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Agenda and minutes

Venue: The Laverton Hall, Bratton Road, Westbury, BA13 3EN

Contact: Stuart Figini  (Democratic Services Officer)

Note No. Item



Chairman's Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Westbury Area Board.


Apologies for Absence


There were no apologies for absence received.



To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 7 December 2017.

Supporting documents:



To confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 7th December 2017.


Matters Arising


Minute 5 – Westbury Community Hub

Dr Biggs referred to the report considered by Cabinet at its meeting in December 2017 about the delivery of the approved campus programme, including Community Hubs and leisure provision. He asked if any progress had been made. The Chair explained that he was not aware of any progress on this matter.


Dr Biggs also asked whether alternative streams of funding had been considered for the Community Hub and additional leisure provision in Westbury.  The Chair explained that the Area Board members had not discussed the matter at this stage, and he anticipated that progress on the Community Hub and leisure provision would be subject to an improved financial position.  


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



Cllr King declared the following personal interests:


·         Agenda item 10 – Community Area Grants for Westbury Heritage Society as he is a member of the Society and his wife is the Society treasurer. Cllr King remained in the meeting but did not participate in the debate or vote on this item.

·         Agenda item 10 – Community Area Grants for Westbury Ambitious and Learning Communities as he is the Boards representative on the parent committee responsible for the grant application. Cllr King remained in the meeting but did not participate in the debate or vote on this item.



Chairman's Announcements

To receive the following Chairman’s Announcements:


·        Supporting those with SEND into employment and internships. There is a video for those interested to know more.


·        Clean up Wilts 2018.


·        Work Wiltshire website.


·        Real Change Wiltshire.

Supporting documents:


The Chair drew attention to the following announcements available in the agenda pack:


  • Supporting those with SEND into employment and internships.


  • Clean up Wilts 2018.


  • Work Wiltshire.


  • Real Change Wiltshire.




Partner and Community Updates

To receive any updates from partners including:


·        Wiltshire Police Community update and the Police and Crime Commissioner Precept Consultation video.

Please note the deadline for responses to this consultation is 31 January 2018, further details are attached to this agenda.

·        Dorset and Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service

·        Westbury LYN

·        BA13+ Community Area Partnership

·        Healthwatch Wiltshire

·        Town and Parish Councils

Supporting documents:


The Area Board received and noted the following updates from key partners:-


(a)  Wiltshire Police      Sergeant Gill Hughes presented her report from which it was noted that there were no crime exceptions for December 2017.  Data showed a drop in most commonly reported crime, with no offences of violence against the person and theft showing below the number of crimes that the Police would expect to see. Offences of criminal damage rose slightly during December 2017.


(b)  Dorset and Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service  Darren Nixon, Station Manager for South West Wiltshire presented his report.  He commented on (i) a recently launched awareness campaign in response to poor and inconsiderate parking in the Services area and, (ii) the need for the public to make sure smoke alarms were in good working order.


The Station Manager also referred to a recent spate of fires at Hills Waste Services, the most recent being towards the end of January 2018.  The Area Board noted that the Station manager felt this was an issue that the Environment Agency and the Council should be involved with.


(c)  Westbury LYN        Jan Bowra, Locality Youth Facilitator, presented a progress report which included details about how their budget had been distributed between several projects for young people in Westbury. She thanked the Area Board for the funding opportunities.


(d)  BA13+ Community Area Partnership Carole King presented a report and indicated that the Clinical Commissioning Group and representatives from the Royal United Hospital, Bath would be attending the next BA13+ meeting scheduled for 15th February 2018.


(e)  Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)       There was no report available from the CCG.


(f)   Healthwatch Wiltshire       The written report was received and noted.  The Area Board congratulated Healthwatch Wiltshire for being recognised by a prestigious national award for its excellent volunteering programme.


(g)  Westbury Town Council  There was no report available from the Town Council.


(h)  Office of Police and Crime Commissioner     The Area Board viewed a presentation by the Police and Crime Commissioner about the recent public consultation on the 2018 precept. The Chair reported that the consultation had now closed, however, it was important for the Area Board to understand the reasons for the proposed increase.




Local Area Co-ordination

Kate Blackburn, Public Health Consultant, to present on social deprivation in the Westbury area and plans for Local Area Co-ordinators.


The Area Board received a presentation from Kate Blackburn, Public Health Consultant, about social deprivation in the Westbury area and plans for the appointment of Local Area Coordinators. The presentation included the following information as it related to Westbury:


·         Population, life expectancy and deprivation indicators

·         Health inequalities analysis

·         Population changes

·         Premature mortality

·         Social isolation and loneliness

·         Age UK – Map of loneliness

·         Medvivo – ATC Telecare Referrals (Age 65 +)

·         Prevention and early intervention

·         Local Area Coordination in England and Wales

·         The approach and role and groups supported by the local coordinators


In response to questions, the Public Health Consultant explained that (i) the Local Area Coordinators would concentrate on a geographical area, based on a population not exceeding 12,000, (ii) it was anticipated that the recruitment process would commence in the summer 2018, (iii) previous appointees to the position of coordinator included former police officers and Social Workers, with a retention rate of nearly 100%, (iv) local information and indicators would inform the work of the Coordinators, and (v) appropriate budgets have been set aside for the work of the Coordinators.


The Chair thanked the Public Health Consultant for a very informative presentation.   




Westbury Community Priorities Update

Liam Cripps, Community Engagement Manager, to update on progress following Westbury’s JSA event last year and to launch new initiatives for our area in 2018.

Supporting documents:


The Area Board received an update from the Community Engagement Manager (CEM), about the progress being made to address the priorities previously identified by the community at the ‘Our Community Matters’ Joint Strategic Assessment (JSA) event held on 8th November 2016.


The CEM explained that the JSA brought together the results of research conducted by the major agencies and public sector bodies in Wiltshire over the last six months. The project was initiated by the Wiltshire Health and Wellbeing Board and the Wiltshire Assembly. These bodies will use the priorities emerging from the events to focus and support strategic projects, activities and services across Wiltshire.


The Area Board were reminded that they had adopted these priorities and would focus on supporting and facilitating local actions to tackle the priorities. The CEM highlighted the main actions achieved between January and December 2017 for each of the priority areas.


The Chair thanked the CEM for his very enthusiastic presentation.



(1) To note the JSA update report.


(2) To express the Area Boards thanks to the organisations, groups and partners that had contributed actions to address the local priorities set by the community.




Supporting our Community- Feedback from Grant Recipients

The Board will invite previous grant recipients to feedback on the progress of their projects.


The Area Board received updates from representatives on behalf of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Dilton Marsh Memorial Hall about how they had managed their grant funding that the Area Board had approved at previous meetings.



Community Area Grants

To consider applications for funding from the Community Area Grants Scheme:


·        Sovereign Housing Association £4,131 towards Westbury Ambitious and Learning Communities project;


·        Westbury Heritage Society £499 towards speakers/meeting equipment;


·        Bratton Parish Council £1057.60 for a brush mower for the community orchard;


·        Westbury Youth Football Club £5,000 towards a facilities upgrade;


·        Cllr-led project £250 towards White Horse Interpretation Boards.



Supporting documents:


Members considered applications for the Community Area Grants Scheme funding as detailed in the agenda pack. A number of applicants gave brief statements about the reasons for their grant requests.




  1. That the following grant applications be agreed:
    1. Bratton Community Orchard (Brush Mower) for £1,057.00;
    2. Westbury Heritage Society (Speaker/Meeting Equipment) for £499.00; and 
    3. Councillor Led Initiative (White Horse Trail) for £250.00


  1. That, as the amount remaining in the Community Budget (as a result of 1 above) is £3,811.15, the grant application for Westbury Youth FC (Facilities Upgrade) be agreed as follows:  
    1. £3,811.15 in the current financial year (2017/18); and
    2. £188.85 in the next financial year (2018/19)


  1. That the remaining applications for Westbury United FC (Equipment) £4,000.00 and Larkrise Community Farm (Sensory Classroom Project) £1,875.00 be deferred for consideration at the next meeting of the Area Board.






Community Area Transport Group

To consider any recommendations arising from the CATG meeting held on 12 January 2018.

Supporting documents:


The Area Board received notes of the Westbury Community Area Transport Group (CATG) meeting held on 12th January 2018.




Urgent items

Any other items of business which the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.


There were no urgent items.



Future Meeting Dates

The next meeting of the Westbury Area Board will take place on 12 April 2018 at The Laverton, Westbury, BA13 3EN.



The next meeting of the Westbury Area Board will be held on 12th April 2018 at the Laverton, Westbury, BA13 3EN.




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