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Agenda item

Air Quality and Sustainable Transport

To receive any updates from the Devizes Air Quality and Sustainable Transport  Group and to consider any funding requests.


To include updates on:

·       Devizes Gateway Station

·       Devizes Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)

·       Proposals for new, moveable cycle parking in Devizes marketplace.




Cllr Tamara Reay as Chair of the Air Quality and Sustainable Transport group highlighted the detailed reports within the agenda pack and gave the following updates.


Air Quality

Air quality levels in Devizes were below the 40?g/m3 threshold. Much of this was due to a drop in the number of vehicle journeys during the pandemic. However, levels appeared to be rising and it was anticipated that 2021 levels would be higher than 2020. Sources of this pollution were looked at by vehicle type and a major contributor to pollution in Wiltshire was private diesel cars. Wiltshire Council was developing an Air Quality Action Plan, which would be ready in 2022.


Devizes Gateway Station

The Strategic Outline Case (SOC) for Devizes Gateway had now been submitted to government. Danny Kruger MP had written to Secretary of State regarding the scheme. £34,000 had been committed by Devizes Town Council which was very welcome and showed the strong local commitment to the project. Details regarding the scheme and the full SOC could be seen online here: https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/transport-public-transport-train.


Devizes Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)

There had been strong collaboration with Cycle Friendly Devizes and Sustainable Devizes to develop a brief in order to create a new Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). Wiltshire Council’s contractor, Atkins, were to be commissioned at a cost of £20-30,000. LCWIPs also enable bidding for further money from government. The AQST group recommended allocating up to £30,000 from the AQST budget to deliver the LCWIP.


Proposals for new, moveable cycle parking in Devizes marketplace.

Devizes Town Council had developed plan for new cycle parking in the marketplace, comprised of two moveable racks, each for up to 4 cycles, which would be trialled at different locations across marketplace. It was highlighted that these locations should be covered by CCTV. The total cost for the racks was £1,08161 which the AQST recommended funding in full.



Service use was up on 2020 but overall demand was just 75% of pre-pandemic levels. There was an industry-wide shortage of drivers making it hard for improvements to be made. However, the No. 49 and the town bus were unaffected. £1.2m had been made available for demand responsive service in the Pewsey Vale, including a direct service between Devizes and Marlborough.


EV Charging Point Strategy

Wiltshire Council had now published a new strategy (available under minute 72 at the following link). The plan was to restore current chargers across county (including 2 in Station Rd car park). The group may also be able to support installation of additional charging points elsewhere. A package of funding for town & parish councils was available to bid for in order to support residents without off street parking. There were also opportunities for employers with EV charging points in staff car parks to open them to the community as well.


It was,




·       To note the discussions from the AQ&ST meeting of 18 November.

·       To confirm the allocation of up to £30,000 towards the production of a Devizes Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan.

·       To confirm the allocation of £1,081.61 to Devizes TC towards new cycle parking for the marketplace.


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