

·       4e – The Portway Dropped Kerbs and Pedestrian Crossing Warning Signs – £4,020



Supporting documents:


The Board note the minutes and consider any recommendations for funding arising from the last LHFIG meeting held on 10 May 2023, as detailed in the report attached to the agenda.


It was;




To approve the funding recommendations for the following LHFIG schemes:


·       4b – A30 Firsdown Speed Limit Assessment – £1,450

·       4e – The Portway Dropped Kerbs and Pedestrian Crossing Warning Signs – £4,020





Area Board Funding

To consider any funding requests as set out in the attached report and summarised below.


Officer: Karen Linaker, Community Engagement Manager


Budgets for 2023/24:


Community Area Grants (CAG)

Older & Vulnerable Adults (O&VA)

Young People Grants











Grant Details

Amount Requested


Alderbury Preschool – New Building

Total project cost £16,239





East Grimstead Reading Room – Courtyard Refurbishment

Total project cost £15,973




Pitton Community Store Ltd – Community Shop

Total project cost £12,125





Phoenix Stars – Equipment for Old Sarum Gym

Total project cost £15,105.40





River Bourne Community Farm CIC – Improved toilet & wash facilities.

Total project cost £15,500




Winterbourne Cricket Club – Equipment uplift

Total project cost £3,935.38





Old Sarum & Longhedge CIO – LED light installation

Total project cost £5,884.35




The Winterslow Friendship Day Centre – Homecooked meals for elderly

Total project cost £8,000




Buzz Action Foundation CIO – Nomansland, Landford & Hampworth Youth Club

Total project cost £8,720




Alderbury Parish Council – Circus Skills pop ups

Total project cost £1,875





Supporting documents:


The Board noted the budgets remaining for allocation at the meeting and heard from representatives in attendance who gave a brief overview of their project followed by any questions by the Board.


Community Area Grants


Alderbury Preschool – New Building, requested £2520.97

The Applicant Donna Clay spoke in support of the project.


It was explained that the requested amount had been reduced (from £5000 to £2520.97) since initially applying due to the project now being broken down into separate phases, with phase 1 involving internal resources and phase 2 garden resources.


Cllr Britton moved the motion to support the grant to the full amount. This was seconded by Cllr R Clewer.


It was;



Alderbury Preschool was awarded £2520.97 towards the New Building project.

Reason – The application met the Community Area Grants Criteria 2023/24


East Grimstead Reading Room, Courtyard Refurbishment project, requested £3,000

The Applicant Nel Beale spoke in support of the project.


It was clarified that not all of the other funding avenues had been approved.


The Board discussed whether the project would result in great improvement in use of the outside space.


The Board also queried the lack of definitive information or a plan for future use.


The reasons for the work and clarity on what specifically was unsafe about the area were sought. It was stated that the tarmac had deteriorated and needed repair to create a level area. This led to questions around whether the work was considered maintenance rather than a project to create wider use.


The Board suggested that the application be deferred to allow time for the applicant to produce a more specific proposal including the planned activities which would be possible once the work had been carried out.


Cllr Rogers moved the motion of deferral. This was seconded by Cllr Z Clewer.


It was;



The application from East Grimstead Reading Room was deferred until a future meeting.

Reason – To allow time for the applicant to reconfigure the project to include further details on how the redeveloped area would be used. 


Pitton Community Store Ltd, the Community Shop project, requested £5,000

The Applicant Brian Cudby spoke in support of the project.


The Board raised queries relating to the requirement for planning permission, and whether the project was at the right stage to be considered for funding.


Clarity on the reason for the previous shop to cease trading were provided.


Cllr Rogers moved the motion of refusal due to the absence of confirmed planning permission. This was seconded by Cllr R Clewer.


It was;



The application from Pitton Community Store Ltd was refused.

Reason – The project had not yet been granted Planning Permission.


Phoenix Stars, Old Sarum Gym project, requested £5,000

The Applicant Jane Usher spoke in support of the project.


Clarification on proposals for fundraising was provided. The Board suggested the applicant approach the parish council for a contribution towards the project. The clerk who was present at the meeting confirmed that funding was available through the parish  ...  view the full minutes text for item 131.



Outside Bodies & Working Groups

The Area Board is requested to:


a.           Appoint named Members as Lead representatives to Outside Bodies, Non-Priority Working Groups and to the LHFIG, as set out at Appendix A;


b.           Note the LHFIG Terms of Reference as set out in Appendix B.


Supporting documents:


The Area Board considered the report attached to the agenda.


It was;




That Southern Wiltshire Area Board:


a.           Appoints named Members as Lead representatives to Outside Bodies any Non-Priority Working Groups & the LHFIG, as set out at Appendix A;


b.          Notes the LHFIG Terms of Reference as set out in Appendix B.





Future meeting dates:


·       15 July 2023 Area Board Summer Social Event

·       7 September 2023 7-9pm

·       22 February 2024 7-9pm


Area Board Funding deadlines are 4 Area Board Funding deadlines are 4 weeks prior to the meeting date. Contact for further information.