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Agenda and minutes

Venue: On-Line Meeting

Contact: Kevin Fielding  (Democratic Services Officer)


No. Item


Chairman's Welcome, Announcements and Introductions

Chairman’s Announcements:


·         COVID-19


·         Connect 5 – Mental Health Awareness Programme Public Health Training


Supporting documents:


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the first on-line meeting of the Tidworth Area Board.


The Area Board members introduced themselves, including Cllr Paul Oatway who substituting for Cllr Mark Connolly.


The following Chairman Announcements contained in the agenda pack were noted:


·         COVID-19


·         Connect 5 – Mental Health Awareness Programme Public Health Training



Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Mark Connolly, with Cllr Paul Oatway as substitute.



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were no declarations of disclosable interests.



To confirm the minutes of the meetings held on Monday 2 March 2020 and Tuesday 16 June 2020:


·         2 March 2020 – Tidworth Area Board


·         16 June 2020 - Tidworth Area Board (Election of Chairman & Vice-Chairman for the forthcoming year)


·         16 June 2020 - Pewsey &Tidworth Area Committee (Election of Chairman & Vice-Chairman for the forthcoming year)


Supporting documents:




The following minutes were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman:


·         2 March 2020 – Tidworth Area Board


·         16 June 2020 - Tidworth Area Board (Election of Chairman & Vice-Chairman for the forthcoming year)


·         16 June 2020 - Pewsey &Tidworth Area Committee (Election of Chairman & Vice-Chairman for the forthcoming year)















Police & OPCC Update

Inspector Liz Coles – Wiltshire Police & Jerry Herbert – Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner


Jerry Herbert – Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner gave a brief presentation.


Points made included:


·         That both the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner would remain in post for a further 12 months due to the pandemic.


·         That an updated police & crime plan and annual report had now been produced.


·         Operation Uplift - the national announcement of a further 20,000 police officers to be achieved by March 2023. The police service had been asked to introduce 2,000 extra officers by March 2020, rising to 6,000 extra officers by March 2021.


·         Policing during the pandemic - The Government had provided the police service with additional powers to police regulations issued because of the pandemic. The detail of these powers had changed on a number of occasions, Wiltshire Police followed the College of Policing guidance to Engage, Explain and Encourage, only Enforcing as a last resort.


All Fixed Penalty Notices issued were scrutinised both for correct use of the legal powers and for proportionality. Wiltshire had led the way in the latter, and in the transparency it demonstrated in reporting this. Only a small proportion of the FPNs had been rescinded


·         The relocation of Amesbury Police station – relocation as part of Tidworth Town Council new build offices in 2023.




Sgt Lucy Thorne – Community Policing update


Points made included:


·         Rural Crime - real push on rural crime in Tidworth community area.


·         Modern slavery/ human trafficking – ongoing patrols on these issues in Tidworth.


·         Drugs – local units continue to be pro-active on this. Disrupting organised crime groups – county lines.


·         Ludgershall – antisocial behaviour in Drovers View – a closure order had now been issued on a property.


Qs & Issues for Sgt Lucy Thorne


·         HGVs still using castle bend/Butt street in Ludgershall.


·         Local residents keen to get Lorrywatch up and running again.


·         Dodgy reg plates on cars, usually young drivers – could local units educate & advise these drivers.


·         Tasking group meetings – when next? Would be good to get them up and running again.


The Chairman thanked Sgt Thorne and the Deputy Commissioner for their updates.


Fire & Rescue Update

Station Manager Dave Adamson – Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

Supporting documents:


The written update contained in the agenda pack was noted.


Electoral Review

Cllr Richard Clewer

Supporting documents:


Cllr Richard Clewer – Chairman, Electoral Review Committee, Wiltshire Council - outlined proposed boundary changes affecting the Tidworth community area.


Points made included:


·         That following the Electoral Review of Wiltshire Council, Electoral Divisions for the May 2021 elections no longer aligned to the boundaries for the Council’s 18 Area Boards, which were based on Electoral Divisions.


·         It was therefore necessary for Full Council to agree new Area Board boundaries for implementation in May 2021.


·         That at its meeting on 21 July 2020 Full Council delegated authority to the Electoral Review Committee to conduct a review of Area Board boundaries and prepare recommendations for its consideration.


·         That the Committee had met with the Members of each Area Board in July to discuss the incoming Electoral Divisions and their impact, including potential Area Board boundaries. At its meeting on 13 August 2020 the Committee had also agreed a set of proposals for Area Board boundaries to be consulted upon.


·         That a consultation would run from 10 September 2020 – 31 October 2020 on the Draft Recommendations of the Electoral Review Committee for Area Board boundaries to take effect for May 2021.


·         That Tidworth would Continue as a three member Area Board

·         That Tidworth, Pewsey and Marborough would form a new Area Committee after the May 2021 local elections.


The Chairman thanked Cllr Richard Clewer for his presentation.



Wiltshire Council Services Update

Cllr Ian Blair-Piling


Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling gave a brief update.


Points made included:


·         That the process to shut offices, libraries and leisure centres had been very easy, reopening them using a phased approach, working within covid guidance and the resources available was much more challenging.


·         That the four Rivers, Tidworth, Pewsey, Marlborough and Amesbury Leisure centres were now open.


·         That Durrington swimming pool would re-open during October.


·         That the main hub Libraries were now open with reduced hours in operation.


·         That a further 8 libraries were due to open using a click and collect service


·         That mobile library vans would be getting back on the road soon.


·         Of the volunteer manned libraries, Netheravon would be re-opening as a pilot to see how things go.


·         That mostly positive feedback had been received so far.


The Chairman thanked Cllr Blair-Pilling for his update.



Local community response to COVID-19

Cllr Chris Williams


Cllr Chris Williams & Richard Rogers gave a short overview on the local community response to Covid-19.


Points made included:


·         That each of the 18 Area Boards across Wiltshire had been asked to produce and maintain a status report on what the main issues were within their areas and how they could support the community to address them.


·         Particular emphasis was required upon the impact that COVID-19 was having whilst recognising many of the priorities exited already.


·         That the document would be organic, changing to reflect new information and changing circumstances.


·         That the report would be owned by the Area Board but inform and be informed by both Wiltshire wide and local action.


Next Steps


·         To engage and consult with all Town and Parish Councils, partner organisations and specific groups including the development of a vision for what the community in Tidworth area wished it to be like in the future (Oct and Nov 2020).


·         To update the document where required as a result of engagement (End of 2020).


·         To bring this document for discussion and agreement at Area Board meeting along with proposal for deciding where the Area Board should focus in order to make the most difference (Jan 2021 Area Board meeting).


·         To review the document and Area Board work plan regularly in response to changes and celebrate completed actions (At least every 2 months or as required).




  • That the Tidworth Area Board endorses the next steps


It was agreed that a separate meeting of Parish chairman would be beneficial to move the project forward.


The Chairman thanked Richard Rogers for the report.


CATG Update

·         The next CATG meeting will be a virtual meeting and will take place on Monday 12 October



It was noted that the next CATG meeting would be a virtual meeting to be held on Monday 12 October.



Updates from Town and Parish Councils, the Army, NHS, TCAP and other Partners

To receive any updates.

Supporting documents:


The following written updates contained in the agenda pack were noted:


·         Everleigh Parish Council


·         Tidworth Community Area Health and Wellbeing Group



Community Area Grants

To determine any applications for Community Area Grants.


Grant application packs for the Community Area Grants Scheme are available from the Community Area Manager or electronically at:




It was noted that there were no grant applications for determination.






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