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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Tidworth Garrison Theatre, St Andrew's Road, Tidworth, SP9 7EP

Contact: Kevin Fielding  (Democratic Services Officer)

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Chairman's Welcome, Announcements and Introductions

Chairman’s Announcements:


·       Motiv8 Children and Young People’s Service


·       Families and Children’s Transformation (FACT) Programme


·       Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Supporting documents:


The Chairman, Councillor Chris Williams welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Tidworth Area Board.


The Board noted the written information papers attached to the agenda:


  • Motiv8 Children and Young People’s Service
  • Families and Children’s Transformation (FACT) Programme
  • Joint Strategic Needs Assessment – The Our Community Matters Event



Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from:


·         Cllr Mark Connolly who was substituted by Cllr Stuart Wheeler

·         Kevin Fielding – Democratic Services Officer

·         Inspector Liz Coles – Wiltshire Police


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were none.



To confirm the minutes of the meetings held on Monday 23 September 2019 and 25 November 2019

Supporting documents:



The minutes of the previous two meetings held on 23 September 2019 and 25 November 2019 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.



Police update

Inspector Liz Coles



Sergeant Lucy Thorn gave an update to the Board, the main points were:


·         The Neighbourhood structure changed in December and had now come back to a Neighbourhood Team structure, enabling a better coverage of the areas and a better response team.


·         There had been a more proactive presence from Officers across the area, with a series of drugs warrants being carried out.  All of those arrested or interviewed were still under drugs investigation. The word was getting out and it was hoped that this would act as a deterrent to others.


·         Inspector Liz Coles was now back in role. 


·         Drink Drive Campaign – There had been 97 positive stop and checks in 2018 over a period from 1 Dec to 1 Jan. That figure for the same period in 2019 was 157. This had been a result of the Officers being more proactive in getting out there making these stops.


·         Priorities included Antisocial Behaviour prevention measures, and continued support of the Community Speedwatch scheme. Let us know if the areas we are targeting are not the right areas.


Further information for the Tidworth Community Area is available online as part of the Amesbury Community Policing Update: Online


The Chairman reported that the weight restriction on the castle bend in Butt Street, Ludgershall was now enforceable.


Jerry Herbert, Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner

I am here to support Lucy this evening and as I did not make it here for the precept consultation period. The precept has now been passed. The priority was very much Community Policing, we have 41 more Officers now than there were last year and hoped to get another 65 moving forward.




Fire & Rescue update

Station Manager Dave Adamson


Supporting documents:


The Board noted the written report attached to the agenda.




Community Hub Funding

Paul Pritchard - Sports Development Manager Leisure Strategy, Wiltshire Council


Richard Rogers presented information on this initiative, which was led by Sports Development Manager, Paul Pritchard.


Following the first tranche of the Campus Development programme, there were eight areas that did not receive any investment towards a community hub.


The term Community was quite broad, it could mean partner organisations working together or other community use and benefit for the wider community.

A pot of money was now available to those remaining eight community areas.



Phase 1 – Submit expressions of interest – ideas of buildings that might be developed. You need the support of the Cllrs of the Board for the process.


Phase 2 – Further information would be required, such as proof that the proposal was sustainable, and whether planning permission was required.


A final decision would be made in September 2020. There was up to £400k available to each areas scheme, and match funding was required.


We welcome any thoughts or interest to develop a project in our own area.

There had already been a suggestion from Ludgershall TC.


The Board was looking to support a single strong application to take forward.


The paperwork associated with the initiative was signed off last Friday, that would be available shortly and would be circulated by the CEM.




Raizer Chair Demonstration


The Board received a Raizer Chair demonstration by the Community First Responders (CFR) Andy and Monika from the Pewsey area.


CFR’s are volunteers, unpaid and work in the role in their own time. The service was mainly involved with calls to patients with cardiac arrests, strokes, chest pain etc.


As people get older they often became less mobile and tended to fall over. The CFR get calls for non-injury falls as it was unlikely that those patients would get an ambulance out very quickly.


On arrival an assessment was carried out and if suitable, the Raizer chair was deployed to lift the patient back to a standing position.





Paths For All update

To hear about proposals to create military heritage walks within the community area


Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling


Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling provided information on the proposals to create military heritage walks within Tidworth Community area.


The Board had previously set aside £6,000 of funding to support this initiative. Working with Jamie Balls we decided that it would be a good idea to focus on the military aspect of the area.


With several military areas such as, Tidworth, Larkhill, Netheravon, and Bulford, we looked at identifying the military aspects for those areas, such as the Kiwi on the hillside at Bulford, which was hugely symbolic.


The project aimed to produce a series of short walks that had a topic and a point of interest with a military connection.


Mary – The Avon Valley Group had been busy putting in a series of kissing gates. The circular walk takes in 10 kissing gates along a 3-mile walk. We had other walks in progress, Enford also had a couple. At out next meeting we would look at producing some leaflets.


If you have an idea of a walk that could involve enhancing some of the rights of way in the area let us know and we will try to weave that in.




Community Engagement Manager Update

Richard Rogers Community Engagement Manager


Richard Rogers, the Community Engagement Manager updated on the following:


Great British Spring Clean – 20th March, Country Wide event.

Many parish councils had contact us about WC helping with taking the litter away after an event. The options available were:


·         Use a domestic bin

·         Take it to the nearest Houeshold Recycling Centre

·         Recycle where possible

·         For a one-off collection – email waste@wiltshire.gov.uk


Our Community Matters event – at the Wellington Academy on 13May 2020.  Formerly called the JSNA, we work together with partners and interested people to identify the priorities for the area. The event was limited to 90 person capacity, so please book a place. All were welcome, so please pass on the details of the event to anyone you know was interested, we need your input!


Any Area Board Funding would be considered at a separate short meeting in May.


Social Prescribing – A holistic look at how we treat and support people.

Running a conference in September and would then use the information that came out of that to develop a local model.


Positive Activities for Young People  

Tidworth was due to be part of a pilot scheme with three other Area Boards, to put on a schedule of Positive Activities for young people on a regular basis, in rural areas as well as towns.


The Chairman noted that for future funding bids, the Board would focus on supporting projects that best complimented the Boards priorities, set at the ‘Our Community Matters’ event. He urged anyone interested in being a part in setting those priorities to contact the CEM to register a place.



TCAP Thematic Group Updates

·       Health & Wellbeing Group Reia Jones

·       Older Person & Carers Champion Tony Pickernell

·       Multi Agency Forum Richard Rogers

·       Multi Faith Group Rev’d Tim Laundon

·       Sports and Leisure Group - Col Jamie Balls


The Board noted the following TCAP updates:


Health & Wellbeing (HW) Group – Reia Jones

The last meeting was held on 28 November, the next meeting was scheduled for 19 March, in Castle Practice conference room at 12.30, all welcome to attend.


CEM – The Dementia Action Alliance was now part of the HW group, as the same people attend both group meetings.


Older Persons & Carers Champion 

There was no update.



Alan – I have alerted the Chairman of the Village Hall, we may have to take action if the virus takes hold and spreads widely.

Answer: There was a Government site that provided very good information.

WC and Public Health would issue any updates as and when required.


Multi Agency Forum

Richard Rogers, CEM – There had been a high turn out to the meeting last week. The Healthy School’s initiative continued to be supported. All of the schools in the area had now signed up.


The Big Pledge

The Chairman noted that this years Big Pledge was based on the Olympics in Tokyo. Further information would be circulated shortly, with sign up in May, and events in June & July.


Community Transport Group Update

To note the CATG report attached to the agenda, and consider any

recommendation arising from the last meeting.

Cllr Mark Connolly

Supporting documents:



The Board noted the CATG report attached to the agenda.


Humph Jones of Tidworth TC advised that the work on the Ram had been put on hold due to the current weather.


Updates from Town and Parish Councils, the Army, NHS, TCAP and other Partners

To receive any updates.

Supporting documents:


The Board received the following updates:


Everleigh Parish Council

A written update was included in the agenda.


Ludgershall Town Council

A Barn Dance was planned for 14 March 2020, and work was gearing up for a VE Day themed dress event.


Tidworth Town Council

We have been going through a programme of getting our bus shelters revamped. A total of 18 shelters were inspected, with 7 needing repairs. The total cost for the work was £2.5k.


Netheravon Town Council

We held a race night which raised £1500 towards the village hall Fund.





Grant Funding Feedback

An opportunity for groups and organisations to update the Area Board on the grant funding that they had received.




There were no updates this time.


Community Area Grants

To determine any applications for Community Area Grants.


Grant application packs for the Community Area Grants Scheme are available from the Community Area Manager or electronically at:



Supporting documents:


Community Area Grants

The Board considered 8 applications to the Community Area Grants Scheme for 2019/20, as detailed in the report.


Wiltshire Council/Area Board Initiative – Provision of positive activities for young people – requested £6439.20



The Tidworth Area Board awarded £6439.20 to the Positive Activities for young people initiative.



Wiltshire Council/Area Board Initiative – Social Prescribing project – requested £3375.55



The Tidworth Area Board awarded £3375.55 towards the Social Prescribing project


Wiltshire Council/Area Board Initiative – VE Day celebrations – requested £2000


There had been 3 bids to this initiative to date:

  • Netheravon, Haxton & Fittleton - £500
  • Ludgershall TC - £500
  • Tidworth TC and Church - £350


The Chairman noted that not all areas across Wiltshire were holding similar events, he was pleased to see that so much was happening in our community area.


It was not too late to apply for some funding, contact the CEM with your proposals.



The Tidworth Area Board awarded £2000 towards the VE Day Celebration Initiative


Wiltshire Council/Area Board Initiative – Local Climate Change Initiative – requested £8965.98.


The Chairman noted that if the Board did decide to hold an event, it would like to see that led by local people. There were plans for the July meeting to have a climate change theme.


Cllr Blair-Pilling – WC was lobbying for action by central government to tackle climate change and was investing funds towards projects over the next few years. The Board Initiative was for its communities to fund small projects to tackle climate change locally.



The Tidworth Area Board awarded £8965.98 towards local climate change initiatives



Wiltshire Council/Area Board Initiative – Healthy Schools Initiative – requested £2000.


This was the third year of this initiative, and a great success in our areas.



The Tidworth Area Board awarded £2000 towards the Healthy Schools Initiative


South Western Ambulance Charity – Lifting chair for Tidworth Community First Responders – requested £1770.95



The Tidworth Area Board awarded £1770.95 towards the purchase of a lifting chair for the Tidworth Community Responders


St James Church Ludgershall – Refurbishment of the clock face - £5000


The CEM noted that there was only one company in the whole of Britain that will take this job on, which was why only one quote was available.



The Tidworth Area Board awarded £5000 towards the clockface refurbishment project


Ludgershall Memorial Hall Management Committee – New Stage Curtains - £2000.


After decorating the hall, we would like to replace the curtains, and have been fundraising towards the total cost.


Cllr Blair-Pilling congratulated the Committee for its hard work in decorating the hall throughout.



The Tidworth Area Board awarded £2,000 towards the purchase of new stage curtains for Ludgershall Memorial Hall



Youth Funding

The Board considered two bids to the Youth Funding Budget for 2019/20, as detailed in the report.


Any Body can Cook CIC – Cooking with confidence project – requested £1000


The applicant had already provided many cooking sessions, and now wished to run  ...  view the full minutes text for item 15.


Date of Next Meeting, Forward Plan, Evaluation and Close

The next meeting of the Tidworth Area Board will be on Wednesday 13 May 2020



Question from the floor:

Alan – I am very interested in the horse racing industry. There was a lack of young people that want to get involved with the industry. We have one of the top trainers in the country in our area. Would the Board consider a funding bid for transport provision to take a group of young people to see what opportunities are available in the industry for them?


CEM – We could look at this out of the meeting to see how it could be taken forward.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


The next meeting of the Tidworth Area Board would be the Our Community Matters event held on Wednesday 13 May 2020.


The CEM was able to register people wishing to attend and would be circulating further information ahead of the event.





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