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Councillor Development Event

This page lists the meetings for Councillor Development Event.


Information about Councillor Development Event

If you would like to know more about any of the events advertised or would like to book a place please contact:


Democratic & Member Services



Please note:


These are not a public meetings but development sessions.


1. Different venues, times and days are proposed when possible to enable as many councillors to attend but we do have to use the one(s) with the most possible attendees.


2. Following a development session the information, if possible, will be made available on the Councillor Development Area on the Intranet.


3. If you are not able to attend a session that you were very interested in and the information cannot be made available on line it may be possible to organise a one-to-one with a relevant officer or a personal development session; if you are interested please contact Democratic Services (details above).


4. Pre-booking is essential. If you do not book by the stated deadline, catering (if applicable) cannot be guaranteed, nor parking or seating at the venue.


5. There is a cost to providing any development event. If you are unable to attend a previously booked course, please let Democratic Services (details above) know so that the place can be offered to others.


6. Co-opted members, Town and Parish Councillors, Partners and Councillors from neighbouring authorities may be in attendance at some sessions.