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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Join the On-Line meeting here

Contact: Kevin Fielding  (Democratic Services Officer)


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Chairman's Welcome, Introductions and Announcements

Chairman’s Announcements:


·         Community Led Housing


·         Fostering


Supporting documents:


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Tidworth Area Board.


The following written Chairman’s Announcements contained in the agenda pack were noted:


·         Community Led Housing


·         Fostering




Apologies for Absence


There were no apologies for absence


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were no declarations of disclosable interests



To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 25 January 2021

Supporting documents:




·         The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 25 January 2021 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman



Police Update

Inspector Dean Knight

Supporting documents:


Inspector Dean Knight


Points made included:


·         That Crime was down 17% (compared Jan 2020)


·         That Burglary was down 36% - 8 month all time low


·         COVID-19 - Due to regular patrols by Officers there had been very few FPN tickets issued. Officers had been very robust in dealing with repeat offenders, this message had spread to the wider public and had had a very positive effect


·         That there were only six incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour reported to Police for December and January


·         That two areas of concern for drug use/dealing and these are Drummer Lane and Zouch Park. The Neighbourhood Policing Team were going to request streetlights be installed to attempt to alleviate the issue. A patrol strategy had been put in place


·         That drug offences remained a priority for the Policing teams.  Following numerous successful warrants at the end of 2020 and targeted patrols there had been reduced activity from individuals and some evidence it had been displaced out of county


·         That local police continued to help with the vaccine rollout in the local area


The Chairman thanked Inspector Knight for his update.



Fire & Rescue Update

Station Manager Dave Adamson

Supporting documents:


Station Manager Dave Adamson


Points made included:


·         On-going interaction by Protection Team members with Local Authorities, Private landlords and tenants regarding fire safety-related matters: external cladding systems; fire detection and warning systems; fire resisting doors (& self-closers); combustibility/fire resistance of construction materials; commercial and residential sprinklers systems and water-mist suppression systems


·         On call recruitment – still looking for local people


·         The Dorset and Wiltshire Inspirational Safety Education (DWISE) programmes and resources were produced and delivered by the Education Team of Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service.During this period, we were providing resources for parents, carers and educators to use which will help children understand how they can help keep themselves safe and well. The resources were designed to support English, maths and art as well as providing safety information and using firefighters to inspire children to be fit and healthy.


·         That Dementia is a National Health priority in the UK, as the number of people living with the condition continues to increase. Dementia is also a substantial factor in increasing the risk of injury or death from fire in the home. Fire and Rescue Services across the UK were aware of the link between serious home fires and the elderly, especially those with mobility and memory loss health needs.


The Chairman thanked Dave Adamson for his update.



Community Engagement Manager Update

Richard Rogers Community Engagement Manager


Richard Rogers Community Engagement Manager gave a brief update


Points made included:


·         That the next Wiltshire Council covid webinar would be held on Tuesday 2 March


·         Recovery group – next meeting on 23 March at 9am


·         Future Area Board meetings – that there would be four business Area Board meetings during 2021/22, it was planned to schedule themed Area Board meetings as and when required


·         Healthy schools project – currently eight local schools had signed up


The Chairman thanked Richard Rogers for his update



Thematic Group Updates

·         Health & Wellbeing Group

·         Older Person & Carers Champion

·         Multi Agency Forum

·         Multi Faith Group

·         Sports and Leisure Group

Supporting documents:


Health & Wellbeing Group – written update


·         That the vaccination sessions were going very well - well done to all involved



Older Person & Carers Champion – Tony Pickernell


·         No memory café at the moment


·         Link scheme – drivers were now doing prescription deliveries



Sports and Leisure Group


·         That Wiltshire Council were keen to open up the leisure centres and libraries as quickly and as safely as possible, however many staff had now been redeployed etc and many buildings were being used for vaccine centres etc.


·         That the Tidworth and Ludgershall play parks continued to remain open


The Chairman thanked everyone for their updates


Community Area Transport Group Update

Cllr Mark Connolly


·         To include Enford 20mph Assessment Report

Supporting documents:


Cllr Mark Connolly outlined three transport projects for Community Area Transport Group funding:



That the Tidworth Area Board agreed to allocate £6,750 to implement the 20mph speed limit in Enford subject to Enford parish council paying the remainder


That the Tidworth Area Board agreed to allocate £1,875 to undertake the pedestrian crossing investigation subject to Tidworth Town Council paying the remainder



That the Tidworth Area Board to allocate £4,000 towards the Lower Everleigh drainage project

(Note: that this application was funded as a Councillor funding grant proposed by Cllr Chris Williams)



Updates from Town and Parish Councils, the Army, NHS and other Partners

To receive any updates

Supporting documents:



Tidworth Garrison – Lt Col Nick Turner advised that:


  • That it was now business as usual at the Garrison


  • Ash dieback – that work was ongoing across the various local sites


  • That Armed forces staff continued to help with the vaccination program


  • That Lt Col Turner’s post had now been extended for a further 12 months


The Chairman thanked Lt Col Turner for his update


Lt Col Jamie Balls – thanked the Area Board for his 3 years of working with the Area Board as the Tidworth Garrison Commander. A good relationship had been forged during this time between the Garrison and the local communities


The Chairman thanked Lt Col Balls for his time as the Garrison Commander and the partnership working that had grown during this time



Written updates were also received from:


·         Wiltshire CCG


·         Healthwatch Wiltshire


·         Collingbourne Kingston Parish Council


·         Everleigh Parish Council


Community Area Grant Funding and Youth Funding

To determine any applications for Community Area Grants.


Grant application packs for the Community Area Grants Scheme are available from the Community Area Manager or electronically at:



Supporting documents:



Tedworth Equestrian awarded £7,740 for Tedworth Park Pavilion Cafe Kitchen



Tedworth Equestrian awarded £5,000 for Tedworth Equestrian Community Facility



Tidworth Town Council awarded £5,000 for Shepperd Street Pay Park



Ludgershall Town Council awarded £5,000 for Ludgershall Town Council and Community Meeting Equipment



2TA awarded £1,000 for Easter activity packs



Army Welfare Service - Community Support awarded £9,250 for Youth Community Pop Up Events



TCAP awarded £900 for Ludgershall Boys and Youth Centre



Youth Funding


That the Tidworth Area Board agreed to allocate the remaining Youth Budget of £5,647.97 to the Rural Youth project



Health and Wellbeing Funding


That the Tidworth Area Board agreed to allocate the remaining health and wellbeing funding of £7,500 to support the social prescribing work and support of older people within the community area



Any Other Business


Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling gave thanks to all for his time as a member of the Tidworth Area Board. Cllr Blair-Pilling paid tribute to all that he had worked with, and the good community work which had been carried out during this time


The Chairman thanked Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling for his time as a member of the Tidworth Area Board, and wished him well at his new Area Board


The Chairman thanked everybody for attending the meeting, and hoped to continue the good work of the Tidworth Area Board after the local elections






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