Agenda and minutes

Pewsey Area Board - Monday 27 November 2023 7.00 pm

Venue: Bouverie Hall, Goddard Road, Pewsey, SN9 5EQ

Contact: Stuart Figini  Senior Democratic Services Officer

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Highways and Transport Matters

To receive a presentation covering the following topics:


·       Strategic Business Plan Priorities

·       Maintenance

·       Local Transport Plan

·       Congestion

·       Public Transport

·       Air Quality


Supporting documents:


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Area Board meeting and introduced officers and members. 


Cllr Nick Botterill – Wiltshire Council Cabinet Member for Finance, Development Management and Strategic Planning introduced the event highlighting that Wiltshire was a large rural county and roads were an integral part of the county infrastructure and economy. This represented the Council’s largest and most valuable public asset with a replacement value of over £5 billion. He noted that it was difficult to mitigate some of the more adverse factors in rural areas compared to urban areas with greater availability of public transport.


The officer presentation highlighted the Wiltshire Context and in particular the following more detailed areas:


·       Asset Management – some numbers

·       Investment in the network

·       The Local Transport Plan

·       Public Transport Review – consultation

·       Local Issues to Pewsey

·       Highways Maintenance - inc. benchmarking

·       Reasons for the number of potholes and how these are repaired

·       Innovation and the defect dashboard

·       Flood prevention

·       The Local Highway & Footway Improvement Group

·       Parish Steward Scheme

·       Verge and litter clearance – extra funds


The Cabinet Member and Director of Highways and Transport – Sam Howells referred generally to investment in the Wiltshire network and funding for highway maintenance, the additional funding received for potholes, bus service improvements, an amount to improve electric vehicle charging, all topped up by resources from Wiltshire Council. It was noted that in 2023 there was an additional £5m to replace signs, £5m towards litter picking along rural highways, cleansing car parks, removal of flyposting and in 2024 an additional £10m for preventative maintenance and resurfacing.


The Area Board noted that the additional sums highlighted during the presentation would help to alleviate some maintenance backlogs and general degradation.


The Chairman thanked the Cabinet Member and officers for their informative presentation and welcomed comments and questions from the public and Area Board members.




Question and Answer Session

An opportunity to ask any highways questions.


The Chairman then invited questions and comments from those present. It was noted that questions submitted in advance of the meeting would receive written responses in a document attached to the minutes.


The following questions were raised during the meeting with responses provided by the Panel:


1.    Potholes – general issue in the Pewsey area and in particular roads in Woodborough, Pewsey, Grafton and Easton Royal, reporting through the MyWilts App and request for information about timescales for repair. Investigate the use of new technologies to fix potholes including preventative action and assess and fix potholes en-route to planned maintenance.


Response – Officers explained that they were very alert to the challenges of potholes in rural areas. They commented on the impact of the weather on road surfaces resulting in potholes. It was noted that due to the increase in potholes generally across the country the demand for materials to repair potholes had increased to the point that it was difficult to source some of the materials necessary to make suitable repairs. On occasions interim repairs are undertaken for road safety purposes. Officers acknowledged that the MyWilts app required an update which was currently underway, with an improved system for reporting issues expected to be available in the New Year. Officers confirmed that the Council was keen to use new technology in dealing with highway issues. They also confirmed that operatives were encouraged to fill small potholes on the way to planned maintenance. 


2.    Signage for the railway bridge in Pewsey and impact on HGV’s following recent incidences.


Response – It was suggested that on occasions HGV drivers may either miss signs or simply ignore the signs. Cllr Oatway reported that the LHFIG had recently agreed funding for new railway bridge signage, and this had been put up on the approaches to the bridge.


3.    Parish Stewards Scheme – concern that in certain parish areas resourcing for Parish Stewards is lacking.


Response - Officers explained that the Highway Contract had recently been let to a new contractor and this had led to a number of challenges as with all new contracts. The Area Board noted that the new contract had afforded increases in available resources and investment in the Scheme. Officers explained that conversations about the work of Parish Stewards had taken place directly with the new contractor and improvements had been seen across the county. Officers agreed to investigate the issues further.


4.    Lack of Freight Strategy and impact on local communities.


Response – Officers reported that the Freight Strategy is part of the current Local Transport Plan review process. It was suggested that there would be new engagement early on in 2024.


5.    Obstructions in Wilcot near the Kennett and Avon Canal bridge and problems for boat owners parking cars.


Response – Officers would provide a response after the meeting.


6.    The quality of road repairs.


Response – Officers explained that the Council co-ordinate certain aspects of repairs undertaken especially by utility companies and the expectation is  ...  view the full minutes text for item 95.



Session Summary and Next Steps

To consider the next steps arising from the presentation and subsequent discussions.



The Chairman thanked everyone for their questions and comments during the meeting and officers for attending and responding to resident concerns and issues.




Apologies for Absence


There were no apologies.




To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 18 September 2023.


Supporting documents:



The minutes of the meeting held on 18 September 2023 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were no declarations of interest.



Information Items and Updates

To note the following written updates and information items:


·       Area Board Priorities Update

·       Community First

·       BSW Together Integrated Care Board

·       Healthwatch Wiltshire

Supporting documents:


The following written updates and information items were noted:


·       Area Board Priorities Update

·       Community First

·       BSW Together Integrated Care Board

·       Healthwatch Wiltshire



Area Board Funding

To note the remaining budgets and to consider any applications for funding, as detailed in the attached report and summarised below:


Remaining Budgets:


Community Area Grant

Older & Vulnerable

Young People






Community Area Grants:



Grant Details

Amount Requested


The Bouverie Hall - replacement of florescent lighting with led panels.

Total project cost £2304.72



ManningfordMemorial Hall - Village Hall New UPVC Facias soffits and guttering.

Total project cost £3858



Young People Grants:



Grant Details

Amount Requested


Upavon Parish Council - BlueBus monthlyservices.

Total project cost £3000



Delegated Funding

There have been no grants awarded under delegated powers since the last meeting.


Further information on the Area Board Grant system can be found here.

Supporting documents:


The Area Board considered two applications for Community Area Grant funding and one application for Youth Grant funding.  The Chairman invited a representative of each application to give a brief overview of their project to the Area Board.




To approve the following grant funding:


1.    Community Area Grant funding:


a.    The Bouverie Hall – to award £1152.36 towards replacement of florescent lighting with led panels.


b.    ManningfordMemorial Hall – to award £1929.00 towards Village Hall New UPVC Facias soffits and guttering.


2.    Youth Grant funding:


a.    Upavon Parish Council – to award £1500.00 towards BlueBus monthlyservices.



Local Highways and Footpaths Improvements Group (LHFIG)

To note the minutes and consider any recommendations arising from the last LHFIG meeting held on 18 October 2023, as set out in the attached report.




·       10.20.99 – Chirton – request for 20 mph speed limit assessment- £2,320

·       10.22.10 - North Newnton – request for Phase 3 of Footway project to complete the link from Rushall Road to the Bus Stops on A345 - £8,000

·       10.23.2 - Froxfield A4 – request for Speed Limit Review - £5,000

·       10.23.11 - Oxenwood – request for Speed Limit Review - £2320


Supporting documents:


On the proposal of the Chairman and seconded by Cllr Oatway QPM, it was resolved:




·       To add Issue 10-23-11 Oxenwood Speed Limit Assessment £2,320 (with funding) to the Priority Schemes List:


·       To add funding to schemes already on the Priority Schemes List:


o   10-20-9 Chirton Speed Limit Assessment £2.320,

o   10-22-10 North Newnton Footway Phase 3 £8,000

o   10-23-2 A4 Froxfield Speed Limit £5,000


·       To close Issue 10-23-3 A364 Leigh Hill


·       It was noted that Issue 10-21-2 Woodborough C261 extend kerbing and / or footway would be subject to a substantive Fund bid.



Future Meeting Dates

Future Meeting Dates (7.00-9.00pm):


·       4 March 2024

·       17 June 2024

·       23 September 2024


For information on applying for a grant or grant application deadlines for these meetings, contact the Area Board Delivery Officer,


The Area Board noted the following future meeting dates (7.00-9.00pm):


·       4 March 2024

·       17 June 2024

·       23 September 2024


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending.