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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Great Bedwyn Village Hall, Frog Lane, Great Bedwyn, SN8 3PD

Contact: Stuart Figini  Democratic Services Officer

Note No. Item

5 mins


Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Area Board Members and Council officers.



Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Paul Oatway, Margaret Holden-Easton Royal Parish Council, Terry Eyles-Pewsey Parish Council, Peter Deck-Pewsey Parish Council and Curly Haskell-Pewsey Parish Council.



To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 9th July 2018.

Supporting documents:



The minutes of the meeting held on 9th July 2018 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Matters Arising – Minutes

The Area Board were reminded that at their meeting held on 21st May 2018, the minutes of the Area Board meeting held on 5th March 2018 had been amended to reflect a request agreed at the March 2018 meeting to change the word ‘meeting’ in the resolved part of the Future of Everleigh HRC item, to read ‘working group’.


The Area Board noted that there was a further reference to ‘meeting’ in the body of the minute and that this would also need to be amended to reflect the previous changes made to the resolved section.


The Area Board agreed to amend the minute to reflect the above.






Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were no declarations of interest.



Chairman's Announcements

The Chairman will make the following announcements:


·         Local Government Boundary Commission for England – Consultation (Update to be attached to encourage residents to submit views on the Commission’s proposals for electoral divisions in Wiltshire)


·         Annual Electoral Canvass – Update attached

Supporting documents:


The Chairman drew attention to the following announcements available in the agenda pack and circulated at the meeting:


·       Local Government Boundary Commission for England - Consultation

·       Annual Electoral Canvass

·       Animal Licensing


Update on Working Groups

·         Local Youth Network - including proposals for expenditure and a review of the Pewsey 360 Family Fun Day Project – Ros Griffiths


·         Health and Wellbeing Group including proposals for expenditure - Cllr Stuart Wheeler


·         Community Area Transport Group - including proposals for expenditure - Cllr Jerry Kunkler

Supporting documents:


a.    Local Youth Network;


The Area Board received a report and viewed a film about the recent Pewsey 360 Extreme Day. Dawn Wilson, Pewsey Community Area Partnership, explained that the event was a great success with about 120 youngsters attending and feedback received was positive. Two BMX stuntmen and two pro skateboards attended the event to give a demonstration of their skills and help the young people to improve their skills. 


The Area Board also noted that plans for a new skate park were available to view at the event and several helpful comments were received from the pro skateboarders.


The Chairman thanked Dawn for her hard work in organising the event and Ros Griffiths – Community Engagement Manager for producing the film.



b.    Health and Wellbeing Projects (Pewsey Vale Walking and Cycling Leaflets) for £1650:


The Area Board received the minutes of the Pewsey Vale Health and Wellbeing Forum for the meeting held on 24th July 2018.


Susie Brew, representing PCAP, introduced an application to fund the production of leaflets for a number of walking and cycling routes in Pewsey Vale.


Cllr Stuart Wheeler proposed the award, seconded by Cllr Chris Williams.



The Board agreed to award the funds of £1650.00 for Pewsey Vale walking and cycling leaflets.


c.    Community Area Transport Group (CATG)


There were no CATG minutes to receive as there had not been a meeting since the last Area Board.  The next meeting is scheduled for 26th September 2018. 


Pewsey Vale Projects

To receive presentations from the following Area Board grant recipients:


·         Pewsey Memory Café

·         Village hall refurbishments

·         Historic Map project

·         Great Bedwyn Footpath group


Supporting documents:


The Area Board received presentations about how community area grants had contributed towards the following projetc:


·       Pewsey Memory Café

·       Village Hall Refurbishments

·       Historic Map Project

·       Footpath Groups



An introduction to The Bruce Branch

Patrick Pease


A presentation was received from Patrick Pease about Bruce Accessible Boats based on the Kennet and Avon Canal at Great Bedwyn.


The Area Board were informed that Bruce Accessible Boats provided holidays for the disabled, elderly, disadvantaged people and community organisations along the Kennet and Avon Canal. Mr Pease explained the history of the Bruce Branch, how they formed a strategic alliance with the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust in 2015 and future developments including, liaising with local youth clubs, articles in Parish magazines and connections with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Mr Pease also highlighted potential future projects at The Bruce Branch for which Area Board youth and health/wellbeing funding would be sought.


The Chairman thanked Mr Pease for his informative presentation.


The Vale Community Campus Update

·         Ros Griffiths – Community Engagement Manager & Mike Stuart – Health and Wellbeing Manager Leisure Operations, Wiltshire Council


Supporting documents:


The Head of Community Services, David Redfern, Pewsey Health and Wellbeing Manager, Michael Stuart and Community Engagement Manager, Ros Griffiths, provided an update about The Vale Community Campus.


The Area Board noted that the Campus build programme was progressing well, all the various elements of the build were discussed in detail and pictures of the internal site layout were considered. The Campus staff team was currently being recruited and it was anticipated that the build stage of the project is due to be concluded in the autumn 2018.  


Consultation on the new skate park took place at Pewsey 360 on 19th August 2018. The event and the proposals for the skate park received positive support, and responses will generate a re-working of the design prior to a planning application being submitted.


The Chairman thanked Ros Griffiths for her update.

10 mins?


Community Area Grants

To determine any applications for Community Area Grants.


Supporting documents:


The Area Board considered five applications for Community Area Grant funding.  The Chairman invited the local Councillor to comment on each application, following which a representative of the applicant was given an opportunity to give a brief overview of their project to the Area Board.




1.    That the following grant applications be agreed:


a)    Rushall and Charlton St Peter Village Hall (new fire emergency exit doors) for £1171.15

b)    Ham Village Hall (Village Hall Refurbishment – Windows and Guttering) for £3,000.

c)    Great Bedwyn Croquet and Bowls Club (Great Bedwyn Croquet Pavilion Insulation and three new windows) for £1,000.

d)    Burbage & Easton Royal Cricket Club (Cricket ground Improvements – Fencing and mating for the driveway) for £2,462.

e)    Stanton St Bernard Parish Council (Defibrillator) for £500



Community Engagement Manager Update

·         Walking Project

·         Commemorative Tree Planting Project


Supporting documents:


Ros Griffiths, Community Engagement Manager provided updates on the following issues:


·       WWI Commemorative Tree planting – 12 Parishes across Pewsey Vale were participating in the tree planting event and 300 trees, provided by the Woodland Trust, would be planted.

·       Walking Project – to be deferred until the next meeting of the Area Board in November 2018.

·       Salt Bags – These would be available in a more convenient location for Parishes to collect therefore, avoiding a trip to collect them from Warminster

20 mins


Partner Updates

To receive any updates from partner organisations:


·         Healthwatch Wiltshire

·         Pewsey Community Area Partnership

·         Wiltshire Police

·         Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue

·         Town and Parish Council Updates

Supporting documents:


The Area Board received and noted the following updates from key partners:


(a)  Healthwatch Wiltshire     The written report was received and noted. 


(b)  Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)      The written report was received and noted.


(c)  Wiltshire Police     Inspector Chris Martin introduced his new deputy for the Pewsey Area, Pete Foster and the Police and Crime Commissioner, Angus Macpherson to the Area Board and highlighted the following issues raised in his written report:


·       A rise in in the number of domestic and non-domestic burglaries and offered security advice to residents.


The Chairman thanked Wiltshire Police for their update.


(d)  Dorset and Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service            Greg Izon, Station Manager East Wiltshire presented the Fire & Rescue Service Update. He commented in particular on, community engagement, reducing the risk of fire, Fire and rescue Services responses to call outs, recent notable incidents and the Community Safety Plan  


(e)  Pewsey Community Area Partnership (PCAP)          Dawn Wilson, Susie Brew and Colin Gale, presented the PCAP update. In particular the following matters were raised:


·       Rail User Group

·       Everleigh Household Recycling Centre - statement attached at Appendix A to these minutes

·       Memory Café

·       Tourism Partnership – Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre consultation

5 mins


Any Other Business

Any other items of business which the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.


Ocenwood Outdoor Education Centre


The Area Board received an update on Oxenwood Outdoor Education following questions from local residents about the latest position about the consultation process and when a final decision about the future of the Centre would be made by the Council.


Ros Griffiths, Community Engagement Manager and David Redfern, Head of Community Services provided an update and explained that a non-profit future was being encouraged for the Centre and that although it was expected that the Centre was no longer taking bookings after December 2018, a number of booking had in fact been taken, which was a reflection of the confidence of customers that the Centre would continue to operate after this date.


Expressions of interest to run the Centre had been received from 18 companies and this process finishes shortly. It was anticipated that the Cabinet would consider the future of the Centre, alongside the future of Braeside Outdoor Education Centre, at their meeting in October.



Future Meeting Dates and Close

The next meeting of the Pewsey Area Board is scheduled for 12th November 2018, 7pm – venue to be confirmed.


The next meeting of the Pewsey Area Board was scheduled for 12th November 2018, 7pm venue to be confirmed.


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending.





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