Agenda and minutes

Southern Wiltshire Area Board - Thursday 27 March 2014 7.00 pm

Venue: Morgans Vale Village Hall, The Ridge, Woodfalls, Salisbury SP5 2HU

Contact: Lisa Moore  (Democratic Services Officer)

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Welcome and Introductions

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The Chairman, Councillor Richard Britton welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Southern Wiltshire Area Board.





Apologies for absence were received from:


·         Councillor Chris Devine

·         Councillor Ian McLennan



To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the previous meeting held on Thursday 30 January 2014.

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The minutes of the previous meeting, held on Thursday 30 January 2014 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were none.


Chairman's Announcements


There were none.


Current Consultations

To note the attached information on the following current consultations:



Closing Date

More information

Wiltshire Dementia Strategy

19 May 2014

The draft dementia strategy for the county has been agreed by Wiltshire Council and NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group and is now going out for a three month consultation. People with an interest in dementia, whether through personal or professional experience, are being encouraged to contribute their comments and viewpoints.

The strategy outlines plans for how organisations in Wiltshire will work together to support people with dementia and their carers and families to live well in Wiltshire. It also sets out the care and support services for people from the point at which they start to have concerns about their memory through to the end of their lives.

Positive leisure-time activities for young people review

14 April 2014

Communities across Wiltshire are being invited to offer their ideas to help ensure that the provision of youth activities in the future reflects and meets the needs of young people.

People across Wiltshire - particularly young people - are being consulted on what activities they would like in their local communities as part of a wide-ranging review.

The 10-week public consultation exercise on the future of youth activities gets underway on Monday (3 February 2014) and will involve schools, young people’s groups, voluntary organisations and local communities. The consultation asks for their opinion on four options for future provision:

Countryside access improvement plan consultation

28 March 2014

Are you interested in the future of countryside access in Wiltshire? Wiltshire’s draft Countryside Access Improvement Plan is currently being consulted upon.



The Board noted the information on current consultations, as detailed in the agenda.


For further information or to take part in a consultation online, follow the link:



Report on issues facing the community as a whole

Due to another extremely full agenda we are proposing to take only the Police update specifically about the relocation of the Police station. Councillors and Community Area Manager will be available before and after the meeting to discuss any other issues.


The usual updates are included in the agenda pack.

  • Police – Relocation of Salisbury Police Station
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Community Issues Update
  • Wiltshire Council –No Cold Calling Zone - link:  


Supporting documents:


Due to a full agenda the Board had agreed to take only the Police update specifically about the relocation of the Police station. Councillors and Community Area Manager was available before and after the meeting to discuss any other issues.


The Board noted the written updates which had been included in the agenda pack:

  • Police 
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Community Issues Update
  • Wiltshire Council –No Cold Calling Zone - link:  



Inspector Noble gave an update regarding the ongoing changes and decant from the Wilton Road site.

·       Beat Managers and the Neighbourhood Police Teams would remain locally.

·       Officers within the large Investigation team would be moving into Bourne Hill during June 2014.

·       Patrols would start and finish from Amesbury Police Station.

·       The Campus development work at the Five Rivers site was due to start shortly. Once work was complete, the Police would be located in the new Campus building, the timescale for this was approximately 18 months time.

·       The old custody unit would be closed in June 2014. During the interim period, until a new purpose built custody suite was ready, prisoners would be transported to Melksham.

·       Prisoner transportation was in place to enable arresting Officers to remain on the Beat.


Structural Changes would reduce the tiers of Management, there would be no new Chief Inspectors. The new Superintendant for Salisbury, Warminster and Amesbury was Charlie Armstrong, with Inspector Noble moving to a new post, working under her. Andy would be replaced by Inspector Dave Minty.


Two PCSO’s Rachel Gunn and Luke Taylor, had been successful in their recruitment to Police Constables. The vacancy had been temporarily covered by PCSO Matt Smith, formally working in the Friary, Salisbury.


The Chairman thanked Inspector Noble for the support he had given the Board, and his openness and the level of update which he had always provided.







Southampton Road Gateway Project

To receive a presentation about Sainsbury’s Salisbury Gateway Proposal.


The Board received a presentation from the ‘Salisbury Gateway’ Project Team on the proposed plans for a Sainsbury’s store on the Southampton Road.


Following the public exhibition in July 2013, it had been realised that some changes would be required to the original scheme. The new scheme had been much influenced by feedback received.


The new scheme would provide 400 jobs and works on the site would include:


·       Unlocking new views of Salisbury Cathedral and public access to the wetlands area, which would be reinstated on the south-western side of the site.

·       Linking of water management on site with recreating the water meadows.

·       Protection of local wildlife and enhancement of the environment.

·       Improvements to Southampton Road, with widening to Bourne Roundabout, to improve traffic flow.

·       Implementation of a new bus stop near the store entrance.

·       Improvements to pedestrian and cycle routes.

·       Underground tanks and treatment trains to process heavy rainfall, in a controlled manner back into the River Avon.


Comments and Questions were the received, these included:


·       Ron Champion, Laverstock & Ford Parish Councillor – The Parish had made representation regarding concerns surrounding Milford Mill Road in Laverstock. Answer: We will be coming to talk to Laverstock & Ford Parish Council.

·       Who owns the land? Answer: Salisbury Site LLP owns part of the site and holds options to purchase the balance from the present land owners. Salisbury Site LLP is a private property company.

·       Tesco modified the roundabout to include a slip road, can you consider improvements to the roundabout? Answer: The Roundabout will be considerably larger than it currently is, there would be two lanes coming out from the Sainsbury’s site.

·       How will you make the road look more attractive? Answer: An attractive store in that location as you come into Salisbury from Southampton, would make it more attractive.


The Board carried out a short voting session to ascertain the public view of those present at the meeting.



The Campus Project in Southern Wiltshire

To discuss the way forward for a Campus project in Southern Wiltshire.


Report to follow.

Supporting documents:


The Board considered the Campus paper which had been circulated at the meeting (a copy is attached to the minutes). The Chairman explained that the Council had allocated a large budget to support the development of Campuses around Wiltshire.


The Board had been working with Associate Director for Waste and Environment, Tracy Carter to achieve better recognition of the issues that the Southern Wiltshire community area faced due to there not being a central hub.


A multi campus solution had now been accepted as an option for Southern Wiltshire. There would be some provision of services in Downton, with other smaller campuses in other locations within the community area.


The Campus project could present huge potential benefits. It was important to grasp the opportunity to realise benefits for the Southern Wiltshire community.


Other Community Areas across Wiltshire had set up Community Operations Boards (COB) to work with the community to find out which services and facilities were required. The COB would coordinate the work of the individual cluster groups.


Questions and Comments were then taken, these included:


·       The youth work in Winterslow is very proactive; would funding include taking the young people to other villages? Answer: This is something that the COB could look at.

·       Does the COB have any Officer support? Answer: Yes, a Project Manager would be appointed to work with the COB.


The Board then considered the recommendations set out in the paper.



The Southern Wiltshire Area Board agreed to:


·       Adopt “Community Opportunities Board” instead of “Campus Operations Board” for its COB.


·       Set up a provisional COB using volunteers from across our community area.




Youth Activities Consultation

Communities across Wiltshire are being consulted on youth development activities in their local communities as part of a wide-ranging review. Carolyn Godfrey, Corporate Director at Wiltshire Council, will present details of the review being undertaken.


Officer: Carolyn Godfrey, Corporate Director.


Caroline Godfrey, Corporate Director delivered a presentation on the current consultation options for the future provision of services and activities for young people in Wiltshire.


Why the need for a review

A report was submitted to Cabinet on 21 January, which covered a number of issues. It had been 10 years since the current service was established, it was necessary to respond to the changing needs of young people.


Support needed to be targeted at those that need it most, currently the minority of young people access council provision, whilst many others access voluntary, community or commercial outlets.


Campuses would provide new opportunities across the county, the first campus opens in Corsham in June 2014.


As part of the budget setting on 25 February, it was recognised that some funding currently being spent on Integrated Youth Services would need to be saved.


The Council has a statutory duty to secure access to leisure-time activities for young people. Currently, these services are provided through a range of open access youth development service across the county, with a mix of centre and street-based youth work.


The Department for Education updated the statutory guidance, with there being new focus for councils to enable services, rather than deliver direct provision, and to enhance the role for voluntary and community sector services.


Future provision will offer sustainable help, support and resource to target the young people who need it most. Opportunities would be made available for moreyoung people to access activities. The four options out for consultation are:


1.     Retain the current in-house service but reduce the cost

  1. Outsource the service  
  2. Encourage and support staff to form a Public Service Mutual

4.     Develop a community led approach


It is recognised that each community area has its own needs, and existing resources vary. Working with people locally will help to assess the needs for the Salisbury community area.


Young people have already said that that they wish to be more involved in the choices of services available to them. It had also been raised that transport was a fundamental issue in accessing services.


Members of the Southern Wiltshire Youth Advisory Group (YAG) had worked together to gather the views of young people across the community area, from this work they were able to put together a fifth option.


YAG  - Option 5

The Southern Wiltshire Area Board and the Youth Team have developed a locality cluster approach with six clusters. Our aim is to work within these clusters; this will reduce the cost of travel, as well as making it more accessible to the young people, by having it available locally to them.


We have reviewed the four options from the Positive Youth Activities Consultation. After an in depth discussion about the advantage and disadvantages of the options, we have come up with an option 5; which is based around the in house model for keeping a separate fund for buildings and transport.


Our option incorporates various aspects of the given options which we feel  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10.



Superfast Broadband Rollout

To receive an update about the rollout of superfast broadband in southern Wiltshire.


Officer: Sarah Cosentino, Wiltshire Online Project Manager



Sarah Cosentino, Wilshire Online Project Manager, and Matt Lloyd from BT provided an update about the rollout of superfast broadband in southern Wiltshire.


Work was due to start in Downton and Alderbury to install fibre optic wiring to BT boxes, which would then enable the community to access the superfast broadband. Later in the year work would start in Pitton, Farley and Grimstead.


The board would receive further updates as the project progressed.




'What Matters to You' JSA follow up

To receive a report on the priorities identified at the ‘What Matters To You’ event held in Downton on 27 February 2014. Voting will determine the themes for the Area Board to progress in 2014/15.

Supporting documents:


The Board receive a report on the priorities identified at the ‘What Matters To You’ event held in Downton on 27 February 2014.


The purpose of the event was to:

·       Gain a consensus around priorities for the area

·       Provide the basis for community-led action and projects over the next two years

·       Inform (or become) the community plan for the area

·       Provide the Council and partners with a clear focus for actions


The Area Board would now review its priorities and agree how to initiate and coordinate action working with partners, community groups and the public.


The Board then invited those present to take part in an interactive voting session, where people were able to vote for the priorities which they felt the Board should progress in 2014/15.


The Chairman invited the community to make proposals for any other projects within their own Community areas.  






Community Area Grants

To consider applications for funding from the Community Area Grant Scheme and Youth Development theme for 2013/14, as detailed in the attached report.


Officer: Tom Bray, Community Area Manager

Supporting documents:


The Board considered four applications to the Community Area Grant Scheme for 2013/14, as detailed in the grant papers attached to the agenda.



Application from Winterslow Cricket Club £496.00 - Although the Board was minded to approve this application the applicant was not present at the meeting so final confirmation would be deferred pending the provision of further information at a subsequent meeting.


Coombe Bissett Parish Council was awarded £2,000 towards the purchase of defibrillators.


The application met the Community Area Grant criteria for 2013/14.



Application from Winterslow Primary School Swimming Pool Working Party / Governors for £5,000 - Although the Board was minded to approve this application the applicant was not present at the meeting so final confirmation would be deferred pending the provision of further information at a subsequent meeting.



The application from the Walking Group (Grimstead Parish Council) was withdrawn, as the applicant had since received alternative funding from R2 funds.

The Board considered a Youth Theme project application from Salisbury Art Centre outreach project - Old Sarum Odyssey for £4934, as detailed in the agenda papers.



The Old Sarum Odyssey project was awarded £4934 of revenue funding from the 2013/14 budget.






The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

Attachment - Campus Paper

Supporting documents: