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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.


Information about Cabinet

The Cabinet is the executive branch of Wiltshire Council. It consists of the leader of the council together with at least two, but not more than nine members of the council appointed to the Cabinet by the leader of the council. The Cabinet will carry out within the council’s policy and budget framework all of the local authority’s functions which are not the responsibility of any other part of the local authority, whether by law or under the constitution.


The Cabinet will meet at least 12 times per year at times to be agreed by the leader. The Cabinet shall meet at the council’s main offices, or another location to be agreed by the leader. Questions or statements from members of the public are welcomed from the public.


At each meeting of the Cabinet the following business will be conducted:

consideration of the minutes of the last meeting

declarations of interest, if any

matters referred to the Cabinet (whether by an overview and scrutiny committee or by the council) for reconsideration by the Cabinet.

matters that individual portfolio holders determine shall be brought before Cabinet as referred to in the Cabinet Forward Work Plan

consideration of reports from overview and scrutiny committees.

matters set out in the agenda for the meeting, with indication which are key decisions.


Portfolio Holders


Some Cabinet members are assisted by Portfolio Holders covering particular areas. Although the Portfolio Holders do not have decision making powers, they support their respective Cabinet member and are also a useful resource and point of contact for members and officers.