Agenda and minutes

Tidworth Area Board - Monday 16 May 2016 7.00 pm

Venue: Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall, Chicks Lane, Collingbourne Ducis, SN8 3UH

Contact: Kevin Fielding  (Democratic Services Officer)

No. Item



Election of the Chairman

i.To elect a Chairman for the forthcoming year.


ii.Election of the Vice Chairman

To elect a Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year.


iii.Appointments to Outside Bodies and Working Groups.

To note that appointments to outside bodies and working groups

for the forthcoming year:


·       Community Area Transport Group


·       Tidworth Community Area Partnership


·       Tidworth Leisure Centre Executive Committee


·       Local Youth Network (LYN)


·       Wellington Academy Governing Body



Cllr Chris Williams was elected as Chairman of the Tidworth Area Board for the forthcoming year.


Cllr Mark Connolly was elected as Vice Chairman of the Tidworth Area Board for the forthcoming year.


Appointments to Outside Bodies and Working Groups for the forthcoming year:


  • Community Area Transport Group – Cllr Mark Connolly


  • Tidworth Community Area Partnership – Cllr Chris Williams


  • Tidworth Leisure Centre Executive Committee – Cllr Charles Howard


  • Local Youth Network (LYN) – Cllr Chris Williams


  • Wellington Academy Governing Body  - Cllr Charles Howard



Chairman's Welcome, Introductions and Announcements



·       Wiltshire Carers Strategy.


·       Army Rebasing.


·       Groundwork and Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ funding.


·       Meet the Funder event 22 June 2016

Supporting documents:


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Tidworth Area Board and thanked the representatives of Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council for their wonderful hospitality.


The following Chairman’s Announcements were noted:


·         Wiltshire Carers Strategy.


·         Army Rebasing.


·         Groundwork and Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ funding.


·         Meet the Funder event 22 June 2016.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Supt Austin & Sgt Faircloth and Owen White – Ludgershall Town Council.



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were none.



To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 14 March 2016.

Supporting documents:




·         The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 14 March 2016 were confirmed as the correct record.



Wellington Academy - Ofsted report update

Mike Milner.


Mike Milner - Executive Principal, Wellington Academy gave a short presentation highlighting the Academy’s recent Ofsted report.


Points made included:


·       Effectiveness of leadership and management – GOOD

Leaders have created a culture in which high standards of behaviour are expected and pupils are encouraged to succeed.


·       Quality of teaching, learning and assessment – GOOD

Questioning is used effectively across the curriculum to assess what pupils know and to establish how they can improve their work.


The school’s new assessment system at key stage 3 is clearly understood by pupils who know how well they are progressing in their subjects.


·       Personal development, behaviour and welfare – GOOD

Pupils enjoy coming to school because they are valued as individuals, feel safe and are comfortable in speaking to staff if they have concerns.

Pupils report that bullying is not an issue at the school and when it does occur, it is dealt with effectively.


·       Outcomes for pupils - GOOD

Pupils’ work is of a higher standard because pupils are being set more challenging tasks and, as a result, more progress is being made.


The attainment of pupils has risen over time so that the proportion of pupils achieving five A* to C grades at GCSE is close to the national average. Given pupils’ low starting points, this is encouraging.


In 2015, disadvantaged pupils made progress that was comparable with that of their peers and in line with the national average because the gaps that previously existed in the achievement of these two groups of pupils have closed noticeably.


·       16 to 19 study programmes – RI

Provision in the sixth form meets the requirements of the 16 to 19 study programmes well.


The Chairman thanked Mike Milner for his presentation and the good work being carried out at the Academy.


Wilts CIL - My Life. My Choice

Mary Reed.


Mary Reed – Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living gave a short presentation which highlighted the roll of CIL.


Points made included:


·       Wiltshire CIL - User led organisation run by and for disabled people* covering the whole of Wiltshire.


·       Contracted by Wilts Council since 2012 to provide Direct Payment support service.

           *Includes mental health issues, learning disability, physical and   sensory issues, Long Term Conditions Inc. frailty through old age.



What do we want to change?


For disabled people:

·       To have a LIFE and not just a service.

·       To be able to play a full and active role in their communities.


For communities: 

·       To make the best of their strengths.

·       To be given the skills, knowledge and understanding to help them include all their members



Project: My Life My Choice


Working with disabled people:

·       Peer volunteers 1:1 work with a disabled person. 

·       Motivational interviewing and structured conversation.

·       3-5 sessions.

·       Produce a ‘My Life’ action plan.


Community Connectors (1 employed for each area)

·       Work with disabled person to help them achieve their goals as set out in ‘My Life’.



Working with communities:

Community Connectors

·       Supporting communities to develop.

·       Make Someone Welcome campaign.

·       Local groups and institutions pledge support.

·       Offered training opportunities.

·       In-group ‘buddy’ supports new members.

·       Through 1:1 work people linked into groups.



Making it happen

·       Applying for funding from the Big Lottery for a three year project

·       If successful will test and evaluate the project in three areas:





·       End of project: Role out to rest of Wiltshire.

·       Provide a toolkit and training.

·       Working with WC: Public Health and Adult and Children’s services.



Current Situation

·       Applied for lottery funding and we are in stage 1 of process.

·       If successful will be looking to start project January 2017.

·       Have come to area boards at this early stage to ensure project fits with local plans.



What this project ISN’T about

·       Creating more services that do not fit individual need

·       Asking more of existing volunteers

·       Creating additional layers of bureaucracy



What this project IS about

·       Moving disabled people away from being recipients of care and towards becoming active members of their community.

·       Working with the whole community, identifying strengths and finding best ways to enhance these.


The Chairman thanked Mary Reed for her presentation.


The Trussell Trust

Lucy Duffy.


Lucy Duffy gave a presentation that highlighted the work of the Trussell Trust.


Points made included:


Vision: End hunger and poverty in the UK:


·       Enhance the emergency food parcel e.g. fresh food, packs for homeless people, food parcel delivery where needed.


·       There are currently over 400 active Trussell Trust Foodbanks supporting people in crisis throughout the UK.


·       Additional items in an emergency situation e.g. Hygiene & baby products, pet food, household items, toys, Christmas presents, clothing.


·       Extra help & support for the underlying cause of the crisis e.g. welfare benefits advice, advocacy, debt advice, finance & budgetary training and support.


·       Preventative measures, e.g. budgeting, EWSL.


·       Campaigning & public affairs working with governments to be the one of voices on all things poverty.


The Chairman advised that it was hoped that TCAP could get involved and help the Trussell Trust to set up a local distribution centre to cover the Tidworth community area.


The Chairman thanked Lucy Duffy for her presentation.


Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Aisling Hunt.


Aisling Hunt - Wiltshire Wildlife Trust gave a short presentation to outline “Recycle for Wiltshire”, a Joint Venture with Wiltshire Council to educate and encourage school children and communities throughout Wiltshire to reduce, reuse and recycle more of their household rubbish.  


Points made included:


What happens to our rubbish in Wiltshire?


·       60,000 tonnes of our rubbish goes to the Mechanical and Biological Treatment plant in Westbury to be turned into fuel.


·       50,000 tonnes of rubbish becomes energy at the Lakeside Energy from Waste Facility in Berkshire.


·       Around 20% of the rubbish from our black bins is taken and buried as landfill at a cost to tax payers of almost £140 per tonne which adds up to a total of over £7 million each year.



Promoting Community Events


·       Information stand & lobby or window displays.


·       Working with local councils, housing associations & other groups.


·       Door-knocking, information giving.


·       Fun reduce, reuse, recycling & upcycling workshops.


·       White goods maintenance course.


·       ‘Swish’ (clothes swap).


The Chairman thanked Aisling Hunt for her presentation.


Community Engagement Manager - updates

Marc Read.


·       To include appointment of the Health & Wellbeing Champion.


·       The Road to Rio Challenge.

Supporting documents:


Marc Read – Community Engagement Manager gave the following updates:


Road to Rio Challenge


·       Individuals could sign up for the Running, Cycling, Swimming, Walking, Junior Sports and Ultimate Sports Challenges to take part in a virtual journey to Rio.


·       Teams could sign up for the Road to Rio challenge to complete the actual distance between London and Rio by running, swimming, cycling or walking as a combined entry.


·       Once entered, participants could continue to log their activity online.



Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations


·       That many events were being planned across the community area.



Mens Shed


·       That a Shed group was now formed, they were now looking for suitable accommodation for their shed.



Emergency Planning


·       That communities were encouraged to put a plan together and join this worthwhile scheme.


The Chairman thanked Marc Read for his updates.



Local Youth Network update & Grant Funding

Wendy Higginson.


Wendy Higginson introduced a power point presentation that highlighted many of the projects that the Local Youth Network grants had funded during the last year.


Projects included:


·       Area Board Young Peoples event


·       B1KE Pump Track Event


·       Magna Carta


·       Ludgershall Rec Young peoples day


·       Cops & Burgers


·       Urbie Days


·       Zorb Football


·       Dance Workshops


·       Youth Shelter Tidworth


·       WYAP Dance Project


The Chairman thanked Wendy Higginson for her update and for her hard in facilitating Local Youth Network over the past year as the Tidworth Community Youth Officer.


Community Area Transport Group update

Cllr Mark Connolly.



That the Tidworth Area Board agrees the following funding:


·        Issue 4393: Tidworth - Kennet Road

There is an informal crossing in Kennet Road at its junction with Bourne Road. However there is no dropped kerb on either side of the road for disabled or people with prams.


Area Board to approve funding of £2,900



The Chairman thanked Cllr Connolly for his update.



Community Area Grants

To determine any applications for Community Area Grants.


Grant application packs for the Community Area Grants Scheme are available from the Community Area Manager or electronically at:

Supporting documents:


The Wiltshire Councillors were asked toconsider nine applications seeking

2015/16 Community Area Grantfunding and one Member Initiative.



Everleigh Parish Council awarded £412 for Everleigh WW1 Commemoration Stone.

Theapplication meets grant criteria 2016/17.



Chute Parish Council awarded £829.05 for Defibrillator for Upper Chute.

Theapplication meets grant criteria 2016/17.



Chute Parish Council awarded £800 for Village Notice Board- Village Hall Residents.

Theapplication meets grant criteria 2016/17.



Collingbourne Cricket Club awarded £350 for Under 11 Cricket Equipment.

Theapplication meets grant criteria 2016/17.



CollingbourneDucis Village Hall awarded £500 for Improve disabled access and disabled car park marking to Village Hall.

Theapplication meets grant criteria 2016/17.



Holy Trinity Church awarded £834 for Holy Trinity Church Community Noticeboard.

Theapplication meets grant criteria 2016/17.



Ludgershall Preschool awarded £459.97 for Ludgershall Preschool Parents PC
The applicationmeets grant criteria 2016/17.



Tidworth Memory Café awarded £806 for Tidworth Memory Café

Theapplication meets grant criteria 2016/17.



Collingbourne C of E Primary School - Parents Focus Group awarded £2,000 for Collingbourne Primary – Wildlife Sensory Garden Development Project

Theapplication meets grant criteria 2016/17.



Members Grant – Ludgershall Scouts awarded £4497


Note: The Ludgershall Scouts grant should have been £4997 and not £4497. Members approved the additional £500 by email after the meeting.



Updates from Town and Parish Councils, the Police, the Army, NHS, TCAP and other Partners

To receive any updates.

Supporting documents:




NHS Wiltshire

The written report was noted.



Healthwatch Wiltshire – Paul Lefever

The written report was noted.



Tidworth Garrison – Col Steve Lawton


·       That planning permission had now been granted for the Area 19 housing development.


·       That the majority of troops returning to Wiltshire re Army Rebasing would be during 2019.


·       That the military would continue to have use of the Tidworth Leisure Centre during the morning period.



Tidworth Community Area Partnership – Tony Pickernell


·       That the Tidworth community area had celebrated another successful Annual Awards evening at the Tidworth Academy, thanks to all that took part.


·       That Tony Pickernell, in his role of Older Peoples Champion was now out and about visiting local groups and organisations.



Netheravon Parish Council


·       That plans to celebrate the Queen’s birthday were coming together.



Everleigh Parish Council


·       That Everleigh’s Clean for the Queen event was well attended.


·       Would be holding a party to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.



Chute Parish Council


·       That a picnic was being planned to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.



The Chairman thanked everybody for their updates.



Date of Next Meeting and Close

The next meeting of the Tidworth Area Board will be on Monday

18 July 2016.


The next meeting of the Tidworth Area Board will be held on Monday 18 July 2016.