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Agenda, decisions and minutes

Venue: Council Chamber, Devizes Town Hall, St John's Street, Devizes

Contact: Lisa Pullin, Email: lisa.pullin@wiltshire.gov.uk or tel 01225 713015 

No. Item


Election of Chairman

To elect a Chairman for the meeting of the Sub Committee.


Nominations for a Chairman of the Licensing Sub Committee were sought and it was




To elect Councillor Simon Jacobs as Chairman for this meeting only.


Procedure for the Meeting

The Chairman will explain the attached procedure for the members of the public present.

Supporting documents:


The Chairman explained the procedure to be followed at the hearing, as contained within the “Wiltshire Licensing Committee Procedural Rules for the Hearing of Licensing Act 2003 Applications” (Pages 5 -11 of the Agenda refers).


Chairman's Announcements/Substitutions

To notify the hearing of any changes in membership of the sub-committee, and receive any other announcements through the Chair.


The Chairman gave details of the exits to be used in the event of an emergency.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were no interests declared.


Licensing Application

To consider and determine an Application for a Premises Licence by Ludgershall Sports and Social Club in respect of 37 Tidworth Road, Ludgershall.

Supporting documents:


Application for a Premises Licence by Ludgershall Sports and Social Club in respect of 37 Tidworth Road, Ludgershall.


The Licensing Officer introduced the purpose and scope of the application, the premises to which it related and the key issues for consideration.  She highlighted the following:


·                The premise had held a Club Premises Certificate since 24 November 2005 and had been advised to apply for a Premises Licence following an inspection visit from the Licensing Officer;


·                During the consultation period 15 relevant representations were received from local residents;


·                During the consultation period, the Applicants made amendments to the application and the proposed operating schedule – namely:


-       Closure at 02:00hrs on Friday/Saturday is to be limited to 12 times per year; normal Friday/Saturday closure will be 00:30hrs as per the current Club Certificate.  The Licensing Authority will be notified 14 days prior to the event for which the extended hours will be used.


-       Outside music/entertainment will cease at 21:30hrs.


-       Signage will be displayed at the premises requesting that customers

      leave the premises quietly.


-       Implementation of a Noise Management Plan.


·                The Applicants and those who had made a representation were informed of the requirements following the Live Music Act which came into force on 6 April 2015.


·                The appeal process available to all parties to the hearing.


In accordance with the procedure detailed in the agenda, the Applicant and those who had made a Relevant Representation were given the opportunity to address the Sub Committee.


Key points raised by Michael Mead (Club President and Michael Collins (Club Secretary) on behalf of the Applicant were:


·               That the application to extend opening to daytime hours was to enable them to use the club for daytime events, such as funeral wakes and this would only be when the need arose;


·               The intention was to continue the running the premise as a members club and the late openings would be limited to events for internal club member functions; and


·               The club had been on the site since 1938 and they had never received any complaints about noise until the application had been filed this year.


The following questions/issues were raised with the Applicant:


How many external events do you plan to hold?


1 or 2 a year.


The noise created bounces off the surrounding buildings and because of the layout the noise hits me in my property twice.


We have spoken to the Environmental Health team and we now have in place a Noise Management Plan.  We have already implemented this plan even though we don’t need to yet.  When we are having music all windows and doors will close at 23:00 hours.  That measure has been put in place already and will remain in place.


How will you manage this in the summer when your patrons are hot and wish to open doors and windows?


We will continue with training our staff and advising them of our regulations about the closures.  We will have the DJ announce at 22:45 hours that all  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.




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