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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Coronation Hall, East Grafton

Contact: Kieran Elliott  (Senior Democratic Services Officer)

Note No. Item

5 mins


Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Area Board Members, and the Officers present.



Apologies for Absence


There were no apologies for absence.



To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 3 July 2017.



The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 3 July 2017 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were no declarations of interest.


15 mins


Chairman's Announcements

The Chairman will make the following announcements:

a)    Community Resilience – Emergency Planning

b)    Interactive Public Meetings – The Challenges Ahead

c)    Draft Housing Site Allocations Consultation

d)    Update on “The Big Pledge”- Final Results

Supporting documents:


The Chairman made the following announcements:


1.    Community Resilience- Emergency Planning


2.    Interactive Public Meetings- The Challenges Ahead


3.    Draft Housing Site Allocations Consultation


4.    The Big Pledge- Final Results:


Graeme Morrison- Community Engagement Manager, advised the Board that Wiltshire had achieved 511,124km in total. Pewsey came 6th out of the 18 community areas, achieving 43, 070km in total.



15 mins


Consultation on new Waste Management Strategy

Part of the Council’s consultation on a new Waste Management Strategy to shape how the council collects and manages household waste and recycling.


Supporting documents:


Tracy Carter- Associate Director Waste and Environment gave a presentation, detailing the proposed new Waste Management Strategy, which was explained as covering a period of 10 years, to support the delivery of Wiltshire Council’s new business plan.


The Board were advised that a new waste contract for Wiltshire’s Household Recycling Centres will commence on 2 October 2017, with FCC Environment, and that Everleigh HRC will be closed between 23 and 28 October, during the transition.


The Board was presented with an overview of performance, with over 700,000 bins and boxes being emptied from 215,000 households each fortnight. The Council managed 243,000 tonnes of waste and recycling in 2016/17, a significant decrease on 2014/15. Furthermore, it was explained that in 2016/17, 21% of waste was sent to landfill, compared to 78% in 2003. Further details were given as to where the Council are seeking to make improvements. For example, residents produced 566 kg of non-recycled waste per household, but analysis shows that much of this could be recycled.


It was explained that savings of approximately £4 million had already been made, with the net budget reducing from £35.221m in 2014/15 to £31.241in 2015/16, by charging for garden waste collection, introducing permits for vans and trailers, and charging charities for access to Household Recycling Centres. It was explained that the budget for 2017-18 was £31.88 with plans to introduce charges for non-household waste items at Household Recycling Centres.


An overview was also given on kerbside services and the Board were informed that the service would be provided under a new contract awarded to Hills Waste from 30 July 2018, which will transform kerbside collection, including what can be recycled and which bins to use.


A series of example questions from the Consultation were presented to the Board, these were answered individually by attendees, on paper, who were advised that their responses would be collated and form part of the Consultation. The responses to the questions are set out below, (included as attachment).


A number of questions were asked surrounding the Consultation. Specifically, there was concern about the digital nature of the Consultation and a lack of paper promotion. It was highlighted that not everyone has access to computers and that efforts should be made to promote the Consultation in libraries, schools and other community hubs. Another key issue raised was the recyclability of plastics at the roadside. It was explained that plastic bottles are recycled at roadside as they have a value, due to being high quality plastic. Whereas, general plastic tubs and packaging are not valuable and often cost the Council money to recycle. The Board were advised that from 30 July 2018, under the new contract with Hills Waste, these less valuable plastics would also be collected from the roadside.


A view was also raised that it would be beneficial to residents to know the value of recycling, even if it was a small sum to offset part of the costs, as it would help motivate people to recycle. The  ...  view the full minutes text for item 44.

10 mins


Community Grant Review

Shalbourne Recreation Society Pavilion


A brief presentation was delivered by Bob Walker- Chairman of the Shalbourne Recreation Society. Photographs were shown of the site improvements and it was explained that the funds from Pewsey Area Board had been put towards the furnishing of the building. Bob explained that the centre was an asset to the community and was being well used for various events.

5 mins


Update on The Vale HWBC (Cllr Paul Oatway)


Cllr Paul Oatway gave an update on the facility, stating that it was a demolition site, but that building works were underway. He explained that there had been an issue with the amount of asbestos found on the site. The Board were advised that there had been a complaint raised, surrounding the diversion of a footpath, which is currently used by a small number of residents to access the school. The cost of providing this footpath was estimated to cost £5000 and Cllr Oatway stated that he did not see this as value for money, as the money could be spent for the benefit of the wider community.

10 mins


The Pewsey Vale becoming a Heritage Action Zone (HAZ)- Pewsey Community Area Partnership (PCAP)

A short presentation in which PCAP will explain what a HAZ is and ask for support from the Area Board in leading the programme to become one.



Susie Brew- Pewsey Community Area Partnership, gave a presentation promoting the Heritage Action Zone programme. Attention was drawn to the wealth of history and heritage in the Pewsey community area, and that it was important to preserve and build on these tourist aspects. The Board was asked if it would support such a project. Cllr Stuart Wheeler advised that it was not the Area Board that could lead such a project, but that it was for Wiltshire Council. He volunteered to join a small working group, to look at how to progress the project and then take it to Cabinet for consideration. Cllr Stuart Wheeler proposed this motion, seconded by Cllr Jerry Kunkler.




The Board agreed to award the funds unanimously.

15 mins


Partner Updates

To receive any updates from partner organisations:

·        Healthwatch Wiltshire

·        NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group

·        Older People’s Champion and Partnership for Older People (POPP)

·        Pewsey Community Area Partnership

·        Wiltshire Police

·        Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue

·        Pewsey Dementia Action Alliance

·        Others

Supporting documents:


There was an update from Pewsey Community Area Partnership, who raised concerns for the Pewsey Area Bus Review and the lack of Wiltshire Council’s response to the concerns raised. It was maintained that there had been a 40% cut in bus services in the area. Cllr Stuart Wheeler said that the Area Board would follow up these concerns and seek a representative to attend a future meeting and explain the cuts.


Cllr Paul Oatway gave an update on behalf of Inspector Nick Mawson. The Board were advised that there had been an increase in dwelling burglaries, with 9 instances since 1 July 2017. He urged attendees to adopt crime preventative measures. He also said that theft from motor vehicles was still an issue, but that the police were conducting pre-planned operations, and tracking offenders. Attention was also drawn to instances of hare coursing and poaching, stating its significance and connection with other crime.


Cllr Paul Oatway also gave an update on behalf of District Commander Thomas Brolan, stating that the service had recently been restructured. Cllr Oatway informed the Board that he had visited the Fire Station and observed Fire Service Officers performing some of their drills. Cllr Oatway praised Commander Brolan for his enthusiasm and professional engagement in his duties.

10 mins


Update on the LYN and Youth Grants

Supporting documents:


Great Bedwyn Youth Club – The Great Bedwyn Youth Project: £2,470.00


Janet Bowra- Locality Youth Facilitator, introduced the application for Great Bedwyn Youth Group, to fund a series of projects. Despite previous requests that representatives of those seeking funds would be present to make representations, the Board agreed to award the funds. Cllr Stuart Wheeler proposed the award, seconded by Cllr Jerry Kunkler.




The Board agreed unanimously to award the funds.

15 mins


Community Grants

To consider the applications for funding listed below:


·        Easton Royal Village Hall – Purchase of additional gazebos to provide shelter from sun or rain at village events: £540

·        Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership – for Tourist Visitor Information Kiosks in telephone boxes in various parishes: £4,000

Supporting documents:


The Board considered the following applications:


Wootton Rivers Village Hall – Upgrade in electricity supply to 3 phase: £890.57


Cllr Jerry Kunkler proposed the award, seconded by Cllr Stuart Wheeler.




The board agreed unanimously to award the funds.


North Newnton Parish Council - Bottlesford phone box conversion to Visitor information kiosk: £665.80


Cllr Stuart Wheeler gave his support for the application, but expressed concerns as to the number of potential applications that could come forward. He proposed that the Board restrict the amount to be awarded to £600, per Parish. This was seconded by Cllr Jerry Kunkler.




The Board agreed unanimously to award the £600 only.


Easton Royal Village Hall – Purchase of additional gazebos to provide shelter from sun or rain at village events: £540


Cllr Jerry Kunkler asked if the Gazebos could be lent to other parishes and the representative agreed to explore this option. Cllr Jerry Kunkler proposed that the funds be awarded, seconded by Cllr Stuart Wheeler.




The Board agreed to award the funds unanimously.


Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership – for Tourist Visitor Information at Cossors Shop: £970


Cllr Jerry Kunkler proposed the award, seconded by Cllr Stuart Wheeler.




The Board agreed to award the funds unanimously.

10 mins


Spotlight on Parishes


Representatives from Rushall Parish Council informed the Board that Pewsey Area had done well in the CPRE village awards, with Great Bedwyn winning “The Best Kept Large Village Award”, and Rushall winning the “Laurence Kitching "Winner Of Winners" Award”.                     

5 mins


Urgent items

Any other items of business which the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.


As an urgent item, Graeme Morrison- Community Engagement Manger drew attention towards the WW1 Commemorative Tree Planting Project, explaining that a bid will be submitted to the Woodland Trust in January 2018, to identify the locations and secure the trees. To this end, Parishes were asked to identify suitable land for the project locally.


Future Meeting Dates and Close

The next meeting of the Pewsey Area Board is scheduled for Monday 6 November 2018, 7pm at Bouverie Hall, Pewsey.



The next meeting of the Pewsey Area Board was scheduled for Monday 6 November 2017, 7pm at 19:00 hours.


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending.





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