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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Burbage Village Hall

Contact: Stuart Figini  Democratic Services Officer

Note No. Item



Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Area Board Members, the officers and the visiting cabinet representative, Councillor Clewer.



Apologies for Absence


There were no apologies for absence received.




To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 5th March 2018.

Supporting documents:



The minutes of the meeting held on 5th March 2018 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman, subject to the following amendments:


1.    To include Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling and Cllr Tom Rounds to the attendance list.

2.    Page 6, Future of Everleigh Household Recycling Centre, to amend all references to meeting in the Resolved part of the minute to working group.  The revised minute to read as follows:



1.    That a working group be arrange between the Director of Waste and Environment and Area Board attendees, to discuss concerns surrounding the Everleigh HRC.

2.    That Pewsey Area Board Town and Parish Councils and partners be invited to nominate a representative to attend the working group.

3.    That representatives from Tidworth and Amesbury Area Boards be invited to attend the working group about Everleigh HRC.


Matters Arising


Minute 86/2018 – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Steve Colling – Burbage parish Council, raised a concern about the introduction of GDPR and the action required by parish councils to comply with the new regulations which came into effect on 25th May 2018.


Cllr Clewer, Cabinet member for Corporate Services, Heritage, Arts & Tourism & Housing advised that each parish council was responsible for the implementation of the new regulations in their parish area. It was understood that Parish Council Clerks had recently had an opportunity to attend an information session about GDPR run by Wiltshire Council.



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were no declarations of interest.



Chairman's Announcements

The Chairman will make the following announcements:


·         Becoming a foster carer video

·         Salisbury Situation


Supporting documents:


The Chairman drew attention to the following announcements available in the agenda pack:


·         Becoming a foster carer – video shown

·         Salisbury situation



Electoral Review

To receive a briefing note and presentation regarding the Electoral Review being undertaken by the Local Government Boundary Commission.  The note gives details about the review, and highlights links for residents and partner organisations to submit their comments to the consultation.


Presentation to be provided by Cllr Richard Clewer, Chairman of the Electoral Review Committee, or a member of the Project Team.

Supporting documents:


The Area Board received a presentation from Cllr Clewer, Cabinet member for Corporate Services, Heritage, Arts & Tourism & Housing about the Electoral Review being undertaken by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England, (LGBCE) to determine both the overall number of councillors on the Council, and the pattern of divisions within the Council.


Cllr Clewer explained that the Review was required because 25 Divisions had a variance from the average in the size of their electorate of more than 10%, and 2 Divisions had a variance from the average of over 30%. In particular CllrClewer referred to the current electorate for Pewsey and the projected electorate for 2024 along with the projected numbers for 2024 in each Parish. 


The Area Board noted that the LGBCE draft recommendations for the number of Councillors for Wiltshire Council had been delayed.  Once the draft recommendations had been released there would be a period of public consultation, prior to final recommendations from the LGBCE and Parliamentary approval.  The review’s outcome, if implemented, would apply from the next elections in May 2021. 


Cllr Clewer responded to the following questions received from the Area Board:


·         Support for the current number of councilors for Pewsey

·         Comparisons between the number of issues encountered by parishes within the Pewsey area and larger settlements like Salisbury

·         Community area and cohesion

·         The minimum number of councilors required for an area to be effective

·         The potential changes for the Pewsey area dependent on the number of overall councilors recommended by the LGBCE

·         The impact of the military on the LGBCE recommendations

·         New housing on the edge of a parish and how it impacts boundaries with adjoining parishes


The Chairman thanked Cllr Clewer for his presentation, and he encouraged residents and parish councils to submit any comments or views to Wiltshire council at committee@wiltshire.gov.uk.






The Big Pledge 2018

To receive an update and Video introducing the Big Pledge for 2018.


The Area Board were informed that the ‘Big Pledge 2018’ would be launching on Monday 16th April 2018, with a start date of 14th May and goes on until 18th July 2018. This year’s event differed from previous events in as much as it is linked to the Commonwealth Games on the Goldcoast, Australia and those taking part would be logging the amount of time they were exercising rather than the distance covered. 


The Chairman encouraged residents, schools and organisations in the Pewsey area to take part in this year’s event.



Partner Updates

To receive any updates from partner organisations:


·         Healthwatch Wiltshire

·         NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group

·         Wiltshire Police

·         Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue

·         Pewsey Community Area Partnership

·         Town and Parish Council Updates

Supporting documents:


The Area Board received and noted the following updates from key partners:


(a)  Healthwatch Wiltshire       The written report was received and noted. 


(b)  Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)       The written report was received and noted.


(c)  Wiltshire Police      Inspector Chris Williams introduced Emily Grigor, Community Coordinator to the Area Board and highlighted the following issues raised in his written report:


·         Increasing number of thefts from motor vehicles, especially at beauty spots

·         Increasing number of domestic burglaries


The Chairman congratulated Wiltshire Police on the successful conclusion to a recent car chase in the Pewsey area.


(d)  Dorset and Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service              There was no update for this meeting.


(e)  Pewsey Community Area Partnership (PCAP)          Dawn Wilson, Susie Brew and Colin Gale, presented the PCAP update. In particular the following matters were raised:


·         Cheer Dance team at Pewsey Vale School

·         Volunteer Voice

·         Historic online maps project

·         Film of Pewsey Vale available to purchase from the Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership.

·         Cycling and walking project

·         Transport timetables

·         Pewsey Cycle User group

·         Additional trains to London and hourly stops at Pewsey

·         Pewsey Vale Rail User group potential funding

·         Status of Everleigh HRC – statement attached at the Appendix to these minutes


(f)   Shalbourne Parish Council

The Area Board received an update from Mike Lockhart, representing the Parish Council, about the proposed closure of Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre.  It was noted that Shalbourne Parish Council would be submitting a request to Wiltshire Council about the Centre transferring to the Parish Council as an asset of Community value. This had received support from a number of neighbouring parish councils.


Cllr Clewer confirmed that a decision had been made to close the Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre, along with the Braeside Residential Centre, and reported that Wiltshire Council had now received some expressions of interest, which would be considered by the council in due course.


The Area Board indicated that they also supported the continual existence of Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre and Peter Deck, representing Pewsey Parish Council, 2nd by Mike Lockhart, representing Shalbourne Parish Council, moved the following:


‘That the Pewsey Area Board supports the continual existence of the Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre, with appropriate investment from an economically viable applicant.’


            The proposal was unanimously supported by the Area Board.




Update on Working Groups

·         Local Youth Network - including proposals for expenditure - Jan Bowra


·         Health and Wellbeing Group – including proposals for expenditure - Cllr Stuart Wheeler


o   The Community Café (Rushall) requesting £450 towards the setup of a monthly community cafe


·         Community Area Transport Group - including proposals for expenditure - Cllr Jerry Kunkler


Supporting documents:


a.    Local Youth Network;


There were no requests for youth grant funding.



b.    Health and Wellbeing Projects (Community Café (Rushall)) for £450:


Dawn Wilson and Susie Brew, representing PCAP, introduced the application to fund a monthly community café in Rushall, welcoming those that are isolated, elderly or lonely and promoting inter-generational interaction.


Cllr Stuart Wheeler proposed the award, seconded by Cllr Paul Oatway QPM.



The Board agreed unanimously to award the funds of £450.00.


c.    Community Area Transport Group (CATG)


Cllr Kunkler presented the minutes of the CATG meeting held on 28th March 2018 which contained a number of recommendations for the Area Board to consider.




1.    To close the following issues:

a.    4305

b.    4587

c.    5347

d.    5407

e.    5482

f.     5547

g.    5669

h.    5707

i.     5721

j.     5772

k.    Bridge repairs at Wood Bridge (See item 7a above)


2.    To add the following Issues onto the Priority List and to approve funding:

a.    5640 Sharcott Drove Warning Signs – CATG £800.00, Parish contribution £200.00.

b.    6168 Upavon Warning Signs – CATG £450.00, Parish contribution £50.00

3.    To promote the following Issue to the Top 5 Priority List and to approve funding:

a.    4312 Shalbourne 20 mph limit – CATG £7,500.00, Parish contribution £1,500.00




Community Area Grants

To consider the following applications for Community Area Grants:



·         Easton Royal Village Hall requesting £2750 towards new windows


·         Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership requesting £1000 towards an online historic maps project.


·         Shalbourne Village Hall Management requesting £5000 the maintenance and improvement work at the village hall.


·         Patney Parish Council requesting £500 toward a defibrillator for Patney Village



Supporting documents:


The Area Board considered four applications for Community Area Grant funding.  The Chairman invited the local Councillor to introduce each application, following which a representative of the applicant was given an opportunity to give a brief overview of their project to the Area Board.




1.    That the following grant applications be agreed:


a)    Easton Royal Village Hall (new windows) for £2,750

b)   Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership (online historic maps project) for £1,000.

c)    Shalbourne Village Hall Management (maintenance and improvement work at the village hall) for £5,000.

d)   Patney Parish Council (defibrillator for Patney Village) for £500.






Urgent items

Any other items of business which the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.


There were no urgent items.


Future Meeting Dates and Close

The next meeting of the Pewsey Area Board is scheduled for 9th July 2018, 7pm at Woodborough Social Club, Smithy Lane, Woodborough, SN9 5PL.



The next meeting of the Pewsey Area Board was scheduled for 9th July 2018, 7pm at Woodborough Social Club, Smithy Lane, Woodborough, SN9 5PL


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending.





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