Agenda and minutes

Bradford on Avon Area Board - Wednesday 2 November 2022 7.00 pm

Venue: St Laurence School, Ashley Road, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1DZ

Contact: Kevin Fielding 

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Chairman's Welcome, Introduction and Announcements

To receive the following chairman’s announcements:


·         Building Bridges


·         Temporary Events Notices


·         VCSE Alliance


·         Climate Strategy Delivery Plans


·         Cost of Living/Warm Spaces


·         Wiltshire Council Grants for Electric Vehicle Chargers


Supporting documents:


The Chairman welcomed everybody to St Laurence School for the Area Board meeting.


The following Chairman’s Announcements contained in the agenda pack were noted:


Building Bridges


Temporary Events Notices


VCSE Alliance


Wiltshire Council Grants for Electric Vehicle Chargers


Climate Strategy Delivery Plans


Points made included:


That Bradford on Avon Town Council had sponsored a domestic heating Initiative - Energy heating survey had been carried out. A further event during January 2023 was planned.


Winsley Parish Council outlined a green initiative where parks and recreational spaces were being used to site large scale heat pumps to heat local buildings and homes.


That micro grids were a way of supplying energy through solar and wind power sources, which then could help to support the national grid and supply energy to local communities. That Winsley had the potential to start its own micro grid.


Cllr Tim Trimble advised that a bus survey was planned for Bradford on Avon, which would highlight the potential for an electric bus service around the Bradford on Avon community area. That discussions with Wiltshire Council were ongoing, and that some local bus operators had expressed an interest in the electric scheme.


That Bradford on Avon were piloting a community composting scheme for residents that did not have access to a compost facilities - (residents living in flats etc).


Cost of Living/Warm Spaces


That an interactive map of Wiltshire Warm spaces was going live during early November.


Jenny Parker – Bradford on Avon Town Council advised:


That the Bradford on Avon warm spaces were to be registered on the Wiltshire Council interactive map.


That there had been a great response from local churches to get involved.


The BoA Hub was looking to supply hot meals once a week to help where needed, and that the Avon Stichers had offered the United Reform church hall as a warm space during their meetings.


That the Coop & Sainsbury stores were involved in providing provisions.


That Bradford on Avon Town Council were planning to hold a series of Sunday Afternoon young family cinema events with coffee and cake.


That the Bradford on Avon Library was open as a warm space.


The Chairman thanked everybody for their involvement in all the schemes and initiatives.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Jes Wire – Climate Friendly Bradford.



To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 7 September 2022




Supporting documents:




·         The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 7 September 2022 were signed as the correct record



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were none.



Partner Updates

Wiltshire Police


Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service


NHS & Healthwatch


Bradford on Avon Town Council


Parish Councils


Climate Friendly Bradford


Wiltshire Music Centre


Streets Ahead


Supporting documents:


Wiltshire Police – Inspector Andy Lemon outlined the written report.


Points made included:


That Kier Pritchard - Chief Constable, Wiltshire Police was to retire June 2023 after 30 years of service in the police force.


Peel Inspection – ongoing work continued to address areas of concern within the report.


Selecta DNA – That the force was working in conjunction with a company called Select DNA, a police approved company that made an advanced forensic marking product to help you protect valuables. Use of the product had been shown to help reduce burglary by up to 83% in areas where it was used. 


That the Home had directed that every victim of domestic Burglary should be subjected to attendance by a Police Officer and consideration to the tasking of Crime Scene Investigation.


Community Speed watch - The Community Policing Team had continued to support the Community Speedwatch schemes where possible, in recent

Months, checks had been completed in the Bradford on Avon community area:


·         September 22 - 9 Vehicles Identified. 2.3% checked were speeding.


·         August 22 – 1 Vehicles Identified. 0.5% checked were speeding


·         July 22 – 4 vehicles Identified, 1.8% checked were speeding.


The Chairman thanked Inspector Lemon.



NHS & Healthwatch – written updates contained in the agenda pack were noted.


Bradford on Avon Town Council – written update contained in the agenda pack was noted.


Climate Friendly Bradford – written update contained in the agenda pack was noted.




Shared Lives

Mercedes Apps - Team Leader, Shared Lives Service, Wiltshire Council




Mercedes Apps - Team Leader, Shared Lives Service, Wiltshire Council outlined her presentation.


Points made included:


That the SharedLives Servicehelped people tolive aspart ofa family, within thecarers home,where theyreceived thesupport orcare that they needed.


Theservice placedadults whohad mentalhealth needsor learning disabilities, physicalimpairments, orwere elderly, orthose who,for a variety ofreasons, could notmanage tolive withoutsupport.


The service had existed in Wiltshirefor over 40years, wherecare andsupport for up tothree people wasprovided in the homeof the Shared Lives carer.


Becominga Shared Livescarer


Asa SharedLives carer,you wouldwelcome anadult with careor supportneeds into yourhome ona shortterm orlong-term basis.Youwould supportthem todevelop theirskills, independence,and social inclusion.


Carerscould befamilies, couplesor individuals,the service welcomed peoplewith awide rangeof skillsets andlife experiences.


Noqualifications wereneeded, andcarers couldcombine thisrole withother work commitments. However, a willingnessto shareyour lifewith others,and provide care andsupport withenthusiasm, motivationand commitmentwas important.


As aShared Livescarer,following anapproval process,you wouldreceive aweekly fee(£371- £571per week)and workas a self-employedprofessional.


The Chairman thanked Mercedes Apps for her presentation.



Co-Cars Update

Cllr Tim Trimble


Cllr Tim Trimble advised that both Wiltshire Council and Bradford on Avon Town Council were working with Co-Cars of Exeter to survey the potential for a shared use Ecar and Ebike scheme in the town and surrounding villages.


That this scheme would help improve local air quality and reduce our carbon footprint. It was also a very cost effective option for those who cannot afford to run a car or simply don’t want the hassle of owning a rarely needed car.  


Ebikes could replace many short car journeys and make hills a breeze. Local residents were encouraged to take the survey so that an accurate assessment of the viability of these schemes, and where the vehicles could be sited could be assessed.


That so far there had been around 176 responses to the Co-Cars survey.


The closing date for responses was Sunday 11 December


The Chairman thanked Cllr Trimble for his update.








Community Grants and Funding Requests

Supporting documents:


Saxon Group Riding for the Disabled Association awarded £513.60 for Saxon Group RDA Mounting Block and Ramp.



Area Board Priorities

An opportunity to discuss Area Board priorities


The Chairman outlined the Area board priority themes for Bradford on Avon which were:

  • Youth engagement, employment and positive activity opportunities
  • Addressing climate change
  • Reducing isolation and loneliness
  • Supporting the local economy
  • Improving transport and access


Points made included:


Addressing climate change – That the Area Board was doing reasonably well with several ongoing initiatives.


The importance of the Area Board being able to grant small amounts of money to local groups and organisations – example funds for subs for children’s clubs etc.


That the Area Board hadn’t spent a great deal of money from its youth funding pot.


That Area Board members needed to promote what the Area Board had to offer re it’s grant funding capabilities with local groups and organisations.


The importance of using the Area Board’s funds where they were really needed.


That great work was happening throughout the Bradford on Avon community area.




Working Group Updates

·         Local Highway Footway Improvement Group


·         Health and Wellbeing


·         Local Youth Network



Local Highways and Footways Improvement Group – Cllr Tim Trimble advised that the group would next meet on Monday 14 November.


Health and Wellbeing – Cllr Johnny Kidney advised that he would be meeting with Liam Cripps – Strategic and Partnership Manager to discuss the way forward for the group.


Local Youth Network – Cllr Sarah Gibson advised that she would be meeting on Tuesday 8 November with other Area Board Youth representatives.



Future Meeting Dates

·         22 February 2023 - St Margaret’s Hall



·         22 February 2023 - St Margaret’s Hall.